Are Facebook employees depressed? (H1B slavery visa & abuse)

Welcome back I wanted to cover the topic of whether employees at Facebook are depressed. and as an ex google ex facebook tech lead, I feel that I may be qualified to talk about this From the outside, you may be seeing people with free food, free coffee, ice cream, good pay. And you think they must be living their dream life, what do they have to complain about? whereas in reality, a lot of them are slaves and for some people, this may be a little hard to believe but it’s no secret in the tech industry we have reinstitutionalized slavery and this is largely through the h1b visa process. the way it should work is you bring in high-skilled labor from overseas that you can not access within the united states once you bring them in you’re supposed to treat them well, respect them because they’re so hard to get however, most silicon valley tech companies have found loopholes to bring in cheap labor that they can use and abuse once these workers are brought in they’re entirely under your control and if they underperform for any reason you can just fire them and they will face deportation so for the worker, their choice is they either do exactly as you say or they can be deported. their entire livelihood could be messed up you can pay them less for them to work even inside on weekends. there’s really nothing they can do about it if you work in silicon valley this should be no mystery at all to you. many companies as you walk inside their walls. if feels like you’ve gone a 3rd- world country like a factory of wage slaves. And managers know they can abuse these workers to their heart’s content and just milk every last ounce of blood from these people. I never told this story but back when I was working at Groupon, the real reason that I quit was because it was one of these wage-slaves factory firms. they have an office over in PaloAlto but as soon as I entered I noticed that everybody there was either Indian or Chinese that’s where most of these h1b visa workers are coming from and the manager showed absolutely no respect I remember one of my coworkers kept asking our manager to file some visa application paperwork and the manager kept delaying and delaying and missed the deadline intentionally I believe and so this is really all about control. as an American citizen myself, I have had the freedom to quit many jobs myself. but my colleagues have not been so fortunate. they have just been forced to sleep away in the company surrounded by free food which really just disguises the issue at hand a lot of silicon valley tech companies they’re using a tactic of hire and fire, slash and burn, rinse and repeat. so the big innovation in tech over the past decade has not been React.js some javascript framework or API it’s been the reintroduction of modernized slavery. and you know this is a lose-lose situation. because American jobs are being displaced high-skilled workers from overseas are not able to get in on the visas and get the respect that they deserve and anybody who’s able to get in on an h1b skilled or not is treated like garbage. see there’s no talent shortage. tech companies have just invented some BS interview game as a way to filter out American candidates and give priority to cheap labor from overseas that they can have absolute control over. it’s funny that tech companies are always complaining about diversity. there’s not enough women in tech, not enough black people in tech. you know the fact is there’s plenty of diversity out there. the problem is that they’re not immigrants you can control and underpay facebook became really big really quickly and still doing everything that we can to catch up and make sure we are getting that balance right. meanwhile, the middle class of American is probably being wiped out companies know if you join them you’ll probably quit within a year or two. they much rather hire immigrants who they can hold down to for many years and have that control over and just force them to work as much as they want.


  1. How are h1b workers underpaid when they need to be paid a certain wage by the flcwages? Or they're actually low in compared to what other people get?

  2. Thank you for the info! … So I guess the follow up question would be: which companies are actually treating their employees right?

  3. Not to mention that legal workers perfectly qualified for H1B sponsored by employers willing to pay salaries on par with US workers are ousted by the stupid lottery system.

  4. I definitely had this happen to me at Apple. A crap manager who clearly had favorites and those of us not in the “club” where treated like trash.

  5. go get a job or start your own business…… if you are that smart you should know not to waste your time talking about facebook…..but apparently you are not and you need me to point it out for you

  6. I have a coworker who had a friend who worked at the Facebook in Sac. My coworker was going about how amazing Facebook and the benefits they provide for their people and all that. I didn’t even consider anything close to this. Maybe it is largely on the supervisor?

    Hope things get better. But yea—just cause a company is parading the diversity sign, does not mean they r actually diverse.

