Ask an Eye Doc: How do I manage Pink Eye in the classroom?

– So Monique asks, “I’m
a first grade teacher “and every year pink eye makes “its wave through the classroom. “How can I help reduce the
cases for my students?” Monique, I’m glad you asked this question, ’cause I imagine a lot of parents and other teachers are
asking the same thing. So as you may know, pink eye or what is called
conjunctivitis in the clinic, is very common, and it’s not
just caused by a bacteria but often time viruses as well. And these microorganisms
live on everything, so make sure that you’re
disinfecting all the hard surfaces that could be shared within the classroom. This means cleaning toys, any sort of shared digital devices, keyboards, even writing utensils. Also it’s good to encourage
frequent handwashing and if they have any sort of
a cold that they’re sneezing into their shirt sleeve or into a tissue rather than just sneezing
into their hands. If you have a student who has pink eye, or if you’re a parent of
a child with pink eye, make sure that they’re
not just rubbing their eye and touching other things, because they are still
contagious and passing that on. Even if they are already
using antibiotic eye drops, they are still contagious. And if you suspect a
child may have pink eye, just make sure to bring them in to see their local eye care professional so they can get treated right away.

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