Blinking for Improving Eyesight

Art of Blinking – cornerstone of better
eyesight “ Blinking is quick involuntary closing
and opening of the eyes. In most vision problems there is either suppression or abnormality
in the blinking process” Importance of blinking… 1. Blinking releases a fluid (or tears) which
moisturizes the eyes. 2. This fluid does certain cleaning action
and is antiseptic. 3. These fluids flush the dust or foreign
particles and keep the eye functioning. 4. Always blink more during wind or while
driving as the fluid gets lost rapidly. 5. Blinking provides the much needed relief
for the eye muscles to relax. 6. In cold weather frequent blinking keeps
the eyes warm and comfortable. 7. It exercises the recti muscles, which is
needed to keep the organ in fit condition. 8. Blinking keeps the circulation of lymphatic
fluid and blood active around the eyes. “ Blink is not the same as a wink, it is
totally involuntary, light, smooth effortless movement of the eyelid. Anything that is forced
could lead to vision problems” Observe if you have unknowingly formed a habit
of staring at objects. If you think there is any trace of strain start to blink consciously
and often until you have formed the habit of the unconscious natural blink. Blinking tips for computer user.. – Every 20 minutes, relax and blink 10 times
continuously very slowly, this will moisten your eyes. (try avoiding lubricating eye drops
unless it is necessary) – When you catch yourself focussing with effort,
shift your focus to a distant object along with slight blinks. – Do let me know what you would like to hear
about improving eye sight naturally. (do use the comment box to just say ‘Hi’ or pose
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