Best Dry Eye Drops – My Top 3 Artificial Tears Eye Drops

So what are the best dry eye drops? Well
in this video I’m gonna be reviewing my three favorite eye drops that can help
relieve even the most severe dry itchy eyes so let’s take a look. hey everyone
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over including pricing as well as active ingredients of all the different eye
drops that we cover. now if you are like most individuals including myself you’ve
probably already tried four or five different artificial tears with very
little success and in fact if you go to the pharmacy you’re probably overwhelmed
by the complete just expansion of how many different tears there are on the
market there’s you know there’s pink ones there’s blue ones there’s green
ones and how are you supposed to know which one is the best for you so now
let’s go over my three best dry eye drops that don’t address just one part
of the tear film but address all layers of the tear film. now the first tear I
want to review is Refresh Optive Advanced now again the reason I love Refresh Optive Advanced is because it replenishes all three layers of the tear film it helps
replenish the lipid layer the front surface of the tears helps with
preventing the evaporation of the tears you helps really replenish the aqueous
component the watery component of the tear film and then it helps protect the
mucin component of the tear film that’s the back portion of the tear film that
helps keep the liquid portion of the tears attached to the ocular surface now
this drop again excellent works for most people really well doesn’t really blur
your vision at all this medication does come in a larger kind of dropperette
bottle and it’s safe to use multiple times a day however if you’re somebody
who is either very sensitive to preservatives or if you’ve maybe had
some sort of eye surgery such as either cataract surgery or LASIK you’re often
using many different eye drops after those sort of procedures and all those
different eye drops, antibiotics, steroids those medications have
preservatives in them so if you’re using artificial tears on top of that it’s best to go to
a non preserved artificial tear and that’s one of the other reasons I like
Refresh Optive Advanced is because they have a non preserved formulation if
you’ve never seen one of these they come in these little individual dropperettes which are actually pretty convenient you
can store them either in your pocket, a purse, or a backpack but you just twist
off the top if never used one before you twist off the top you go ahead and put
the drops in and then after using them you can actually go ahead and try to
recap the solution and you can do that because they actually give you a little
bit more than just one drop for each eye and if you can do that you can save it
for maybe an hour or two and use it again later and again when you have non
preserve drops there’s no limit to how many you can use feel free to use them
as many times as you need to throughout the day again the Refresh Optive Advanced I love because it has those benefits of treating all layers of the
tear film and it has a non preserved option now let’s go over the Systane
brand of eye drops now Systane has been out for a long time
it’s a famous name a lot of eye doctors strongly recommend them and that’s
because they are that made by the Alcon company who is always doing research and
trying to improve their products now Systane Ultra has been out for a long
time that really really addresses the aqueous form of dry eye disease then
they had Systane Balance and that one is more for addressing the evaporative
component of dry eye disease but recently they came out with Systane
Complete and Systane Complete again addresses all three layers of the chair
film but it also has what’s called nano drop technology which really helps
adhere the solution to the surface of the eye and the effectiveness of that
the active ingredient in protecting the surface of the eye now again this
medication is excellent if you’ve been recommended by your doctor to use
Systane products then perhaps check out Systane complete however the only
downside I find with Systane Complete is that you know at the timing of this
video they do not have a non preserved option so you’re only gonna find them in
the larger bottles and you maybe don’t want to use it more than four times a
day now the final drop I want to review is made by the Occusoft company
and thats called Retaine MGD now Retaine MGD…MGD stands for meibomian gland disease or
meibomian gland dysfunction and again those are those oil glands that produce
the lipid layer of your tears so if you’ve seen a doctor and you’ve been
told hey you have evaporative dry eye disease you have meibomian gland disease
then this would probably be one of the best drops for you to try because it
does address the all three layers of the tear film but it has a strong emphasis
on restoring that meibomian gland the lipid layer of the tears in fact it’s
such a so-so geared for it that it actually has its main two active
ingredients are mineral oil and light mineral oil so it is a little bit a
little bit more sticky I find when I’m using it on my eyes but it does help
prevent the evaporation of those tears in addition this drop has what’s called
positively charged nano droplets so because the cornea is actually a
negatively charged structure by having positively charged drops they actually
help adhere to the surface of the eye a little bit better as well now what’s
really cool is that this Retaine MGD also comes in a non preserved dropper at which
again I really love because you can use this many times as day as you need to
the only real thing I wanted to kind of point out to people is that if you look
at it it’s kind of a milky color it really does kind of look like milk in
that dropperette and that’s not that it has been either an infected or that
somehow it gone bad or anything like that I’m actually people come into the
clinic and say hey about this whole box but I think they’ve gone bad they’re all
off the kind of like a milky white color nope that is normal for this type of eye
drop this artificial tear just comes in this kind of milky white color so again
that’s normal but again an excellent option if you’re having bad dry eye
issues again all these different eye drops are fantastic certainly if you
haven’t tried them give them a try you know if you want to check out other
pricing information or other active ingredients I’ve hooked up some
additional information and all the links below of course talk to your eye doctor
make sure you ask them more questions about what type of dry eye disease
you have and what type of treatment they recommend for you because there’s a lot
more to dry eyes than just artificial tears perhaps if you’re someone who
doesn’t like using eye drops you have a hard time getting them in then perhaps
check out natural ways to treat dry eye I actually have another video on natural
treatments for dry eyes and hook that up here in the YouTube card up above as
well as in the description below so high health question of the day which
eye drops are you using have you tried any in this video which ones are your
favorites go ahead and comment in the section below I’d love to hear from you
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even see the carton are you just getting glare can’t get it back on okay there we


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  17. I also really like theratears. They have been around for quite sometime. Refresh repair feels great too. It's just very expensive. I usually end up buying the mulipack of normal refresh at Costco. Can't beat the price and dissapearing perservative. Since purite neutralizes by light I just don't use them in the dark lol. Side note..I find that mineral oil irritates my eyes and eye drops that imply "balance" or "complete" etc. to address all causes of dryness often have them in it.

  18. I used to have severe dry eye's. Tried all these expensive artificial dry eye drops, nothing is better then natural way.
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