[ANK] YUGIOH | #1 Blue Eyes White Dragon | Forbidden Memories Game

Hey guys its Kat and today we’re gonna
be talking a bit about Blue Eyes White Dragon from the Yu-gi-oh game Forbidden Memories so this card is number one out of the 722 cards you can obtain the card type is a monster and the type is a dragon the Guardian stars involved the Sun and mars its level is 8 attack is 3000, defense 2500 the password to get this blue-eyes white dragon is 89631139 To obtain this bad boy all you got to have is this many star chips ^, yeah… nah… or you can just battle Seto #2 Seto #3 or Kaiba but you got to focus on getting S-POW ranks if you get this card within a
hundred wins be happy! people sometimes at over 500 wins and
there’s still no sign of the wanted card. I’ve heard that people are
getting the blues-eyes white Dragon sooner from Kaiba but bear in mind it can still take up to over a hundred
winning battles a nifty thing about this dragon
is that you can get three blue-eyes white dragons and use the
ultimate dragon ritual and BOOM you get the blue-eyes ultimate dragon so for this you will need 3 blue eyes to be out on the field and you
need to make the ultimate dragon magic card which you get by using the Dragon Treasure and the Megamorph and the ritual begins, I will be showing
you a recording that I have done to get the blye-eyes ultimate dragon so you’ll see a little bit there and you can subsequently level up a dragon and also increase its
attack power by using magic cards just to let you know the
blue-eyes white dragon does not fuse with any other cards make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss the next card which is the mystical elf help us keep informed to keep you

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