Acyclovir Eye Drops, Eye Ointment Side Effects (Ophthalmic Acyclovir)

Let’s take a look at the side effects of Acyclovir,
when applied as eye drops, or as an ointment for the eyes. When applied to the eyes, the
drug is usually well tolerated. Common side-effects, occurring in over 1% of patients include:
Mild stinging. Redness of the eye. Uncommon side-effects include:
Allergic reactions. Punctate epithelial erosions, which is damage
to the cornea. This is rarely dangerous and usually treatable. Please speak to your doctor if you experience
any of these side effects. If you’re taking, or planning to take this
drug, it is strongly recommended that you watch our other videos on the topic, for more
information. It is always best to learn as much as possible about your drug. Stay safe.

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