Autologous Serum Eye Drops for Dry Eyes | Cost and How to Purchase

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see right there alright so what are autologous serum eye drops for dry eyes Autologous serum eye drops are simply
eye drops that have been made with the plasma in your blood. These drops are
dependent on your blood plasma alone They cannot be made with anything else.
Autologous serum is beneficial because it is made from your specific
blood. It contains a lot of the time the same balance of nutrients often come in
your tears as well as other nutrients and growth factors. This can help treat
the eyes and heal the eyes after trauma after recurrent erosions, abrasions, dry
patches on the cornea from severe dry eye and also other things
that might cause just corneal conditions corneal dryness. What is the cost of
autologous serum? Autologous serum can be pricey for some because insurance
does not usually cover it. It is usually about a $175 to $300 every three months. You can expect to pay almost
$1,200 per year just for the drops that is from the compounding
pharmacy but you also have to associate in doctor’s visits and blood draws. You have to go to the lab to get your blood drawn. You
may have to go to the doctor to get a prescription then of course the $300
that I mentioned is usually from your compounding pharmacy. Let us go
over some side effects of autologous serum. Studies that have been done showed that there are no serious side
effects using autologous serum eye drops because they are made from
your own blood. The studies have also shown that regular use doesn’t
seem to diminish the effects over time which is also good. We can’t expect them
of course to have similar side effects to artificial tears. You might have a
burning sensation at first when you put the eye drops if your eyes are really
inflamed and your vision is going to be blurry for a little bit just because any eye drop is going to make your vision blurry for a little bit
after you put them in. Autologous serum like we said likely has few side effects
because it is made from your own blood and it has a lower potential to react
negatively in your body and that includes with your eyes and with
everything else so what I do want to say is that you want to make sure that you
follow your doctor’s instructions for storing and using the serum
there’s just the potential for bacterial growth if it is not stored properly
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and a Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment book How do you make autologous serum eye drops? It is a great question and I will try to answer it. You must manufacture
specifically autologous serum eye drops specifically for you from your blood and
after your eye doctor determines that you could benefit from this what they do
is write up a prescription you are then sent to the lab for a blood draw and
once they take the blood they send it off to your compounding pharmacy and
then what would they do is wait for your blood to clot for a few hours after that
times passed the whole vial is then centrifuge or spun really fast and this
separates out the serum then extracted and combined into a
sterile saline in order to dilute it the whole thing is then frozen in your
freezer and that’s when you can use it as an eye drop so when you have it
stored at home you actually are going to be store it in your freezer and then what
you do is you take it out of your freezer to use it and then you store in
the fridge until that vial is used up or until 48 hours have past because bacteria is very common to grow in
autologous serum so let’s go into how autologous serum eye drops work. It is pretty cool. The front of your eye or your cornea has epithelial cells
on the top layer of the cornea and that may become sick and slough off when you
have conditions such as severe dry eye corneal abrasions, erosions, and other
things that can happen to the front of the eyes. In order to repair this
layer these serum drops can be used and these drops basically contain the
patient’s blood serum. It is a mixture that helps promote the growth of
epithelium and it helps promote the growth of these cells and repairs the damage. This autologous serum contains immunoglobulins, vitamin A, fibronectin
and other growth factors that just promote healing of the epithelial tissue
If you have got a condition that is caused dry patches on the front of your
cornea or you have got a wound that won’t heal things like that then
autologous serum can be very beneficial for you. I will say that
they are not a substitute for artificial tears. They are not the same as artificial tears at all. If you are just using it as an artificial
tear then it is a very expensive artificial tear. There should be a reason
why you are using it to heal your cornea Someone asks have either of us tried it?
No but I have prescribed it a lot Vital tears is an innovative company that is making it much easier to obtain autologous serum
when I first wrote for autologous serum I used to have to find the compounding
pharmacy. I have to find a lab to draw the patient’s blood and we just
have to coordinate all these efforts all in one now with Vital Tears. Your doctor writes a prescription or just calls Vital Tears finds you a lab that they work with. You go to that lab to get your blood then that lab
automatically sends it to Vital Tears Vital Tears makes your autologous serum and they ship it back to you within I think it’s 48 hours or so. I
think their website is and we can put that in
the comments below. You can also find the link to their website in our article
that we posted in the comments below You can read about everything that
we just went over in that blog. That is in the comments definitely and Vital Tears can be really great for people who not only live in rural areas
that might not have access to a compounding pharmacy but it’s also
helpful for even eye doctors who don’t necessarily write for autologous serum
all the time but might have a few patients that could really benefit. This is a really great company that we have seen good things from. It is a great natural treatment for your dry eye because it is using your
own blood. Have you tried autologous serum eye drops? Let us
know in the comments below what your experience was and when this video gets
to 100 likes will pick one lucky commenter to get a Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment
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  3. Yes! I use these On my third batch. They do bring me relief. I like them but not a permanent fix by any means for me but they feel great

  4. Thank you for the explanation regarding serum drops. Good to hear that medical science finding solutions for dry eye. With more people using, the drops should be cheaper so everyone will have access

  5. I have a question. Can autologous serum spread herpes to the eye? Is there a chance of stromal herpes? How about if you've already had herpes in the eye. On the front of the cornea. Could the serum start it up. Just a little afraid

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