Anxiety and depression in kids: Healthy Head to Toe

I feel like one of the most stressful
parts of, like, my life so far has been the first semester of sixth grade. You can
feel sad, scared, angry. It’s your brain that’s sad. That’s anxiety. Depression, it’s not just
like sadness, it’s like a lot of things, it’s stress, tiredness. You could be
stressed for, like, not really a good reason you’re just overwhelming
yourself. When someone took my toy and never, and didn’t gave it back even on Monday. When my grandma’s dog died I felt sad. His name was Snaggle. He died at
like 15, I think. They had to put him down We got to pet him a bit. I was pretty upset. You have no
energy when you’re depressed and you’re just, like, don’t want to do anything. I make a mad face when I’m mad and angry. My breath get really, really fast.
My heart beats really fast. I feel like my stomach starts hurting. I want to do is just, um, just forget all of this. Play a game that they wanted
to play. Even if I don’t like to play that game. If it seemed, like, really
serious, I’d tell a grown-up. Just take a couple deep breaths. I hugged a stuffed animal. Squish a pillow like this — grrr — but you’d get kind of, like, a little more mad. I have this special book at home that helps me overcome my anxiety. They
call worries bullies. They always say to lock up the worry in an imaginary box. I’d say cheer up! Don’t get too down on yourself because that’s gonna make everything worse. Talk to people, like, someone that you can
trust, someone that will listen. Tell somebody, because it’s not gonna get
any better if you don’t. She always cuddles with me and she
tells me everything’s gonna be okay. Usually, she’ll snuggle me and, like, let us
have a family movie night at nighttime. If she feel, like, notices I’m kind of
feeling down or something, she’ll be like you can talk to me or your dad or
people like that about anything. My parents, my grandparents, like you can
talk to me whenever something’s on your mind. Mostly it’s because kids don’t tell their parents. They need to keep them —
like they need to tell them more about what’s going on in their life so
they can know how to help you.

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