Alan Watts: Don’t Panic ( Alan Watts Depression )

Damn can’t forget all this hey what
would it be if you were allowed five minutes with God you’re allowed to ask
one question what do you want to know because you know you thought this over
now you know they’re about the opposites about the enemy you and you know you
can’t ask God and say hey Big Daddy will you give you a tip to beat the game it
won’t work what shall I ask God so you can think of all the things you might
ask for you know an electric guitar million dollars and you know that
wouldn’t be the answer that that would be yang would be a big in along with it
someone yeah I don’t know what to ask so you go in and say God beyond positive
and negative what is reality regardless my childhood question has no meaning oh
dear is out there it’s gone I won Chancellor you think you’re a friend of
yours they hate look you do it and tell me
what he said you are in what question should I ask you because it says how I’m gone what
question should I ask you not says so you do want a problem but you’re gone
you thought it up you wanted that you wanted the game in which white only wins
there’s your problem humanism you have to have that problem
because otherwise if you don’t have a problem you wouldn’t know you’re in
there deciding you can’t be yourself without something you call other how
will you know you will you would miss somebody else and somebody else
altogether in other words the sensation and I here living sensitive the lie
peeking out beady-eyed out of my skin entirely is it with reference to
something over there which isn’t me I don’t what it is but it did what’s all
by itself and this pretty scared of it and there it is and I can’t have this
feeling without that feeling does the same hocus-pocus going on here if I
can’t feel me without having other that the exoteric
esoteric means I am the other they’re inseparable how can you have self
without other how can the other without self you other on me himself on yourself
I self on me another on you but you can’t that it says you can’t have one
without the other yeah me in so in the same way I say well
this other I’d like to manage it I like to control it I know all these people
are are messing up my life and I’m willing to be that much other I’m going
to you I’m gonna fix you then I get on a power kit
and there all kinds of power kicks let me warn you it’s not just politics and
the economics business work power kicks our spiritual life is ecology you like
to know the future would you really it’s the power kick to know the future search
it can control it no surprise if you know the future it’s already past but if
you want know something and have knowledge then the mysterion just as you
want selfie with cavada so the future is always the unknown the past is the known
and what we witness as our present is the magical appearance of the known from
the unknown you know what’s going to happen the next second I mean it might
be another big earthquake right underneath the any minute now
well the Russians might decide to release the a-bomb in a minute
we’d have a heart attack drop there you know know what or relax they watch what what’s this thing it’s
in criminal let’s watch it you it cell father if this vibration do you think
also now Whitman self another that means voluntary versus involuntary what I do
and what happens to me now what I do well I walk I think I talk I move my
hands I can be nice to you or nasty to you I would regard both as my doing what
about my um blood circulation I normally think that that happens to me I mean if
my heart would stop I wouldn’t say I had done it I would have said it happened to
me but Buddhists will say your heart stopped
that was your karma and karma means nothing else except doing if you’re
doing that your heart stopped you know I doesn’t mean don’t take it literally the
superstitious way that because you scratch on someone’s face in a past life
you’re having heart failure as a punishment for it this time around the
universe is not geared to be a kind of judicial system I mean a lot of priests
figure it that way in order to frighten people but karma means simply if you die
in a plane crash or a bomb attack if you’re doing but that sadly means you’ve
got to rethink what you mean by doing now I’ve already proved to you that
black is wider and I’m gonna prove to you that what you do is what happens to
you and what happens to you is what you do because you can’t tell the difference
between doing you can’t tell what you mean by doing unless something happens
to you to contrast it with and vice versa you can’t say of something that it
happens to unless it feels different from something
you do now let’s take a look at our breath are you doing it or does it
happen to you if you do breathing exercises you can feel I’m doing it just
I’m breathing in just as I might raise my hand but after a while I breathe out
I feel I’m breathing on line to get all about it and goes on when it happens to
me that’s why in yoga which means Yoga means union joining sin with the Latin
Hungary while yoga you breathe breathing is the main thing in yoga because it’s
to teach you that there’s no difference between what you do and what happens to
you learn that through breathing you can make the very best breath see we get
into Christian terms here the holy spirit spirit lean breath see spiritual
stood Latin Maxima and Greek walk in Eden breath now those ordinary breath
when you you know most people’s normal breathing or fourth breath when or do people try
to seem that their voice is forced but then the next breath is called holy
spirit holy breath that’s when the breath is no longer forced it happens
when it’s near long oppressed blowout same thing as Holy Spirit and then that
you see that I’m false one you’re on so that’s why when monks chant or
devotees of any kind chant they have the idea that I am a flute and the breath
the trauma the spiritus of the divine flows through it is what chanting Zorba
make yourself a tube for the Divine Wind but that also means realize the unity of
the voluntary and the involuntary that’s really what’s meant by doing the will of
God do the will it’s um one reason why we get confused
in English as to whether women will or the mean shall I will drown no one shall
save me so think behind what you call volunteer
you decide having reviewed the evidence I’ve decided it would be best to buy
this brand of detergent made a decision how did you make a decision well I
reviewed the evidence I added up the price like implements I know I know all
that how did you work the machinery the computer in your head you know he pushed
all these buttons but what’s underneath the button
why don’t know I never looked so you see that involuntary growth called the brain
under lot underlies your voluntary decision because you when you decide you
don’t first decide to decide and decide to decide to decide you just decide that
means that something else find it well you think that’s terrible because if
what I do happens to me it isn’t really doing it all then I’m in a fatalistic
scene yes that I said on the other hand what happens to you is what you do it
works equally that way you know you have an earthquake and the thoughts in your head drift
about like clouds in the sky they can’t do it so in the same way this whole
strain the futility of the strange made white women to improve the world that
entire fertility the frustration Hobbit is what you mean by I now it goes it
won’t work and the eye collapses everybody is terrified at this happening
suddenly finding out that you don’t have anemia
heaven preserve me to mammoths I’ve been building up this personality of mine
organisms I’ve been very carefully nurtured this personality you tell me it
doesn’t exist no because your personality is a phantom even more in
substantial than your body personality is the work of our hearts like music
which vanishes as soon as it’s played


  1. Nothing depressing at all . LET'S BE SPIRITUAL AND PUMP our LUNGS !
    Thereby i conclude GOOD SEX IS THE MOST SPIRITUAL HAPPENING EVER. May be except running uphill.•°

  2. Caffiene reduces myocardial blood flow through the heart SPECIFICALLY during elevated heart rate. Same throughout your body. Dont be fooled… Its still ok for some people but not for anyone's heart during excersize. Remember that fellow woken souls. This is epically awakening

  3. If I had 5 minutes with God…if God exists…I'd tell him I'm sorry for cursing him out many times (I'm bipolar) and tell "him" I feel bad for "him" that most people dont think sky nature etc is so beautiful and beg and curse him out too.

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