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  1. Don't engage. Don't let someone else ruin your day and alter your mental state. I rarely honk unless someone doesn't realize they are sitting on a green light or drifting into my lane, and don't lay into the horn.

  2. It's scary as fuck to think that as a Canadian, even if I avoided this with every intention, if used whatever means I had to defend myself an my loved ones, I'd be in jail, my life would be destroyed, and my family would no longer have a father, husband and provider.

  3. The first crash was deliberate. He slows down in time, but then doesn't come to a stop and rolls into the truck who made the turn. Despite this, clearly the guy in front would have been at fault. The lead truck then moves forward to the side, and puts on breaks. There is 2-3 seconds of break lights before he deliberately crashes into the truck a second time. My question is, had the lead guy had a weapon, would he be justified in drawing a weapon and maybe shooting due to the threat of this car slamming into him twice? Had both men had a weapon, the chances for a shootout would drastically increase.

  4. I like trucks. I'm buying one next year for hauling atvs and motorcycles.
    But man….truck guys are always cutting me off, tailgating, hammering the gas from light to light and doing stupid egocentric stuff. Relax guys. Just buying a big vehicle does not make you a bad ass.

  5. "I need to call my husband, he's with the Sheriff's Department" @%*#&^ WHAT ???? Who in the HELL is Michael ???

  6. That asshole in the truck who brake-checked- that shit KILLS motorcyclists every day. Brake checking should be considered assault with a deadly weapon.

  7. honking isn’t escalating, it’s a way of alerting someone that they are breaking the law, as a friendly reminder, in case they don’t know.

  8. Watched the whole Damn video. Law never showed up. They always show up after it too late. I don't care what state I'am in. You attack me, your going down.

  9. The short ass guy was only brave with a gun….escalated all the way…the big said…What dd you call me………so the short guy draws a gun……..I think with his attitude ….he needs his mother not a gun

  10. A woman sat in the car with a man that isn't her husband is what most of the comments are about? Really? I can tell none of you man can keep a woman and so the fuck what she's in the car with another man. There's nothing untoward about her behavior or any subtext that says she's fucking the guy, besides her actually just being with him, nuff of you clowns are just projecting your own insecurities because your feeble minded bitches. You remind me of that scene in Carlito's Way, where Sean Penn is getting heated about some guy dancing with Carlito's woman, except Carlito is man enough to know they're just dancing. And secondly her reaction to the situation was normal, she's a woman who was thrust into a tense situation where anything could have happened and she had no control over it. I would say try using a bit of empathy but clearly that's too much of a complicated mental exercise for you jealous clowns to master. Bless

  11. People must learn to calm down. Name calling and horn honking are just noise and cannot harm anyone. Even mother jokes, as obnoxious and demeaning as they are, never give anyone the right to become physically violent. And if one does something wrong and is called on it, take it as a learning experience. The person who tells someone not to park in a handicapped or fire zone is doing the violator and many other people a favor, not minding someone else's business. The violator has no ground whatsoever to become angry. And yes, it is a very bad idea to leave one's car to confront another irate motorist, even after a collision. It is far better to call the police and wait. Take down the other party's plate numbers in case they leave the scene and then wait for them to calm down and for the police to arrive. There is no reason to turn a drive into a violent confrontation.

  12. The guy with the gun had plenty of time to stop when the pick up break checked him. Beeping at the guy is what set this off, that was just plain stupidity!

  13. It looks like he had enough space to stop and not hit the truck, but I guess Michael wanted to hit the truck to make a point. I'm pretty sure he was at fault since you have to always maintain distance between you and the motorist in front of you

  14. Anyone else want to know what happened before the clip started? I have a sneaking suspicion the guy is not as innocent as he is being made out to be.

  15. Dude with the concealed carry shoulda never honked the horn.. he created the confrontation. If he didn’t have that gun, would he have honked?

