ASMR meditation💧Soothe Gender Dysphoria & Anxiety 💧

Hello there! Welcome to this ASMR
guided meditation and visualization experience. Today we are going to be
taking inspiration from the ocean to help soothe anxiety, worries, fears, gender
dysphoria, etc…if any of those things resonate with you, this video is for you.
Let’s begin…our experience today starts at the entrance to the beach. Let’s take
a moment together to notice our surroundings here. The air is
refreshingly cool and smells like salt There’s a gentle breeze and as we move
closer to the water. You may notice the sounds of waves crashing and birds
communicating in the distance. You can imagine the gritty texture of slightly
warm sand made up of thousands of tiny organic particles. At this time, I invite
you to just take notice of where your breath is in this moment. Let it remain
natural, meet your breath where it’s at Simply notice the pace of your breathing
how deep or shallow your inhales are even the temperature of the air that
you’re breathing in and out. No judgments, just notice.
When we experience anxiety, our bodies shift the way we breathe in order to
protect us. When we perceive a danger or something that’s made us feel anxious,
our bodies want us to be able to get away safely. This is a skill and a
function that has evolved over many years and it helps us survive when we
need it. But, when you notice yourself experiencing anxiety in a situation
that’s not dangerous, you can think of telling your body: “thank you,” for trying
to give you increased blood flow, trying to help you access rapid movement (if
that’s necessary and possible). We can say “thank you” and also say “I don’t need that
right now, I can take it from here and I am safe even if I don’t feel like it.” And
you are safe here. If we think about our breathing like waves in the ocean…
inhale and exhale…we can think about how sometimes, waves come very quickly—like
during a storm—and sometimes, waves are very calm, maybe on a sunny day.
some ways are very tall and some barely reach up off the shore Our breath has a beautiful natural
variety like that as well, and our body regulates our breathing to respond to a
complex combination of internal external factors. Now, if you feel comfortable, I
invite you to try taking a fuller or more intentional breath. If this brings any
tension to your body, please do not feel as though you have to strain yourself.
The goal here is not to take the deepest breath you can, but to find space and
ease. If your breath is a wave, you can think about the ocean that you are
creating every time you breathe: What color is the water of this ocean? What
color is the sky above it? What kinds of animals and plant life live in this
ocean? How does the water feel? What is the sand around the water like? The waves, how soft or strong are they? Is the tide high or low right now? What shape does
the shoreline make? As you imagine this place, feel your breath pacing in time
with these imaginary waves. You are a part of this ocean too you are part of nature, and if you listen
closely…the water have something to tell you… You are fluid. You can fill any space you
want to. Your mood and your energy will ebb and flow and that’s okay. You hold
paradoxes beautifully. You can be mysterious and also understood. You can
be powerful and playful at the same time, calm and chaotic. You are constant, just
like the ocean. No matter what is going on around you, your life and your energy keeps flowing, even on a stormy day. The world needs you
as you are a part of the world. You are limitless. You are water. You can heal. You
are full of life, and you are allowed to change. You belong here. You belong here. You are welcome to stay here for as long
as you like, just enjoying the space here… this time that you’ve taken for yourself If you are ready to move towards the
present moment, feel free to slowly move as you are able.
Maybe wiggle some fingers, flutter your eyes open or keep them closed
if you like. Or, if you’re ready to sleep, I want to say thank you for being here,
for taking this time. I’m so proud of you I hope that you have a wonderful evening
or day wherever you are, and, as always, I see you, I love you, Goodnight


  1. Hello there!!! I'm so happy to FINALLY release this video. It's been a long time in the making. I filmed this beautiful footage back in March, while visiting family. It was also the first day I got to be on the beach by myself after top surgery, so it was a very special day. I had a lot of fun teaching myself how to use new editing software to achieve the experimental layers you see here (My favorite part is 3:35 !). Anyway, I hope you enjoy this lil end-of-summer meditation. Also, late last night this channel reached 1,000 subscribers! I honestly care much more about making videos and talking with folks via comments and their videos rather than numbers, but it does feel cool and special to reach a milestone like that. I'm glad that if I'm making something that people are looking for, that they're finding it.

  2. this is so lovely <3 i am so grateful that you made this… it's just so helpful and exactly the kind of thing i have been searching for, visually and thematically. happy for you on a beach day post top surgery <3

  3. Congrats on 1k, and thank you for bringing us comfort, love, and support. 💜 Also I fell asleep right away lol so now that I've slept well I will go back and see the beautiful beach.

  4. My gosh, the editing is impressive. Thank you so much for making all these videos. They have helped me a lot. (^-^)

  5. Dysphoria had been really bad lately (nb female) and with school starting soon I have to think more about how I look. Thank you.

  6. i am a pre-testosterone transguy and my dysphoria has been extremely bad lately. thank you so much for doing these! i really appreciate it. they helped me a lot the past few nights.

  7. Has no one else noticed a pattern? I mean, there’s only two videos, so it’s too soon to say, but it’s enough… first, a lovely guided meditation about clouds, next one involving perfect images of our favorite vacation destinations, a beach, focusing on water… are you planning on doing a series of the four elements? And we would learn to control them through the videos, and then we would become an Avatar… I doubt it. But if fire comes last, you gotta make joke? (Maybe that one would be about controlling anger?)

    Either way, this is an awesome video. I was actually doing research about meditation recently (most of it can be summed up in “the mind, explained” Netflix series on mindfulness) and the whole thing that started what we know meditation as today was just paying attention to your breath. Not doing anything to change it, just paying attention. And some monks did also mention that looking at certain emotions, not reacting once again, just paying attention, was a good thing to practice. And, by god, you’ve done it! (Forget where is came from I think back to the future) I’ve been looking for a while for a couple channels that are the best, in terms of quality, and for my specific tastes. So far: Simon plant (trans stuff? And really high quality videos? What? That’s not possible? (It is go check them out)), Goodnight Moon (insane quality. The amount of work put into it. It’s insane.), and YOU!!! So congrats on becoming one of my personal favorite asmr youtubers. Anyways, hope you have an absolutely wonderful day.

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