A Touching Story Of Organ Transplant Between Dogs | Kritter Klub

This man kept dog Sandy for 10 years After thinking it hard, Sandy’s owners decided to donate Sandy’s organs for an organ transplant Dog organ transplant, a very historic moment begins Would Sandy be able to become helpful? Vet: Sandy’s cornea is relatively healthy compared to its other organs After a long meeting They chose a dog which will receive Sandy’s cornea This dog isn’t able to recognize what’s in front of it Everything is blurry for Chorong.. Will Chorong be able to receive an organ transplant? According to the test results, Chorong is able to receive an organ transplant from Sandy The vet begins to remove Sandy’s cornea Fortunately, removing the cornea would not damage Sandy’s dead body.. Succeeds in removing the cornea The cornea has no problem The organ transplant should be done in 6 hours after the cornea’s removal It’s ok, everything will be fine They first remove Chorong’s damaged cornea It’s time to transplant Sandy’s cornea It went in Now they just have to sew up the wound The cornea’s diameter is 7mm so it needs to get 32 stitches The vet needs to really focus The surgery is done You did well Chorong Seems like the surgery was very painful for Chorong since it’s shuddering In order to protect the eyes, Chorong needs to be careful After a few days Chorong has recovered Vet: As long as the owner regularly puts in eye drops, Chorong would be able to maintain normal vision Thank you so much for your meaningful gift Sandy…

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