ALLERGIC CONJUNCTIVITIS Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Allergic conjunctivitis when your eyes
are exposed to substances like pollen or mold spores they may become red itchy
and watery these are symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis allergic
conjunctivitis is an eye inflammation caused by an allergic reaction to
substances like pollen or mold spores the inside of your eyelids and the
covering of your eyeball have a membrane called the conjunctiva the conjunctiva
is susceptible to irritation from allergens especially during hay fever
season allergic conjunctivitis is quite common it’s your body’s reaction to
substances it considers potentially harmful causes you experience allergic
conjunctivitis when your body tries to defend itself against a perceived threat
it does this in reaction to things that trigger the release of histamine your
body produces this potent chemical to fight off foreign invaders some of the
substances that cause this reaction are household dust pollen from trees and
grass mold spores animal dander chemical scents such as household detergents or
perfume some people may also experience allergic conjunctivitis in reaction to
certain medications or substances dropped into the eyes such as contact
lens solution or medicated eyedrops treatments there are many treatment
methods available for allergic conjunctivitis homecare treating
allergic conjunctivitis at home involves a combination of prevention strategies
and activities to ease your symptoms to minimize your exposure to allergens
close windows when the pollen count is high keep your home dust free use an
indoor air purifier avoid exposure harsh chemicals dyes and perfumes to
ease your symptoms avoid rubbing your eyes applying a cool compress to your
eyes can also help reduce inflammation and itching medications in more
troublesome cases home care may not be adequate you will need to see a doctor
who might recommend the following options an oral or over-the-counter
antihistamine to reduce or block histamine release anti-inflammatory or
anti-inflammation eyedrops eyedrops to shrink congested blood vessels steroid
eyedrops every individual needs unique treatment and care we encourage people
with allergic conjunctivitis and their families to learn as much as possible
about the latest medical treatment and approaches as well as healthy lifestyle
choices please subscribe and comment if you have any latest medical treatment
for this illness stay strong live long thank you


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