Angry Acts: Top 5 Angriest Contestants from The X Factor UK

let’s sort this out I am not engaged but
it’s a note for me are you
you’re very angry hello hello what’s your name my name is
Zoey Zoey what so we are exam day Zoey where are you from I’m from KU Philly
South Wales south well you look like pink a lot of people tell you you look
like food yeah that’s what I do for a living what I’m a pink trivia artist
what you call yourself am i call myself Zoe Alexander as pink okay but we want
to get rid of the as pink as thing and we just want to be Zoe Alexander I’ve
been doing the pink review to act for about two years now the best thing in
the world when you live a job because I get to perform it makes me so happy and
it makes other people happy and that makes me happy
just want to please people why’d you come on here then pink doing pink is
amazing right I love it but it’s a day job is it you know yeah this is a this
is a career I want to do you’re in for yeah I want to be doing doing well today
and be a absolute dream come true if it means everything to me coz it’s what I
do yeah not really very good at anything
else means a lot today so what are you hoping to get out of
today I’m hoping to get four yeses but after that I’m hoping to get a bit of an
identity my own identity and other your father model with you today yes and my
dad’s a Tom Jones tribute act yeah my mum did Shania Twain oh really
so we got Shania Twain Tom Jones and pink in the same house who opens Andy if
I did all the work your openers Tom James
and then Shania comes on okay Joey what do you want to say I’m gonna sing
so walk by pinky pink okay I’ll think I guess I’m just last mile so I wanna drain
in a day I got a pretty wet too
I’m gonna do I’m gonna start we’re all gonna get a
fine so okay uh Talisa okay
um actually quite large image when you when you came and then you told me about
pink I realize okay you based it on pink this is what I didn’t beat on pink oh
you did it I’m trying to get away from the pink thing
okay see the problem is is that he came out saying that you wanted to you know
find your own identity yeah it’s very confusing for me because I did feel like
I was watching a pink tribute act should we get a second song yeah yeah I want to
give you a chance because you kind of blew it on – can you can you be yourself
yes off you go what are you gonna sing Zoey um Emeli sandé next to me that
Emily saddled a a bu-bu-bu-bu I’m always being me that I whenever I’m on stage I
do so close I want to help you you are buying drinking act table
rolling dice staying out the tree you never find and being a faithful you will
find and you’ll find him next me next to me next on me you okay
Thank You Zoe uh Nicole hi Zoe I really like your energy up there I think you
have a pretty good voice I honestly think that you need to go away and take
the time to find yourself as an artist to you ah yes Zoe I’m confused with the
identity issue you know coming out saying you wanted an identity then you
sing pink I thought that the second song was much better but I do think you need
to go away and really find your own lane and find what sounds right for your
voice because at the moment it just sounds like every other average sort of
singing voice yeah Zoe it’s a pity because you go great
look you absolutely look like a pop star but the vocal was just very very average
but I think with time you could be fantastic but I think you need to go and
find yourself and come back as OE so we’re gonna vote Jerri
Zoe I’m afraid to know from me Nicole I’m sorry Talisa sorry it’s annoyed for now you
told me to sing a pink song I don’t want to sing a pink song mino you guys tell
you never to stop seeing a pink song we never told you anything a bit we are
aren’t we I want to be I wanted to be me you guys
told me to sing a pink well we heard a second song we never told you to sing a
big song did you need that come out of our mouth any of us listen we had a
second song from you as well Zoe it’s like a second song so it was
your audition and you messed up I’m sorry I just leave it so come Zoe stay on the stage picking up the cameraman Benson I tried to help her you did you said
come back is Zoey so we gave our second song you’ve got the same chance everyone
else cat meet Triple Trouble my name is general trouble we want to show you that we’re
not street rap we’re here to prove of weight you may see us wearing tracksuits
it’s become in our lingo and whatnot but we’re not the average teenage job that
causes trouble hangs around on the streets maybe food photographer job
winning good way we all know that silence is alive only but they need to
sound big-headed bra facts are facts are ready to give a good performance I wish
you the best of luck hello hello hey we got here then general
yeah Maria and what super cold triple trouble guys what’s the message you
would like to spread if you want not all teenagers are the same because and
nowadays teenagers are getting that put down because of math crime gone cram
drugs and we want to show them that not all teenagers all thing that’s a nice
message okay good luck guys you have my heart and we’ll never be
words apply magazines but you still be my style
babes in the time it can’t see shining cloud and that’s when young me with you
all away shit because when the sunshine will shine together told you I’ll be you go cold either that was a racket but that’s time
to renew you need to get off your high horse and stop talking rubbish salmon we actually see of youth laughter seriously telling me how a
local pharmacy seriously nasty nasty toothpick man no
I’m being I’m I would sleep with one eye open ain’t seen the last of as I do down
the street with eyes behind your head because tricking chop you it has the
last triple trouble we will be baffled by with adventures I made sure that I’ve warmed up my body
I do a great bit of meditation I’m somebody who can handle a lot of
different styles and pull them off when I walk in the room I’m going to go in
there and own the space I absolutely believe that I can make it
as a professional performer and as night falls it’s time to find out Arielle can
impress the judges your who are 18 is extraordinary good luck hi let’s sort
this out I am NOT a number I’m a human being that’s okay
my name is Arielle I’m a holistic vocal coach I’m a generalist not specialist
I’m a generalist but most there’s a lot of things so I was a little bit term
confused as to what’s in tease little something all right right okay you’re not a number you’re a
person you’re a tell me where you are again a holistic vocal coach what does
that mean I’m a vocal coach I work holistically give me an example I take
into account people’s body yeah he pulls emotions yeah people’s thoughts and
people’s energy and who have you taught who’s been successful well and Matt took
from Bullet For My Valentine right and I obviously believe that you think you can
win this yeah of course yeah could you send on the X please interview is there a problem with that no there’s
not a problem with that but can I get a listening please yes I mean the area you
do whatever you want okay John sat on Florida has or if you wanna
feel the flow I got the super sexy sweet thing that you just can’t know haha you
want to hear some you’ll want to hear me who I got the last factor so show me huh ah that was a complete and utter nightmare the idea behind it was that you get to
