99.9% OF PEOPLE CAN`T READ THIS RIGHT (If You Solve 13/15 Mind Tricks You Are a Genius!)

Whats up guys, and welcome to Bloo Jam!. If you liked that previous mind test, then this one will simply blow your mind. I promise. Basically only one out of thousand people can pass this test. While the rest won’t understand it cos there is 99.9% chance that you will fail, ‘Cause your brain is not strong enough to handle this mind tricks. If you by any chance solve them then you are extremely smart and your brain works perfectly Don’t forget to like this video, subscribe, and turn on post notifications to keep up with the Craziest uploads Read the sentence in the triangle. It said Paris in the spring, right? Well read it again. It says Paris in THE the spring. Guess you already failed This is because your brain connects words in the sentence faster than you can read pretty cool, huh? Like it says on the picture try to find the mistake. I’ll give you some time You were probably looking into those numbers, but actually the word mistake is misspelled How many f’s Do you see in this picture? Go ahead and count them all You have probably counted four or five But there are actually six f’s in this sentence go ahead and pause the video and count them if you do not believe me Go ahead read and say out loud all these words loast, coast, roast, ghost, host woast, post, quost, nost, boast Now tell me, what do you put in a toaster? I bet my kidney you just said toast, but it’s actually bread. Do you see how it’s actually easy to manipulate somebody’s mind? Now do quickly as I say. Look to your left I said left because you’re probably looking right. Tell me if I tricked you My home is where me and my family belonged. What was wrong with this sentence? Well, having note is the word me that was actually written two times. You probably haven’t Mary’s mother has four children April May June and… I bet my kidney that you just said July, but read it again. It says Mary’s mother which means Mary is her fourth daughter Try to memorize everything in this picture. I’ll give you a few seconds Now what color was the pig closest to the pool you are probably thinking pink, but it’s actually black You probably haven’t even seen that black pig because your brain thought it was a black sheep This is probably the coolest one. you have no idea what I’m talking about do you? You simply see something moving on the screen, but I’ll tell you what to do. Keep staring at this picture but start blinking very fast with your eyes Can you see it? Pretty cool, huh? Try to answer this question, how can a man go 8 days without sleep? Do you know the answer? It says 8 days without sleep. We sleep during night, so we can go as many days without sleep as we want Pick a number then follow the line to the numbers on the opposite side, take those two numbers then subtract the smaller number from the bigger number Let me guess what you got. Number 6, right? No, I’m not psychic. That’s because it always turns out to be number 6 go ahead and try some other combination, and you’ll see it yourself This one will actually make you happy. Stare at this rainbow for at least 20 seconds and then look up. Point your sights at your own ceiling or if the clear sky, and you will see a real rainbow. I’m not joking Here is one that simply must make you feel like you are hallucinating Take a deep look into this picture, pick a spot at the center, and watch it for a few seconds You… see anything? You must have a feeling like this picture is moving, like those lines are floating This mind trick will make your brain work at 110% Stare at this picture for 30 seconds and then look at this picture. It will look like it became alive Now, listen to me carefully. You will take a deep look into this red dot on this colored image and then I’ll show you the very same picture, but without any color That very moment I show you that black and white picture you will still see colors, but slowly fading away into black and white This actually happens because your brain needs some time to adjust the colors of the images That would be it for today guys and now write in comments down below How many did you pass? Was everything like I told you? Have you seen it all and solved everything?


  1. Boi, the night is part of the day, as long as its within 24 hours of the previous day, night goes hand and hand with the day

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