Ask An Eye Doc: Can eyes get sunburned?

– Hi, I’m Stephanie Kirschbaum, and this is Ask an Eye Doc. And I’m here to answer your
questions, on social media. (electronic dance music) – Hi, I’m Lennie, and I’m six years old. I have a question. Why do water comes out
of our eyes when we cry? Like, what’s up with the (crying). – Lennie, don’t cry. The tears, when we’re happy and sad, they come from a little gland in our head. It looks like a little cloud. So, those tears are really important to rinse the sadness
away, make it go away. But it’s actually a separate
little piece in our body that makes those tears
come out of our eyes. – Hi, my name is Courtney. I am seven years old. I have an eye question. I have been itching my eye lately a lot, and I’m not sure if it’s
normal, or like, something else. I just want to know. – Courtney, that’s a really good question. I would let Mom and Dad know, so they can take you to the eye doctor. An eye itch, usually, means
there’s something in the air that you might be allergic to. So it’s important to
have that checked out. (mimicking chicken clucking) – Hi, my name is Sammy. I’m five. I want to know, I have a eye question. I want to know if my
eyes or sunburned or not. (giggle) – Boy, you would know, Sammy,
if your eyes were sunburned, cause it hurts, and it hurts for days. So, the eyes can get sunburned. And it’s actually worse,
they get sunburned more than if we’re on snow, or on water. They’re more likely to get
too much sun, and it hurts. If you do have a question, just hashtag AskAnEyeDoc. (upbeat electronic music)

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