Aesthetic Back Day Workout | Gerardo Gabriel’s Complete Back Training

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Gerardo Gabriel here nutrex research athlete we made it to the gym tonight
and we are gonna do a big back session it really helps take the stress off the
forearms and really just helps focus on that pull with the back just the way the
grips are set up and you’re able to grab it versus the standard bar you’re able
to grip around it and pull down it’s pretty dope they have different
variations so we’ll play around with them today this one’s a mid grip so
you’re still targeting the outer lats alright guys so we’re putting on a
standard pulldown bar here that way we can go a little wider the mag grips they
tend to only have good grips close so we’re gonna go ahead and do now four
sets right I’ll show you here real quick we’re gonna go wide so this line right
here is usually where I put my index finger wrap it out now we’re gonna jump right into rows we
do barbell overhand grip not underhand overhand we’re gonna do four sets so
usually this first line here I’ll measure out with my thumb thumb length wide
and here it’s not really what you have to learn this is not all about the
weight I know you can roll 300 pounds but you want to have that deep bent over
and just pull with your back no momentum I think it was something implemented
this year after the injury you know usually I like to throw weight on there
and go crazy and feel beast mode but if you’re a smart person who wants to make their
career last I think you have to make that adjustment and you realize that
that type of training won’t last forever when you’re 18 19 years old I think you
can easily get away with it you know I’m 27 now I’m still young but I’ve been
training for a minimum of eight years now so over the years my body’s been
taking a beating it can’t it can’t maintain that that rate of training so
it’s just about evolving you know and that your training so right now I feel
with this way that I feel like I’m doing 315 on the row just because of the
movement and the speed fifteen baby alright guys so we’ve burned our back which
pull-downs rows so here we’re gonna do cable pulled over that way it’s all
about the squeeze in the movement getting that detail into the back and
finishing off that crazy pump that you have and just burn it up we’re gonna do rack pulls right now start
off with 145 on each side and then probably do well do 3 sets today so I
might increase after this so make sure you focus on that
contraction time under tension and not try to sway so much you can’t really see
your back so you want to make sure you have that mind-muscle connection and
squeeze at the back and I’m telling you you’ll get the craziest pump I might
just walk around with air lats around here the rest of the day so I’m gonna go
drink some protein creatine and glutamine but thank you for joining me with a back
workout like this I should be able to win the next show I’ll see you guys soon


  1. Great video. What a cowinky dink!!! I am working on “Back” Today as well. Motivational video for me to push even harder…. keep pushing these videos and I will continue to follow.

  2. I Can't wait for the second come back soon & get back to training after surgery!! Had a blast shooting this! Thanks M&S!

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