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(upbeat music) – Ocala Eye is a truly
comprehensive practice and we have eye doctors
here that specialize and have been trained in
specific eye conditions. And with that training
and with the knowledge and their ability to keep up with all the advancements in eye care, that’s why we’re the largest and most experienced practice
in north central Florida. We’ve been serving the
community for over 50 years. When I first looked into
joining this practice, I was really impressed by
the high level of skill and expertise that was
here to help patients. And three years later, I could not be more proud to be part of this group. – One of the most common things
that patients come in for is options to get out of their glasses or looking for the best type of result from their cataract surgery. And here at Ocala Eye, we’re
able to deliver on that. We have the latest in medical technology to provide customized
results as well as facilities to kind of guide patients
through their journey and decide what’s gonna be best for them. Patients also come in for treatment of their glaucoma, macular degeneration, and general eye exams,
all of which we provide. What’s interesting about this technology is that just a generation ago, neither doctors nor patients
had any access to it. What makes it especially attractive is that all these are minimally invasive, they involve very little
downtime or discomfort, and the effects are permanent. – There are a lot of options out there that patients are not aware of, and these options are generally
very safe and effective. According to the World
Health Organization, more than 80% of vision impairment could have been prevented or cured. So it’s important to
have annual eye exams, just like you would see a family physician for general health workup, to make sure that your
eyes are also healthy. And that’s why it’s important
that the particular eye doctor that you’re seeing now talks to you about those options and
the fact that they exist. (upbeat music) – We found Ocala Eye, and the doctor said, “Well, you have cataracts, “so we can take care of that for you. “It’s surgery, it doesn’t take long.” He said, “We can even
correct the astigmatism “if you don’t wanna wear glasses anymore.” And I said, “That would be fantastic.” It took about 10 minutes
to do the procedure. It was painless. After I went home, and a day
or two later, I’m looking, and of course my left eye
still had the cataract, so I used to go like this and everything looked like I had a yellow stocking over my head. And when I go like this, everything was bright
and clear and gorgeous. So after a few days, I
said, “You know what, “I can’t wait to have the other eye done.” and finally, when that was
done, it was like, “Wow.” It’s just fantastic, just fantastic. (upbeat music) – The staff of Ocala Eye are some of the most professional people
I’ve ever encountered. I can’t say enough about
the entire process. For me to say it’s easy,
trust me, it’s easy. – I’ve always had astigmatism in my lens so I’ve always worn glasses. But even with my glasses,
I never saw clearly. I never realized how bad my eyes were until after I had the surgery. And I was told afterwards
that my vision was 20/100, and now it’s 20/25 and now I
don’t wear glasses anymore. – In order to deliver great eye care, really, it’s a team effort. And the entire staff in our Surgery Center and our clinics are highly trained for the specific task that they do, whether they’re the nurses, whether it’s the anesthesiologist, they all do take part in your eye care. And optimizing each of those areas and making sure that the people that are involved in your
care are highly skilled is really what’s gonna allow us to achieve the best results for you. – [Dr. Vish] We have
some of the most talented and well-qualified physicians
from around the country. We were all drawn here by
the opportunity to be part of a practice that has a
state-of-the-art facility, truly dedicated staff, the
latest in medical technology, and one that’s really committed to providing the highest quality of care. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] To learn more
and schedule a consultation visit www.ocalaeye.com
or call 352-622-5183.

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