Aesthetic Training Tips | How to Build a Shredded Chest

what’s up everybody this is IFBB Pro
Santi Aragon and I’m here with muscle and strength and I’m gonna take you
through my three favorite aesthetic chest building exercises so for the
first chest exercise to build an aesthetic big ole barrel chest first
step of this exercise is to pick an appropriate weight you want to start a
little bit lighter before you get into your heavier movements just so that you
can get used to this style of press I pick a incline bench for this movement
and when I roll back with the dumbbells you’re gonna see that I’m gonna start in
a normal fly movement but as I’m pressing the weight up you’re gonna see
that my pinkies are gonna start coming inward to squeeze the chest and as I’m
coming back down I’m gonna be rotating them back again in a fly movement here
we are in the fly movement I’m gonna press up and I’m gonna rotate my pinkies
what this is gonna do is this is gonna squeeze the chest and as I’m rotating
back down I’m in another I give them in a press movement right here and this is
stretching out my pecs so I’m coming up rotating squeezing opening up opening up
and I’m stretching so not only can you press some pretty
heavy weight because this is a hybrid press movement but you’re also utilizing
the squeeze if it was a fly movement too so you’re kind of getting best of both
worlds on this movement exercise number two for anesthetic chest is gonna be a
fly movement the difference between this fly movement and any other fly movement
that we do is going to be the way that we’re gonna be doing each rep it’s gonna
be a holding a pause at the top of the movement and then it’s gonna be
descending slowly back to the bottom keeping constant tension on the muscle
group and then coming back and again pausing at the very top another
difference between this and any other fly movement is that I’m gonna
concentrate on bringing the bar much higher on my chest versus right in the
middle part of my chest the reason why I do this is because if you look at any of
the classic guys back in the 80s and 90s you can see how crazy their upper chest
was and I really do believe that any type of upper chest movement is going to
hit the mid and the bottom part of your chest and the hardest part to build is
the upper part of the chest so I’m gonna go ahead and demonstrate this movement
for you standing very comfortable I’m gonna come up top and you can see how
I’m squeezing up I’m just gonna see on squeezing upwards
I’m not down my elbows not down it’s actually kind of up so that I can put
more stress on the top part of my chest chest is up so here we go we’re gonna
pause at the top boom one two three come down one two three up one two down one
two I’ll do this for about 12 to 15 reps and
at the very end when I can’t do any more I blast out about five regular sets this
is gonna be something that’s going to be focusing on the lower part of the chest
and I choose this as the final exercise because we’re gonna be doing a finishing
type set here which is gonna be extremely high reps so what I usually do
is I’ll pick a weight that I think I could handle and I’ll just feel it I’ll
touch the weight if I’m ready and I think I could handle it the goal is to
go to 50 so it’s very basic this machine pretty much tells you where
you need to go and the key is that at the top of the movement
you’re making sure that you’re squeezing it’s like any other chest movement this
particular movement at the end of your chest routine is not going to require
three or four sets like a standard movement this is gonna be a touching so
you’re gonna see if you can handle the weight and then it’s gonna be one
all-out set of 50 repetitions and there you have it those are my three favorite
chest exercises thanks for watching please comment and subscribe below


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