    Why do we even need people from over sea? We have massive people here in the USA. Teach them!

  7. Companies who do this are just as stupid as those who moved their manufacturing to China. All they are doing is training their future competitors! Moreover, when the H1B visa holders get smart and read the labor and immigration laws, they will realize they do have rights and protections. Especially if they are being abused by the employer. That could be an automatic green card.

  8. This is fucking true, not just at Facebook almost every where, where there is a Indian manager and Indian employee you are burned out!!!

  9. Fuck, Facebook, Amazon, Google, fuck all these big companies that build their products on the back of poor people….fuck walmart too…..fuck the whole shitty system.

  10. 95% true. The managers are tricky and manipulative. They know you want a green card. They dangle it like the carrot. Facts of life. Try to find a manager who cares for you. Not easy. Too many are sharks. Women H1B can marry losers to get citizenship. To live in the US legally, you have to pay something. No free lunch. USA is the best, that's why it is the toughest to get in. Otherwise move to Canada, or Australia, they will take any immigrant who can read ABC. There is a place for everyone, may you find yours.

  11. I always thought most engineers are not well speaken but you're truly a great speaker. I dont even work in the tech industry but ive been watching your vids for days now.. thanks for sharing your knowledge and info

  12. Aren't you working at FB when you posted this? Were you afraid of being fired or future employers seeing his and not wanting to hire you in the future? Do you talk to lawyers before hand to make sure everything you're saying can't be considered slander?

  13. This is real talk. I have worked with many of these indentured workers, and many of them are wonderful people, but they are being heavily exploited by our standards. Often trapped if they are seeking citizenship and the company is their 'sponsor'. The middle-class was hollowed out ages ago. The "labour / skills shortage" claim was a huge scam.

    It is not unusual in India for I.T. workers to make $4000-6000 USD a year and be worked like dogs with 5 different clients. The money from the companies in the west is funneled into the pockets of the billionaire owners at the expense of all their workers.

    When being hired, there is always a vague: "Oh yes, you may have to work out of hours sometimes…." This could mean anything, so be careful.

  14. A good manager will look at you as a… plant… like a farmer, and will try and nuture and grow you to fruition if required. A bad manager will hit you with weed-killer.

  15. I got a contract job with a big finance company. On the second day the client manager came to me and asked me to work over time for free. I was so happy to quit on the spot. Practically, I fired them, as they tried to get guy with my skills for over a year. They lost me on the second day.

  16. In Oil & Gas when the situation got worse in Canada the first jobs that will go are the highly skilled legal immigrants that are working there! People started to leave Alberta, Canada in droves…mostly immigrants in this Industry!

  17. This is a bit oversimplified. Relative to options we have back home in India, we’re happy slogging it out in the US and contributing to the US economy. Remember that it’s always better to compare yourself to what you were yesterday or even earlier – rather than compare yourself to white Americans. The country of your birth is a lottery and all about luck (or lack thereof). I do agree that a lot of brainless Indians from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu (not Brahmins – Brahmins are super smart – not so much dumbass Dravidians) make it to the US by hook or crook which a problem that needs fixing.

  18. I guess this is true and not limited to the companies at Silicon Valley, it’s universal to almost all info tech companies. Always the visa game which enables them to underpay ppl for years.

  19. Have seen this H1B visa abuse of Indian immigrants in IT health care industry here in Miami. They were paid less and over-worked as Crystal report writers…. They eventually left.

  20. 200k salary slavery sounds worth? If h1b holders not coming to us, how much they can earn and would they be treated fairly in e.g. China’s Silicon Valley? 996 for example?

  21. H1B is a real deal. As a white dude, I've had many white and Brown employers tell me that I don't can't and don't work as hard, what they mean is they are slave owners. Also, educational institutions are taking advantage of foreigners, and denying whites entry.

  22. Wow, I never knew this! I definitely have empathy for everybody in this situation but is slavery to strong of a word for this situation?

