A Map of My Brain (A View from a Manic Depressive)

If you were to map your brain, what would it look like Would it be a grid system neat and organized easy to find your way around that must be nice mine is winding and filled with rotaries or roundabouts for Yunnan Massholes and Lights and never-ending construction. It’s chaos. It’s just like Boston when you’re wandering around the terrain of your mind What does that like? from what I’ve been told the average person has an abundance of fields and expanses that are neutral and boring My terrain isn’t boring. I have very few fields for the last 20 years it’s been almost all beaches in Paradise and terrifying murder Woods How its explained to me is that someone who isn’t Manic-depressive a nice day for them is like a stroll on a warm summer afternoon And maybe they get an ice-cream for me an Update is like laying on the most perfect Beach where sexy women Or handsome oiled men if you prefer Playing volleyball far enough away that the balls aren’t hitting you in the face, but close enough that you have a good view That’s what it feels like in my brain on a good day on a bad day It’s a combination of terror and anger at that terror Either I’m running from or add an unseen force threatening to lop off my head In addition to the terror there is a franticness to it It doesn’t allow me to stop and catch my breath which brings me to a third terrain one. That’s fairly new One that’s only formed in the last couple years This is the uphill climb for some reason the combination of becoming a father and getting laid off Six months later tapped into something akin to mania For the past two years. I’ve been pushing myself further and further up a mountain with seemingly. No summit approaching I Had ready? Thank you for watching this month short film a map of my brain. I wanted to do it because It kind of goes with the feature film that were making but also because I I do make a lot about being Bipolar and I’m and the film is about me being my polar and and all the different ways that that affects me I was hoping to make a visual representation of the way my brain works and so I thought that a map of my brain was like The best way of portraying that part of something that I thought would be fun to do with this was to start like a challenge a map of my brain challenge and so I want to Challenge a couple people one person who’s a friend of mine that I wanted. He’s a youtuber Dark, Tori dark toy Lord. I will link to his His account below his channel below and then I thought you know I do. I also really just would be interested in seeing someone like Casey nice Don’t do a map of their brain because his brain seems to work in such an interesting way I’d love to see how he sees the way his brain works and that’s kind of what? This movie was was me wanting to see that so I’m challenging the two of them. Please like share and subscribe


  1. Great Video! You have such great ideas. I'd love to do one of these for my mind so I may give it a try. Thanks for sharing that, I'm interested in your film now too

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