Be a T. rex in Virtual Reality

Vsauce! Kevin here. Down here! Wow you’re tall. That’s because you’re actually a Tyrannosaurus
Rex. Seriously, look down at your funny T-Rex arms. They’re not that funny. They’re more than three times stronger than
human arms so they’re actually an upgrade! Your genus name, Tyrannosaurus, comes from
the Ancient Greek tyrannos meaning tyrant and sauros meaning lizard. Rex is the Latin word for “King.” So you’re literally the Tyrant Lizard King. Which is really cool. Wow, you’re tall. What’re you? 12 feet at the hip? Ah, that’s better now we can see eye to eye. Here’s your view of a modern residential
area. You’re taller than a school bus. You could dunk your face through a basketball
hoop. You’re pretty much a one story house that
eats meat. Maybe I shouldn’t be this close to your
four foot jaws full of serrated teeth. With a bite force three and a half times stronger
than anything living on planet Earth today…. Look over there it’s a delicious Triceratops! Oh, too bad you must’ve just missed it. I swear it was there a second ago. Oh well. Woah, look what you did to the ground! Your footprints are huge! This is like three feet! Y’know, if you stood on me with all 7 tons
of your body weight it’d be like piling three and half cars on my chest. Speaking of cars…did you hear that? Look over there! That is how fast you run. Many scientists believe you run around 25
MPH. The fastest human runner in the world, Usain
Bolt, tops out at 27.44 MPH. So hunting humans, had we been around 66 million
years ago would’ve been right in your wheelhouse. Don’t hunt me though because I made a video. It’s about you hunting. Here, let’s watch it together. When it comes to finding food you’re likely
an active predator and scavenger. Healed bite marks on the tail of an Edmontosaurus
suggest you’d attack living prey and your incredibly large olfactory bulbs and nerves
suggest sniffing out dead prey from great distances. A study in 2010 revealed you may have even
engaged in eating other T-Rexes so…cannibalism too. So in conclusion you are hungry. Very hungry. Very…very…very hungry. And I am very food-like. But if I stand very still you can’t see
me! You can still see me – can’t you? That’s because the whole vision motion thing
is a myth. Uhh.. before you eat me let me just say this


  1. Who noticed that when u agree the The.rex u can move the screen try it slide UTR fingertips across ur screen if it on a phone or some sort of mobile device I'm serious it works

  2. Mmm… I'm pretty sure being in third person camera isn't the perspective of a tyrannosaur. Their eyes are also inside their mouth

  3. I was waiting for the trex to decide "im hungry so now imma eat the homan" Was I the only one who thought he sounded like hiccup and the trex sounded like toothless?

  4. I can not even see you and before you said there was another dinosaur I was the only one that was there

  5. Came here from Marshall Does Stuff Reading “Taken By The T. Rex”, a dinosaur erotica novel. Why was I there, and why does this now seem so weird. “You’re now a … house that eats meat”…

  6. At 3:32 when he said dont eat me I just pause the video and bent down and eat him

    B.R.E.A.K.S T.H.E F.O.U.R.T.H. W.A.L.L

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