1. So since I have blue eyes and blonde hair I just have no melanin. Nah, we're going to stick with the story that I was frozen at birth

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  3. erm… to have blue eyes both larents must have blue eyes?? WRONG. i have blue eyed my dad had grren my mum had blue. my kids have my blue eyes and their Dad has brown.

  4. I listen to a lot of stuff in the backround without watching the video and doing other stuff.. but when she said: "I knew i was always special, i mean, take a look at these" I HAD to check the video even though it was bloody obvious what she meant.

    Green eyes here btw.. i rarely see people with greens, mostly browns and a couple Blues.

  5. There is absolutely no point to this video
    Blue eyes seem blue because the reflection of light inside your eyes causes the light to take a wave pattern you perceive as blue
    Brown eyes seem brown because the reflection of light inside your eyes causes the light to take a wave pattern you perceive as brown
    Harambe's hair seemed brown because the reflection of light on his fur caused the light to take a wave pattern you perceive as brown

    That's not limited to blue eyes.. that just how colors work, damm it!!!!

  6. No…it's not an illusion…unless you consider all of your senses and color an illusion. All this proves is that blue-eyed people's eyes get their eye color through different means…

  7. The "fact" about genes is false.

    They're much more complicated than just "have two blue eyed parents". Source: Am blue eyed kid with brown eyed mom. you do NOT need both parents to have blue eyes, but they DO both need to have the gene in them.

  8. i did not know that the definition of colour is, that it has to be made out of pigments. if something appears blue it is blue, since coulour is defined by the wavelength of light. pigments do not do anything special, they just reflect light aswell

  9. well if you think about it, the colours which you see are the colours which aren't absorbed, so, a purple towel is actually every colour other than purple (red & blue) because it's the colour purple which is the only one that our eyes are receiving.
    I can't remember where I was told that but if someone can present a good enough reason for me to change my mind that's cool :p you would think that's true because that's the reason black holes are black, they absorb all light so we see black. my point being, blue eyes are every colour other than blue, brown eyes are every colour other than brown ;p etc etc

  10. Why should i beleve you…rather than what i see. Wont be rude …but yea there are blue eyes cos we all see them…that they are F blue. dot.

  11. Well, I agree with most. This video didn't actually explain anything. But blue eyes not being blue in a sense, is a thing… Is called rayleigh scattering and is the same reason as for why the sky is blue. Somethings are of certain color based on the wavelenghts reflected by the material they are made of. Blue eyes actually reflect brown as do the eyes of every other peasant like me. The thing is, that having much less melanin this reflection is completly overcome by the fact that the microscopical shape that the retina has, makes small wavelength light get trapped and bounce from one way to the other until it escapes and that's what you see… a blue color that wasn't actually reflected but… filtered. If you where to remove the retina of somebody with blue eyes and you put it on a blender or something… well, no more blue. So if i understand this well enough, blue eyes are not special for its color but for its shape (and also the low melanin thing).

  12. Nope. I have blue eyes. Only one parent had them. Other grandparents had them but only one parent had them. So nnrrpppp.

    (I’m mixed. My great grandmum was 🇮🇳 Indian n married a white dude. I’m Indian Mongolian n white mix.)

  13. But I wonder one thing, there are some people that have VERY blue eyes, if blue eyes have no pigment and that’s why they appear blue, why albinos, those with truly no pigmentation at all have pinkish eyes (their blood reflecting up in their TRULY unpigmented irises) why that difference? What makes some people eyes so so so blue?

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