ASMR EYE EXAM DOCTOR / АСМР Быстрый Осмотр Твоих Глаз

Hello I’m glad to see you again at my examination. At this time I’ll check your eyes. Let me put on my gloves tell me about your condition Do you feel burning, prickings, pain or pressure? Maybe you have red eyes? uh Good Do you have a strabismus Because now spreads one disease called Ahegao-illness. It takes mainly a girls, but boys can be contaminated too. Its symptoms is putting out your tongue and squinting your eyes! Good So if you’re feeling good, I’ll check your eyes Don’t fear it will not hurt Good Good You might feel some pressure Watch my fingers. There Good Now closer To the nose Now let’s take a flashlight no worries just a light But first I take a look one more time Good Uh Now go down Now let’s test your visual acuity I’ll show you a letter You wiil read it And answer This? Good Another one? Uh And this? So You better not watch youtube so often Now I’ll inject you pupil-dilation drug to check your eyes better So I have prepared it already Do not worry, I won’t hurt you! So Let me your hand Good No worries it’s all right Right here Right here… Done Now you see nothing scarry at all You have nothing to worry about Everything will be good don’t you think I can hurt you? Good night Hey Finally you woke up Hush you don’t have to panic You should understand that people don’t get in here without reason We’ve noticed you since your first examination Do you remember It? It was selective! And of all of them you are the most suitable One big billionaire needed your organs Heart! Reins! Liver! Skin! You are just perfect candidate! We’ve been watching you for a long time Finally! you can benefit You’re so beautiful! I think you’re my favorite of all! You have such beautiful eyes Ok! I think we can start now First of all I’ll inject you a paralytic drug, but the most interesting thing is that you will still feel all the pain! And you can do nothing against it! It will melt you inside out! We’re about to start Are you ready? Do you really think I care about it? We don’t have too much time. Have a nice sleep, sweety!

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