Ask An Eye Doc: Can you detect diabetes through an eye exam?

– Darren asks: Can you really detect Diabetes through an eye exam? Yes! Actually, you can. (scratching electronic music) Diabetes is a disorder that
affects our blood vessels. The eye is the only place in the body where a doctor can actually directly view your blood vessels. Therefore, if there are
problems that are happening because of Diabetes, your eye
doctor can detect them first. This should be a good reminder for you to get your annual exam
with your eye doctor. Thanks for stopping by. If you have an eye-related question, remember #AskAnEyeDoc.

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  1. How do the exams compare between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist? The last time I saw an optometrist I was told that there were no signs of any diabetes related problems. The first time I saw an ophthalmologist for a visual disturbance as my PCP called it I learned that what I was experiencing was a floater. But then I learned that I had retinopathy and now a cataract too. Is it possible that the optometrist can miss something that an oph will catch due to better training and/or technology, tests etc?

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