A Trans Guy In Makeup???? – Dysphoria and Feeling Valid

I’m here, I’m q***r, [claps] and it’s time for a medicore
video! [Voice over singing] Insert snazzy intro here,
cause I’m not talented enough to create one, yeah! [Seb with upbeat music in the background]
Hey guys, so today I wanna talk about being a trans guy and wearing makeup. So, I’m making this video because I’ve seen
a lot of arguments saying that trans guys can’t be feminine, and specifically, which
I’m going to be focusing on in this video, they can’t wear makeup, because- [background
music stops] they couldn’t possibly ever wear makeup if they were ‘actually’ trans! Because, wouldn’t they feel dysphoric, and
invalid, and just- it can’t happen, they’re trans-trenders, that’s it. [background music resumes] and that is not
the case. So, I’m going to be talking about my experience
being a trans guy and wearing makeup. Okay, so, first off I’m going to talk about
why I wear makeup. I wear makeup because I enjoy it. I enjoy putting it on over people, which is
what I did at first, and then I realized I enjoy putting it on myself as well. This is something I kind of struggled with
and pushed away at first cause I was like, ‘I can’t like makeup and be trans’ but then,
as I got more comfortable and feeling more valid and secure in my gender, I was more
comfortable and able to explore wearing makeup on- on myself, on my face, instead of putting
it on other people’s faces. So, now to get onto the discussion about dysphoria
and feeling valid and wearing makeup. Now, this is my personal experience, it probably
doesn’t fit for every other trans guy or transmasculine person who wears makeup, but this is my personal
experience and insight. So, the way dysphoria and makeup works, it
has a kind of tricky relationship for me, cause my dysphoria is both social and bodily-
or physical dysphoria, and it comes kind of in waves, for just like slight discomfort
to extreme and unbearable, and it doesn’t really go away, it just kind of is like the
ocean, goes back and forth, sometimes there’s a giant tidal wave and it wrecks me. And the way I wear makeup depends on how dysphoric
I am. So if I’m unbearably dysphoric, I may not
wear it at all. Or I may also wear makeup, but do it in a
way to make my face look more masculine. I a lot of the time contour my face to make it
look more masculine, and I cover up my acne scars- and that makes me feel a lot more comfortable
and confident, because I can make my face more structured, my jawline more sharp, my
sockets more sunken in, and my jawline more masculine and give myself more masculine features,
which can make me less dysphoric. And then, when my dysphoria isn’t that bad,
I will wear makeup, I will do my powder foundation, concealer, masculine contouring, but I also
might put on lipgloss, or highlighter, or blush, or eyeshadow, or eyeliner, or mascara,
and I actually- when my dysphoria isn’t that bad, it’ll actually help my dysphoria to wear
makeup- even if it’s feminine- because dysphoria takes away a feeling of control over my own
body, so wearing makeup kind of gives- makes me feel like I’m getting back that control,
so it helps a lot. So, and then with feeling valid, at first
I didn’t feel valid wearing makeup, but then there’s been a recent trend of cis guys wearing
makeup and doing things and dressing in ways that are seen as more feminine, and
that’s helped me feel more valid because I’m just like, ‘Hey, if they’re guys, and they
can wear makeup and wear crop tops, and flower crowns, and be and do things that are seen
as feminine, and they’re still guys, then I can do those things and wear those things
and I’m still a guy, and that made my feel a lot more valid. Also, I have friends, and partners, and just
people around me who support me and make me feel more valid because they validate my gender,
so that helps with me feeling valid even when I’m wearing makeup. So that’s just my personal experience with
validity, dysphoria and wearing makeup and how it all intertwines for me, I hope you
guys enjoyed the video, I hope this kind of helped you understand. If you have any questions, be sure to let
me know in the comments, and if you want me to talk about anything simular to this in
the future, about being a really feminine trans guy, then just let me know. And also do you like my makeup today? It’s not too extreme cause unfortunately dysphoria’s
kicking my butt lately, but I got a good highlight, I got some clear lipgloss, I’m got blush but
it’s not really that noticable as my face is naturally really really pink, but I feel
like I’m still slaying, I put on a flowercrown, I’m manly and fabulous [laughs]. But I hope you guys enjoyed, be sure to like
and comment and subscribe, and until next time: I was here, I’m still consistantly q***r,
I hope this wasn’t too medicore a video. [voice over singing] Snazzy outro music! [claps
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