understand that every line is a different style okay I if you want me to
sing you something else I’ve I don’t you know if I came to you for holistic
vocally I would be scared of you you’re actually really quite scary by the way
you walked over to me I thought we were going to have a scrap you’ve obviously
never been a rock singer love no never era it was a nightmare I don’t care what
you were trying to do it was just horrific the song was atrocious
everything even even the hair song the PISA
I have just performed to you it wasn’t a piece is an academic construction it is
not a song no it wasn’t it is something to show you what my voice can do we
didn’t like it if you didn’t I wasn’t something to be liked it was something
to be understood from an academic perspective
well obviously you’re not an academic no and you’re not a very good singer
we are proud Wow I shall say goodbye to you good
I to you but not before advise you that you might want to after
you hit a pleasure you stupid I’m surviving anyway yes or no I would have said yeah
oh absolutely blinder here is more of them yes I don’t need Simon Cowell to
tell me a casino because I have a degree in it cheers youngest woman in the world
actually was just awful yes how are you soak them in your work
what’s your name George George my name is George I’m 19 years old and I’m from
London I auditioned for Inspector in 2000 oh
man we are triple-channel I was in a group
of really cool troubled are you still with triple travel I’m still friends
with one of them you’re in triple trouble as well are you back here you’re
listening as well so just you George okay remand remind us what happened it
was all fortunately what went wrong everything went wrong was a train wreck
from the day I saw myself on TV I knew that I had to change things that was
really quick tempered back then I came across as quite unapproachable
aggressive not the sort of person I am this year hopefully people can see the
rules not that clown from 2009 at this time whatever comments I get
I’ll be able to take it without getting so aggressive and angry things have
changed growing our matured just wanting to do something with my life and music
is my passion I want people to forget about what they saw before stand here
for my mixer yeah you’ll be on next I’m ready to show the road George what’s your name – George what George
Sarris mo George and George how old are you 19 19 why are you here today I’m
here to clear my name clear your name yeah I know I know him he’s the one that
slammed the mic down until it’s time to shut up did you you were in a band what was the band
called triple trouble and you had a really bad audition was that right yeah
it was like a train wreck but times have changed from there I’ve matured like
back then I was that really quick tempered and whatnot that I just about
really thinking properly but like it’s been two years since then I’ve matured
fully of you know got my singing together you know that grown up a lot
since then I just want to do things properly this time George and George
what’s your song um give me everything by you okay off you go I give my role is let’s do it tonight but somebody sexy tonight readygo it but I’m magic a little
modernizr tonight imagine you home with me about clothes
tonight and I’m not making this up God uses thoughts usually vital now
we’ve had enough to judge you on well enough I just stopped it
oh stop okay okay lodestar penny what do you think you know the
thing is is this industry is full of different people who will have opinions
this folks sitting all over this building with opinions you go here a
whole bunch of them and if you can’t take the heat baby then you need to get
out of the kitchen Carrie George when you said earlier
you’ve matured in what way of you mature because mature you know things Mitch
you’re nicely like a red wine or a cheese but you’ve matured like a bat
Cory made can you say something want to listen I don’t think you actually
changed at all you came up stood right next to me there and I felt a lot of
aggression off you you’re very angry happy no you know you misjudge me young
that’s just my like fire it’s not good okay what’s Louisbourg George you’ve no
likability at all okay I use hair and your singing is not good okay I respect
your opinion okay now it’s time for my opinion excuse me we’re gonna vote okay you will
vote in good time Tulisa if you’re replacing we’re gonna go here we go we
don’t even have to see ever listen to any more very thorough I swear it some scumbag
from abroad and silly Lord Oh dogs allow I would open your mouth
now stations George George what all right
don’t all go fat all right okay what’s your mouth no talent at all Gary how are
we really really nervous what yeah Abbi Lisa what’s the name of
the group I believe I’m Lisa I’m Abby and I’m Lisa and yeah where are me and
Lisa we’re both really loud and bubbly and we kind of like just like to put our
music on and jump around and just go Willie the amount of you and I is so
funny I like majorly world we like together
every day I said at her house for the whole of this week how cool is that
where everything I think my voice is like I think hands are slower than mine
and my entire okay me and Lisa Wallace I’m really really
bad it’s like I don’t want to mess up for her she don’t
for me your good luck thank you we just like wanna live the dream which running
down the stage beyond our share our personalities and then hopefully the
judges will like it and we don’t really want to do it together really it’s like
it was everything to her hello hi welcome Sheriff sorry he was
saying he will reach the area anyways sorry Louie yeah yeah Louie and I said
he’s an old man sorry dad what do you mean oh pardon yeah you know
Lou Lou let’s go back to these two what are your names
Abbey Lafleur okay and how old you both 1870 by are you sisters friends best
friends Neverland you know my sister fat cousin
but the best friends but you either friends or sisters
Reverend okay and why did you decide to do this because I don’t know it’s just
like tonight it’s basically all right we’re just back
everybody stop laughing at me oh my god yeah they yeah basically we kind of just
randomly sing with each other and we just like wanna like to know prove
people that we can like get okay so we’ve had our first tantrum but
we’ve got everything worked out yeah what are you going to sing shame or
everything shame or right you can agree on that can you
yeah good yeah you got it yeah where’s the music reading boss hey you know where I come from you know
my story I promise you my mouth
laughing you I finally bought it fruit I’m not giving up Oh
here so
that’s my basically at the end of the day we don’t
care what you guys say we just came up here right at the end of the day yeah
obviously we care what you think but she’s just been a bit over the top
okay can I be honest with you – you have the worst attitude of any contestants I
have ever met on any of these shows seriously rooms like when you’re up here
yeah and now they’re like you yeah you’re not going to be like yeah but Lisa you did tell them to shut
up before you even started to say no I never say the audience Rico to read
opinion singing was not great girls are you so with Kevin separate strike people I ever do anything for her again
can you pass on for me it’s for nose we want to say a huge thank you for getting
the official x-factor YouTube page – 1 billion views hello we love you internet


