Baby’s First Eye Exam

welcome to eye care in focus where we try
to make vision care and eye health more clear for you. I’m Dr. Jordan Netzel and today we’re talking
about how we do eye exams on babies. So everybody knows when you come to the eye
doctor you look through this machine you read the letters, how do we do that on babies that
obviously don’t know there letters or can’t even talk. We really like to get an eye exam on kids
before the age of 2 if we can to make sure that everything in their eyes is developing
like its supposed to. Certainly if they are premature. and there
is a program called InfantSEE that provides and eye exam for any child under the age of
1. And we’ll put a link for more information
to that in the description below. So how do we do it? We usually will dilate their eyes, we put
in theses dialating drops that will paralize the focusing muscles inside their eyes. So those focusing muscles can’t play tricks
on us. After that we can take a light. We can find out their prescription is just
by shining that light in their eyes. Look over here baby. So the babies usually don’t like me very much
when i put those eye drops in. As long as we know that their eyes are healthy
and they don’t need glasses, i’m okay with being the bad guy. So make sure to schedule an eye exam for the
little ones in your life. And if you have a question or a topic youd
like us to cover send a message to the Roberts-Philpott Eye Associates facebook page or instagram
or drop a comment below. This has been eye care in focus. I’m Dr. Jordan Netzel, see ya next time.

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