Antibiotic Ear Drops – When and How to Use Ear Drops Properly

Not uncommonly, antibiotic ear drops may be
prescribed to resolve an ear infection. The ear infection may be a mild swimmer’s
ear that afflicts the skin of the ear canal, or the middle ear which would involve the
eardrum and the space behind it. Step 1: Lean the head over such that the affected
ear is pointed straight up. Step 2: Pull the ear gently towards the top
and back part of the head. This straightens the ear canal which is normally
curved so the drops can fall as deeply into the ear canal as possible. Step 3: Squeeze the correct number of drops
into the ear after the bottle has been shaken and warmed to body temperature. Step 4: During and after drop placement, pump
the tragal cartilage in order to force the drops as deeply down into the ear canal as
possible. Otherwise, due to water surface tension, it
tends to float near the entrance where it does no good. Here’s an internal view of an ear model
demonstrating why tragal pumping is important. Notice that the ear drops colored with blue
does not go very far down into the ear canal until tragal pumping has been performed. Here’s another view of tragal pumping. Step 5: Keep the head tilted for 2-5 minutes
to allow gravity to disperse the ear drops as thoroughly as possible. Only if there is a lot of ear drainage present,
prior to placing drops into the ear, try to wick as much of the drainage out of the ear
as possible by inserting a rolled up corner of a tissue or paper towel into the ear canal. This step will allow the antibiotic ear drops
to penetrate more easily deep into the ear. Keep in mind that ear drops used to treat
middle ear infections will only work if a hole or tube is present in the eardrum. Why? With a middle ear infection, infected pus
accumulates behind the eardrum. This would be an enclosed space that ear drops
would not be able to reach due to an intact eardrum. However, a hole or tube in the eardrum can
allow pus to escape through the tube and out the ear canal. But what allows pus to come out can also allow
ear drops to go in. But because the opening of the tube is so
small, it is important to pump the tragal cartilage to gently push the drops through
the tube and into the space where the ear infection is located. To reiterate, don’t forget to pump the tragal
cartilage of placing ear drops!


  1. Res. Bro. I met with road accident . With accident I received multiple head injuries with the result right ear permanent damage. There is permanent TINNITUS in the right ear 24 hours. I cannot sleep even 1 hour. Ecooozing 24 hour in right side of the brain. Pls tell me solution as soon as possible.

  2. doctor advice to use ofloxacin eardrops 2 x a day.. morning and evening.. But reading the packaging it indicates that the dosage should be 3 to 4 times a day.. should i follow what is written on the label or the advice of ENT?.. please help because I got confused.. 😕..

  3. This was the best advise video…all these years my swimmers ear never completely cleared up…no one ..not even ear specialist showed me this method.. I suffered with shooting pains because drop were not administered using pumping method…Thanks to Dr Chang for great advise …!

  4. I have vertigo some times is it due to ear infection because once i had when and for that i have taken antibiotics it was no more ..

  5. I had horrendous ear aches ad a baby until age 9
    Then tonsils and adenoids were removed. Heaven arrived. No more pain, being glued pillow by drainage, and no fever. Before ear tubes.

  6. I was told to use these drops once a day for a week. I was told to use 10 drops around the same time in my right infected ear every day. On the second day my ear after using these drops stayed clogged. When laying on the ear it makes 1 or 2 popping sounds every time. I went to bed hoping it would be gone when I woke up. It’s still there. I actually feel like my ear has gotten worse. I had the pains and aches in my ear before seeing the doctor, but didn’t feel any type of clogging. Is this normal? should I wait it out or go back to the doctor?

  7. My Dr said I had an ear infection and prescribed ear drops. My hearing was great before then, now I can barely hear out of this ear. Is this just ear wax that due to the drops forced it's way down plugging my ear??

  8. My mom put like 10 drops in my ear and know I can’t even hear in my left ear the only thing I can hear is a buzzing noise

  9. This got eardrops stuck in my ear! It’s not coming out or any further in! Been like this for 2 hours! Help!!!!

  10. I got prescribed ear drops to use twice a day. I have to put in 10 drops, but I get confused how long they should be left in. I’ll leave it for 5 minutes ( I’ll rub the outside of my ears and push down on it) then get up, but my mom gets mad that the whole amount didn’t go down my ears. Am I doing it wrong? Am I Aussie to wait longer for all of it to go down in my ear? I waited at least 20 minutes and there was still ear drops in my ear

  11. I really have a problem with my left ear and I need help and the right drugs to take.when someone says something it's repeat again in my life ear .is really disturbing me.please I need help

  12. best herbal aayurvedic herbal drops for ear infection from india .
    see this video

  13. any 'ear experts' here?…….a lot of the time (especially in the morning or late at night) Im semi-deaf in one ear…….its like theres water in my left ear, I can hear but very muffled. Dont know how I worked this out but if I pull my ear lobe down the block up feeling goes away and I can hear properly again……..this has also coincided with intermittent buzzing sounds. Any help apreciated.

  14. I want to know if ear drops can make the situation worse. Wouldn’t it just add more fluid to the fluid that’s already in the ear from the infection?

  15. plz reply fast….is cleaning wax with buzzling sound create any problem…treatment is going on….bt plz replyyy

  16. Sir I have a question i have had this ringing in my ears for about almost couple of years now, and I was just gonna ask you what does my ear ringing cause?

  17. Sir i have a question,,ano ba ang gamot sa taenga na mag lumalabas na parang tubig pero color yellow siya ,,di siya masyado yellow,,,tapos masakit po sa loob….pwede ba siyang i take ng

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