  1. Plot twist: X Factor told Zoe during her pre-audit that she should dress up as P!nk and sing a P!nk-song if she wants to get a chance at competing in the show. When ultimately, they only meant to mock her.

  2. مدونة باحث عن المعرفة تقدم لكم اجود طرق الربح من الانترنيت الاطلاع على التفاصيل المرجوا زيارة المدونة اسفله :

  3. The last audition's synchronization was as bad as two alto saxes. One is super flat and one is super sharp. It was bad

  4. Zoe is a clear example of split personality.
    She comes on stage all smiles and happy until something doesn’t go her way!

    I’ve never seen a toddler tantrum that bad in an adult.
    She seems to think the world owes her something. She has annoyed me actually.
    I just hope she tries to discover herself and be a better person.

  5. I don't get it…why people go to a show where they will get positive and negative critics, but can't handle negative comments. I mean you will never be able to please everyone…and when you are already in front of people who know they job and build themselves up to be celebs…so they know what they do…even when they say something isn't good, they don't tell it because they are mean people…they tell you what's wrong,so you can do it better next time.
    And you may like Simon or not, but he knows how to make a star. So if he takes his time to listen to you and give you a critic you need to listen to him. Inappropriate behavior and such negativity won't make you popular and famous.
    And if you don't have the talent, well you need to accept it.
    Sometimes I ask myself did those people ever typed themselves and then listen to it??? Some singing contestants made my ears bleed!!!

  6. Me watching the second one

    Me : what kind of animal is that ,sounds like a donkey, speaks like gorilla and look like a giraffe

  7. aHem AhEm
    I am gonna be "Zoey" but i am gonna sing "pink's" song!

    I DidN't TrAce hEr!
    I am totally singing HER song BUT I aM bEiNg mAh sAlF!

  8. I dont like the fact that zoey at start looked like a beautiful person but then it transformed into a devil who stArtEd a FiGht

  9. They probably DID tell her to sing a Pink song in the contracts or behind the scenes, which they usually do since X Factor IS staged. My friend went on X Factor and got told to come up with a sad family story even though she had none, so she lied on television l, cuz that's what's making them money and attracting more viewers.

    So they probably did tell her to sing a Pink song.

    Zoe:*starts a fight*
    Me:*dies of laughter*😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

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