Ask An Eye Doc: Do I really need high-end sunglasses?

– Hi guys, I’m Doctor Mei Fleming and welcome to an
episode of ask an Eye Doc where I answer your
questions on social media. Rosaline asks, “Do high end
sunglasses protect your eyes “any better than gas station sunglasses.” You buy glasses at a gas station? These were really cheap, are they really protecting my eyes? A lot of high end
glasses have polarization which is a filter that
filters out reflective light. Also another feature is
anti-reflective coating. Have you ever noticed your wearing glasses and you just feel like
all this glare is coming into your eyes. That’s what anti-reflective
coating decreases. Another feature of high end glasses are mirror coatings
which actually decrease the amount of light that enters your eye. When shopping for sunglasses look for full UV coverage. You’re looking for a
sticker that says UV 400 which covers both UVA
and UVB lights which are harmful for the eyes. Be careful, some glasses have stickers
on them but don’t actually cover the full range. That was a great question. If you have nay more keep
them coming at #AskAnEyeDoc.

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  1. Is it true that it is better to have light colored sunglasses lens rather than dark lens because the darker it is, the more your pupil will be dilated, which can damage your eyes as UV might get into your eyes anyway reflecting on skin and inner part of your sunglasses lenses (saw this in TV a little while ago…).

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