Aesthetic Instagram Theme Tips // EASY FOR EVERYONE

welcome my name is Luke Zacny today I’m gonna be giving you three tools and tips to instantly help you make your
Instagram grid look crispy. If you’re into photography or videography be sure
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post a new video. So lets jump into it. Now I’m making this video because we’ve all been
there. I’m actually still in this phase where you’re on Instagram and you’re
scrolling and you find somebody who post a really cool picture and then you click
on their Instagram and you go HOLY @#%$ that is a really cool! Why does our
Instagram look so good? Like how does that why does why does it seem like all
their colors are flowing?, Why does everything flow so perfectly? Why?! So tip number one
is using custom Lightroom presets I know like some people they make their own and
then they can sell them that’s fine too or if you have a distinct style or the
way that you want your Instagram to look or when you edit a photo save that as
its own preset that way all of your photos look the exact same or in the
same theme and have the same style the perfect example for that would be Becki
and Chris they’re….awesome YouTube channel by the way on their Instagram
they have the exact same style throughout the entire Instagram it’s
kind of dark moody and it is awesome it fits exactly what they’re doing. Now on
my Instagram, I go for more of a bright earthy feel with mine and that’s just
the way I like my pictures other people may go “Oh there to this, they are too that”
doesn’t matter that’s just the way I see my Instagram very bright and enhance photos
now another perfect example for a grid would be Peter McKinnon. He’s very
popular in the photo game a lot of people do this but where your Instagram
fades with the seasons. its Winter then it fades in the fall then it gets into a
very summer vibe that’s a very good example of fading with the times in
which that you don’t have to keep the same exact theme throughout your entire
Instagram, but the style and then the ways he takes his photos stay the same
just the color and tones change. Okay so like I said everybody that I just mentioned even me
i have custom presets that work for me like the way i’m editing my photos it’s
very bright and then all of a sudden i wanted to use like a Becki & Chris
Lightroom preset that post on my instagram
would stand out a lot and would take away from
the other photos that I’ve already posted it’s not stress enough that is
probably the most important thing on in this video so if you do not have
lightroom highly highly recommend you need lightroom for sure look into
getting some presets or design your own and that is number one. Tip number two is
you need to have a plan you need to have a plan of what you’re posting next you
have a plan of what you’re posting to photos from now even nine photos from
now. Every person’s grid that you see that looks awesome they thought about
what photos we’re going where they think about not posting two certain photos
on top of one another everything is thought-out they have
planned their Instagram to a T and the most perfect way to do it this is not
sponsored by the way is with an app called Snug now this app allows you to
basically load up your Instagram upload your photos onto there you can actually
move them around like it’s some sort of survivor puzzle game i think the app
cost either like one or two dollars but it is totally worth it and that is
something you need to do now if you don’t want to spend $2 I didn’t know I
honestly I’m gonna something might be a mine bone here but I didn’t know about
that until about a year and a half ago I was actually using another Instagram I
was actually posting my photos on there uploading them, deleting them, archive I’m
doing the whole nine yards to make sure that when I post my photo on my real
Instagram it will look good but this app Snug eliminates that whole process
and makes it so much easier to kind of customize and see the future of your
Instagram post and that matters so that was tip number two for sure download
snow that will help Now here’s my final tip and I cannot
stress this one enough but you have to be yourself don’t look at other people’s
instagrams and compare yours because you will get discouraged it’s happened to me
it’s happened all of us worry about yourself too the more time you’re
focusing on worrying about how somebody made their Instagram grid look like that
the last time you are worrying about how yours should look focus on yourself find
your style edit your photos differently than somebody else take different photos
take different style photos if you want a feeling you want to change yours up
change yours up try different things be yourself an experiment because if you’re
gonna try to make yours look like somebody else’s it won’t because that’s
somebody else’s style now there is something I do have to say
because it will happen to pretty much everybody that is watching this video
there will come a time where you will take a badass picture and it will not
fit on your grid and you just have to live with that decision
it happens all it is okay to be that picky about your good because that’s how
people’s grids look crazy that’s just how it is anyway that wraps up my video
like I said if you’re in a photography or videography and you want some tips
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