Amazing Optical Illusions That Will Trick Your Eyes

Hey everyone and welcome back to Trend Central Now what I have for you in today’s video are some very cool optical illusions. In the end, I will be showing you a trick that will allow you to change your eye color into any color that you want for a few minutes So make sure you watch the video till the very end! Now if you want to win some free Amazon gift cards then make sure you subscribe to the channel Leave a like on the video and just leave a comment saying I subscribed and I’ll be choosing one lucky winner from the comments Anyways, let’s begin today’s video Now for this illusion just focus on the spot in the middle of the picture for a few seconds until the image changes color. Now if you’ve done this correctly then the colors you should have seen on the wall Should have transferred to the black-and-white image, so if it didn’t work for you Just pause the video and go back and maybe just try blink less Now for the next optical illusion Just focus on the cross in the middle of the screen as in the background there will be changing images of famous people Now for some reason when you’re focusing on the cross the faces do appear to be monster-like But in reality they’re just normal pictures, and it’s just your brain tricking you Now take a look at this picture of a rubix’s cube And just try guess how many colors it does have now most people would say there are seven colors Which are white yellow green blue red brown and orange, but in fact it is an optical illusion Because the brown and orange squares are exactly the same color Now take a look at this picture of two circles Now one circle should be larger than the other circle But if you do stare at the spot in the middle and move your head back and forth then you should be seeing the circle Starting to rotate but in reality nothing’s moving and is just your eyes tricking you Now this optical illusion will basically make everything around you seem smaller for a couple of minutes Now to do this just stare in the middle of the screen for around one minute and just try blink as little as possible Now if you want to skip this one. I’ll leave the time to skip to on-screen but for those doing it Just try blink as little as possible and also put the video on full screen as it does help out a lot Now for this optical illusion you should be seeing a picture with some blue and green spirals But in fact those blue and green spirals are exactly the same color and the reason this happens is due to the background which is Pink And finally as I said before This trick will now allow you to change your eye color into any color you want for a few minutes Now this trick doesn’t work each and every time so if it doesn’t work for you Just come back to the video in around ten minutes. Just to give your eyes a break But basically just focus on the eye for one minute, and then your eyes should just change color Anyway those have been the best mind and eye tricks now if you enjoyed the video then make sure you leave a like on the video Remember to subscribe to the channel for more videos like these, but anyway. Thanks for watching and I hope to see you all next time


  1. Check this out –
    Hey everyone, I don't think I explained the eye changing one too well so please read this !
    Your eye will change to the color of the eye on screen which in this case is (green), however in the description I will be linking some other colors that you can try out as the video only contains green. Now as mentioned in the video, it doesn't work every single time so if it doesn't work for you then please wait 10 minutes until the next attempt as you could strain your eyes. Also this trick apparently works least on people with brown eyes from what I've been told. I'm sorry for this confusion. Thank you.


  3. Bloody lier you bitch my eyes are greenish blue ish grey ish hezel like normal I want it to be blue

  4. my eyes are normally a light blue and when i looked in the mirror they looked purple, then i turned a brighter light on and then they looked normal (light blue) again😱

  5. its not working its fake u guys just accept that lord can give u miracle and just accept your eye color

  6. My brain and eyes are so strong enough that's why it doesn't work on me and My eyes if you have any video of optical illusion that is more stronger than this then give me link of it please

  7. OMFG I LOOKED IM THE MIRROR AND MY EYES WEMT FROM A PALE BLUE TO A VIBRANT GREEN. I actually got creeped out because (no offence) I imagined it was gonna be another fake one but it was real. You have rightfully earned a subscriber 😱

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