All You Wanted to Know About Intravitreal Injection | Eye Injections

Injection in the Eye .. WOW !! Has your Doctor advised you injection in the Eye & are you scared about it ?
Well stay tune to know more .. Welcome to Retina talks . A Medical education initiative for the mumbai eye retina clinic Today we will discuss the same problem of eye injections so why we need to give an injection in the eye well the structure of the eye is such when you put drop in eye it doesnt reach some deeper portion of the eye namely Retina so in lot of Retina diseases one needs to give medicine directly to
the inside of the eye As the drug when given in the form of a drop does not reach the retina
& therefore the disease can not be control by simply giving eyedrops so how does this works ? well in an intravitreal injection or an eye injection what the doctor does is throgh a tiny needle the drug is injected directly
into the central part of the eye thats the gel of eye called the vitreous it has several advantages
1. the drug is delivered very close to the Retina and with the gravity tense to settle on to the Retina thereby producing almost an immediate effect this drug has dramatic effect much much higher than any drop would have the 2nd which is even more significanct is the gel of the eye acts as a reserve
wire for this drug so if you seen a drop needs to be put once in day, twice in day
some drops needs to be put four times in a day but when medicine is given inside the eye the reserve wire keeps the
drug in within the eye for upto one month & thats how these injections continue to work upto 1 month & there are
some novel injections which may continue to work upto a period of 3 months so do you need to be scared of an intravitreal or an eye injection ?
the answer is NO majority of the patients do not even realize that an injection was given yes. you heared it right . the procedure is almost painless in many contries the procedure is done as an office procedure which
mean can be done in the OPD in a country like India we defently prefer to do it in the operation theatre
in a much more sterile & in a controlled environment so what is done in an intravitreal injection well what we do is initally put some drops in the patients eye to
anesthetize the eye so there the patient dose not feel the prek of the needle then the doctor usualy measures a safe distance from the black portion
of the eye called the limbals usualy about 3.5 to 4 mm from this black zone is where we enter with needle the needles are very very fine as thin as hair and as i said the
procedure is absolutely painless the drug is then given through this injection into the eye & the procedure
is over within a fraction of second you may not even realise that the injection has been given what are the post injection procedure or care that needs to be taken as i said the injection is very short procedure & you may walk out of the clinic within minutes .. you may resume your work on the same day or if you want
you may take a days rest as begin working in next day it was a common practice to give a anti biotic injections
pre & post injections but recent studies have shown that antibiotics may not to be prescribed so this is what intravitreal injection is all about or
an eye injection is all about & there is nothing to be afraid about them so if your doctor has advised you intravitreal injection ..
dont be afraid thank you

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