Aesthetic AF Braces Makeup #ISSALOOK ft. Rileyrose Festival Box!

hey it’s faye reilly rose partnered with me by sending me their Festival boxes full of makeup hair and skin care products they’re also giving away a huge festival box full of products for you too i want to show makeup that you can play with Braces but at the same time can wear to festivals or kpop concerts swing wing or just be in aesthetic ass instagram model alright lol i’m basic and lazy so together that means a face mask for skin care this aqua hydrating mask has all your skin care in one all get your money’s worth and smear it all over your body bug back toes and eyelids taking this sunscreen this i’m gonna protect my skin from all the haters protect your body from first world problem by using a regular sunscreen and like this too a little primer and off to foundation i’m just taking my true nature drugstore foundation because i just did my taxes and i’m a broke chick now but man drugstore foundation is that lake okay when i first saw this palette i was not trusting the gods above As soon as this eyeshadow or if you want to call it a blessing touched my skin it reminded me that you should never judge a book by its cover these colors are so pigmented your other palettes will be shaken as you saw i took that concentrated peach orange color and blessed my eyelids all over i tried to stay inside the lines because we almost mantra still are clean yet graceful like my personality i used a little bit of that yellow to blend other lines and bring the sunshine into my dark lines and then with a mixture of this brown burgundy color i just outlined my eye all a delight because because i want to don’t tell me what to do okay but for real if there’s anything you want to cop out of this festival box these Glitters you know how big i am when it comes to any kind of eye glitter right the roses threaten me so many i just kept layering these on covers that less is more now more is more okay this gives your eyes that perfect sparkle especially as it fades itself all over those colors come through sit tight line and then use pink mascara because it’s a free country it just pulls the eye makeup together fedex tumblr approved twitter retweeted instagram certified For the bottom you want to lay a layer of yellow and then it brief it off with that brown color on your lash line the pink mascara and the yellow base eyeshadow is an iconic duel when the bob and patrick who Are those i actually tried to make my eyebrows like a more thick and arched but it turned out like two brothers who are unsure About life but hey it works just try to aim for more western brow in fact this look i was trying To make a more western but i don’t know i came out like a glamorous potato instead hashtag aesthetics i added lip oil on my eyes and in the inner tear-duct and some sparkles here and there and could underneath my brows To show the brothers some love i also contoured my nose into a little button nose it’s all about shortening and highlighting that tip Am obsessed with these lip colors look me in the eye and tell me these colors are what’s up you know you’d wear a least One of these colors oh that’s so good so good you can either leave it knot or add a little sparkle To spice it up like the relationship i don’t have you want to tap on the blush like how i’m doing hair horizontally and it blended the boxy shape by brushing it downwards Bring it across your nose might as well i was getting so carried away i almost put blush there’s where i buy i remember i’m trying to look decent today and add a comment like normal say calm your tips oh yeah add a little glitter here to show your neighbors that you can be a pocketful of sunshine At 7 a.m. – and there you go catfish your way on instagram say yes comforter says whatever tickles your pickle ok? But seriously you guys don’t know how long i’ve been wanting to create an aesthetic look for braces if you have metal in your mouth so what it doesn’t mean you are less beautiful have the confidence in slay with a braces work with what you got that’s what i learned bless up ok Don’t forget, to shop all these products on our riley rose i’ll link you below so you can at least consider the glitters for the giveaway you can check out riley rose on Instagram to enter for a full box of these goodies and even more products for free

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