  23. Whatever you mentioned is the scenario in every company in India. There is just so much pressure on employees to do things that don't even matter in the long run.

    We are just being forced to compete in this rat race, which wouldn't even matter in the long run.

  24. we all know this happens. I think that 98% of my neighbors are Indians are abused. The question becomes, what do you do about it? If another company overtakes Facebook they will simply do the same thing

  25. This is a really negative video 🙁 I think there is a lot of truth in it, however, we need to trust that people can take care of themselves. It is our nature to put our own self before others, which does imply that companies may take advantage of people who are in a worse scenario. HOWEVER, they aren't slaves in this case, and they have been given a good opportunity it seems.

    Now, I'm going to call you out for making this video to stir the pot on purpose to get a lot of views on YouTube. While big tech companies take advantage of immigrants for their own gain, you are taking advantage of their company name and creating drama by putting a small issue under a microscope. Are you not? Please, do explain yourself!

  26. very valid points. Even other workers with gc and citizenship facing these issues. H1b visa holders has more problems.

  27. Omg, your description is so much like my current workplace environment. The only difference is my management are mostly malaysians and hence they treat the locals badly, backstabbing, false accusations and sarbotaging. The recent overseas conference trips all went to these foreigners. Over here, the foreigners are treated more respectfully than the locals. There was also previous ex-lead who is a local but she was such a coward that she decided to bully the locals since the locals have no standing in the company. She thought doing so would turn her in favour but nope, lol. Many of us recognize a trend that her bullying most of the times happen to the locals and she didn't dare to do it to the foreigners. I would rather go overseas to work and be treated like a slave, rather than stay in my home country and be bullied by the foreigners in the management.

  28. The same politicians who support importing slaves are the same ones who sell out the USA everyday they spend in Washington DC. We call them the Party of Davos. But they call themselves Democrats and Republicans (RINO cucks).

  29. FB is evil – surly we all know this by now. Imagine what they are doing with our data. Its a beautiful world. Tech Head totally getting sued for this though

  30. Halfway through video:
    “Yeah we’re all slaves to our jobs at Silicon Valley. Speaking of, click here for interview tips to get a job at a Silicon Valley tech company 😀” lol

  31. Scandalous. Fuk these companies. Fuk the government its the government all social media is the government. Wow I dnt even wanna wrk in an office at all bunch of bitches acting like hoes. Men in offices are trash I dnt wanna do this job i just got injured on the job and have to go to school for a less labor job. I dnt wanna be in this environment. Sounds depressing I dnt wanna catch a case for assault with a deadly weapon I’ll end up in prison.

  32. I am an engineer and my whole career I have been working with men. They are easy to work with, less drama and easy to deal with compared to women.

  33. So grateful I work for a company that does not do any of the above. Sometimes you can take things for granted..

  34. I have realised after working at a big red airline company in the uk and a major cocoa fashion brand, that the company doesnt care about you. And it's just business at the end of the day. If you die you will be replaced . Go where the money is and make sure you invest your money on the side.

  35. Good video! I am deleting my Facebook right now, I want nothing to do with them! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  36. I'm so glad he highlighted the diversity thing, it was always an excuse used by big multinationals to get cheap labour

  37. This is why it's so funny to me by a lot of people going bootcamps and going into CS simply to go work at one of the big 4. Do what you love anfmd figure out how to make a living. You only have one life.

  38. Why would anybody want to learn how to pass all these tests and become a slave to these souless ghouls… Better to dig ditches and sleep well at night..🤔

  39. That’s discrimination when a female manager creates a group “where women only support other women at the exclusion of males”
    Sorry you endured discrimination from women at work while at home your wife chose your money over you and your son. You’re right. It’s a power grab that has no bounds on every front. Thanks for exposing the truth in tech industries and their relationships.

  40. Come to Saudi Arabia and you will see the real abusement for worker !!. Man you should be thankful for GOD you are in the USA

  41. Wow. Good to know. It makes sense because that's similar to what has happened to Latinos in agriculture employment.

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