  16. The guy with gun was wrong…bottom line he was following too close. Thats why he got a ticket after police came…know the facts

  17. I think they were both stupid and that all of this could have been avoided if the little guy had maintained distance between the cars. Next stupid thing was getting out of the car. He should have stayed in his car until the police arrived. Some people just have to feel justified and ill-done-by; they always have to make a point and drone on about their victimhood. Don't take the bait, don't participate in the melodrama. If you do, you could get killed.

  18. If you're going to strap on a gun you definitely need to unstrap your ego. He had a dashcam he had a phone he had a witness record the guys license plate make and model call the cops he's going to follow follow at a safe. No need to get out of the car but I think that weapon on his side gave him confidence that could have turned deadly.

  19. The guy with the gun is a puss and wouldn’t have got in that situation without the confidence of having a gun on him. The second time he hit the pickup was on him .

  20. Dude in car has ego problem knew he had weapon on him
    Otherwise itd be different story plenty of time to avoid hitting truck

  21. in the state of Florida, if that man lunges towards the guy with the gun, he can legally drop him with his weapon. it's called The Stand Your Ground Law.
    Both of these guys are equally guilty. imo

  22. God bless people really need to learn how to talk to 911. Uuuhhhm, were in a parking lot, uhhhhm Idk the car I’m riding in, what is your car Michael??? Uhhhhhm, uhhhhhhmmmm. God bless. Calm the fuck down and keep it simple.

  23. I was driving with my boss to a job when he honked his horn at a minivan that cut us off, but some lunatic thought we honked at him. This guy pulls up next to us swerving at us and yelling to pull over. My boss just laughed, then the guy pulls way close, almost forcing us off the road and started waving a huge knife. My boss hit the brakes and got behind the guy and we noticed he was driving a company truck, so we called the number on the back and the idiot was fired. All that because he thought we honked at him when we didn't.

  24. Yet another gun nut deliberately putting himself in situations to flex his little pea shooter. Why is it always the "responsible" gun owners that always wind up in up in situations where they need to defend themselves? Been alive almost 30 years and have never been in so much as a fist fight because I have enough common sense to know how to stay out of trouble. He was hogging the left lane going super slow like a dick, honks his horn when people go around him, had plenty of time to stop in both collisions, and pulled his gun preemptively the second the (rightfully) pissed off driver shows the slightest hint of aggression that clearly wasnt going anywhere. All you gun nuts who think you live in an action movie, just know you look like this chode standing awkwardly in front of his car just hoping the opportunity hes created for himself plays out in the deeply disturbing way he wanted it to.

  25. Can someone recommend an affordable buy good quality dash-cam? I need to catch bad drivers and heir license plates. I live in the worst city in Canada when it comes to dangerous criminal level driving.

  26. Probably mistakes made by both sides but he didn't point the gun just drew it at his side to tell the guy to back off.

    I feel for the woman crying. It is a scary situation glad every one left safe.

  27. @3:14: "It's good idea to stay in the car" ….Wrong, because if the guy in the truck starts shooting there's nowhere to go. How about just drive off? Go to the police station instead of wait.

  28. Two idiots! Charger guy was just itchin to brandish that weapon. He's lucky the other guy wasn't armed, they could have all ended up dead.

  29. Michaels pussy ass didn’t have to take out his gun. Geez people are so scared to get into a fight nowadays they’ll show off their gun any chance they can. That was the biggest pussy move ever Michael and that’s why you’re in the friend zone

  30. In Minnesota they ask that you leave milk and cookies out for home invaders. Don’t think they’d like me defending myself on the street.

  31. Yeah babe, so I’m driving around with Jody and he just pulled a gun on somebody can you hurry and get here to bail me out?

  32. America, the only country where you can literally pull a gun on someone during a road rage incident. What the fuck man, who drives with a gun in their back pocket as well Jesus.

  33. This guy is really sticking up for the armed guy ?he literally honked and followed him to a parking lot lmao then pulls a gun like a pussy

  34. You say as if it's easy to hold your anger not everyone can do that even me i don't want to get mad at stupid crap but i do anyway even if i don't want to

  35. What a pussy. He’s going to give someone a challenge and then hide behind a gun and the Police. Let’s bring back dueling so pussies will know how to behave.

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