Bin Bulaya Baccha | NIGHTMARE- Episode 02 | Angry Prash

(ki$$ing sound) Prash whom are you ki$$ing? Nothing there is a contest running on Vmate App, In which I am making videos with stickers of sunny leone Why? Because by doing such a thing we can win 100% a car, TV, Phone and many more gifts By which i can gift you a gift for the valentine will you really give me a gift for the valentine? your mother’s promise oh, you are so generous, even I will download this app today okay, i am going for shopping, please give me your card I don’t have the card, it’s lost Bro you just used it today morning what, Prash you are saying a lie to me, you very well know i don’t like to be lied Ayee, my mom take this card and go thank you bye. yeah bye bye, why did you enter your nose in the middle sorry bro you always spoil the work, [email protected]#[email protected] (baby crying) now stop crying I am not crying bro (baby crying) what are you doing majnu? i didn’t do anything bro. just a minute, whose kid is this? bro someone left this kid at the door. what, whose kid is this don’t know bro, this also has a letter in it read what’s written? Mr. Prash congratulation for your child Bro what did you do? mmmm I did’t do anything, this is not my kid. then why does this has your name first make this $#%$ silent you $#%$, your father $#%$, your whole family $#%$ this is guaranteed your kid this is not my child! bro this also has the number of the person who sent this. say the number 2828282828 i think i have seen this number before it must be her mother’s sorry hello hello, you are welcomed to the pure country sperm bank, tell me what do you want sperm bank this is the same place right, where you gave me 500 instead of 5000 for the sperm donation oh Prash bro congratulation congratulations for what? you donated your sperm to us some months back yes I did so the lady we planted your sperm in, she gave birth to two child, but she only wants one child yeah yeah so so that lady said, why don’t you give that child to them who did the half work, as you did the half work and half her, so we gave one child to you aye half chicken biryani, which half, my work was just 10% aye Prash bro what do you mean by 10% this is not a math class, it’s all about that kids life aye #$%^ i am not even married yet, what will i do of the kid? rasie him and make him a engineer what will he do by doing engineering, there’s no scope in engineering anyways afterwards on YouTube, Aye don’t try to divert my mind this is not my kid, I don’t want means I don’t want aye Prash bro just think once, how many people get such an opportunity you are getting a kid without marriage and $^# aye, you a mad kid, don’t know hat was that bad day when I went to donate the sperm i don’t want any child, take this #%$ from here Aye @#%[email protected] your Father @#%[email protected] that is what I said aye *&**&8 &*75 take this kid from here aye Prash bro, how can you run from the responsibility of these kid you had fun while giving birth to him and now you can’t raise him what fun, you give cartoon magazines, I [email protected]#$%^ seeing Ben ten’s gwen give this kid back to her mom kid’s mom is saying that this is your kid i am not his father aye see the kid nicely, his nose his ear are all similar to yours you should accept your kid, Bye aye, hello hello, he cut the phone hi guys is my bottle here somewhere aye champa what are you doing here i forgot my purse here after getting a girl, no one even asks about a friend Nagu bro, why are you here yesterday night i left my country bottle here, did you find anywhere yeah its kept there oh such a cute kid where’s my bottle alululululu i will put a potato in your a$& and make french fries out of it prash whose naughty kid is these its brothers child this is not my child but its made out of your sperm what, you are telling me a lie aye these kid is born with my sperm but he is not my kid did you give your d!^% on rent prash you cheated me, h#$#[email protected]$ #@$%#@ aye, if you touch my brother again, i will $hoot you Majnu put down the G>>give it to me you said me naughty! champa! you ki!!^d my one and only girlfriend aye Nange, give that bottle to me it’s strong drink it slowly aye it’s enough at least leave a sip for me so hey guys if you like the video give it a like and if you are new to the channel, subscribe it and if even you want to win a gift like car, TV, phone then download VMate app and make videos using sunny leone’s sticker the link is in the description, i will meet you again in a new video with a new topic until then, GoodBye. (outro)

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