Aesthetics Medispa – India’s Leading Centre for Aesthetic Transformation

Welcome to Aesthetics Medispa.
India’s leading centre for aesthetic transformation. We focus on helping
people look good and feel better. This center has been in existence for the last 10 years (and is located) in the heart of Pune City. (Pune city) which is the second largest city in the
State of Maharashtra. I’m Dr. Ashish Davalbhakta. I am the Managing Director and the Chief Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon at Aesthetics Medispa. I trained as a plastic
surgeon to the highest qualifications, became board-certified in India and
having reached the top of my training in India, I went to UK for further
experience and worked in the National Health Service. I took a number of
fellowships from UK and then gained experience in US as well before
returning back to India and starting Aesthetics Medispa. At Aesthetics Medispa, the experience that I gained abroad has
helped me raise the standards and maintain the standards and safety that
is followed in the West. And it also helps all my overseas patients who come here
fairly routinely, because they find the same standards that they would find in
the West. Aesthetics Medispa helps in all aspects of helping people
look good. We cater to preventive to therapeutic procedures and techniques,
which will not only prevent you from aging, plus also help in maintaining your
skin, your hair, and your figure from
deteriorating over time. So the components at a Aesthetics Medispa not
only involve preventive therapies like spa therapies, which are required
for not only moisturizing the skin but exfoliation and toning, but also
cosmetology services where we help in chemical peels, neuromodulator injections
for wrinkle reductions and lasers for an extensive array of problems such as
pigmentation or even aging and permanent laser hair reduction. All these services
are catered for under the cosmetology section. We also have cosmetic surgery
and everything that cannot be treated by any non-surgical means can be corrected
by surgery. So the whole spectrum from non-surgical to surgical is offered at
Aesthetics Medispa. Aesthetics Medispa not only has a full-fledged operating
theatre with all the equipment that is required for state-of-the-art procedures
like liposuction, we have VASER which is the third generation of sonic
liposuction machine. We have the micro air power assisted liposuction machines
along with new breast augmentation devices and abdominoplasty and
rhinoplasty and radio-frequency cauterization. So the operating theatre
is integrated in the day surgery facility here at Aesthetics Medispa.
In Aesthetic plastic surgery we offer not only rejuvenation services, but body
reshaping, and facial reshaping as well that’s our forte. We do a lot of fat
grafting, we can transfer the body fat to the areas which are deficient, as
in a Brazilian butt augmentation, breast augmentation and even cheek or chin augmentations
with fat. The the other services in Aesthetic plastic surgery which we do quite a lot
are no nose reshaping. So Rhinoplasty, hump reduction, narrowing, tip refinement
projection improvement or even augmentation. All of these things are
offered here. Some of the features that would make you come to us for treatment
are the high standards training and accreditations that myself and my
colleagues in this center have. We offer hundred percent confidentiality and we
also have very high safety standards and features. Your health is our main concern
we also offer give you guarantee of 100% commitment towards working towards your
goal. The probability of being satisfied with the treatment that you would have
here it will probably the highest amongst any center in India. There will
be absolute clarity in what to expect and their will be 100% commitment in trying to
deliver that. We’d be happy to help you. Thank you.


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