9 Ways to Improve Your Eyesight Without Glasses

Hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and
today we’re going to be looking at ways to improve your eyesight without glasses
you may think that if you want amazing vision you’ll need some glasses well
while that might be the case for some people there are many natural things you
can do to improve your vision and amazingly these things are so easy and
take a matter of minutes birth before we begin if you can see it press the
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20-20-20 rule you may think this is to do with having 20/20 a ka perfect vision
but it’s not instead it’s a way to get perfect vision in a natural way this one
is especially good for those who work on the computer alarms whether you’re at
work or a student spending a lot of time on a computer or if you’re simply
staring at the screen playing video games or watching YouTube for a long
time you may not realize it but this can actually cause incredible strain to your
eyes so to decrease strain you should follow the 20-20-20 rule the rule is
every 20 minutes you should stop looking at your screen you should then look at
something 20 feet away for 20 seconds that’s right this rule only needs to be
done every 20 minutes for only 20 seconds just find something in your room
at least 20 feet away and stare at it for 20 seconds this will help your eye
as you’re changing your eyes aperture and focal point this will ease any
strain your eyes may be having and help you stare at your screen for longer so
next time you find yourself rubbing your eyes after a long day at work or playing
games then try this rule next up is vitamins and minerals you may wonder why
can’t my eyes focus on things for a long amount of time or why does it seem like
sometimes things are blurry or not fully in focus well it could be that you’re
not getting the key vitamins and minerals your body and eyes need if you
feel your eyes aren’t perfect glasses may not be necessary
instead you should try and get some more vitamin A C & E into your body and if
you’re already getting vitamin a C and E then try some mineral zinc all of these
contain antioxidants which can prevent macular degeneration
this is a condition in your macula which is the part of the eye which controls
your vision it’s a natural thing everyone experiences when they’re
getting older and gradually it deteriorates making your vision less
good this is why most older people have worse vision than younger people you can
take vitamin A C and E and mineral zinc in pill form or you can have it in the
form of vegetables and fruit try ting more things like carrots red peppers
broccoli spinach strawberries sweet potato and citrus fruit all of these
things contain vitamin a CA also foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids
are key for vision these are things such as salmon fish and flaxseed all of these
things you can enjoy as part of your everyday diet can actually improve your
vision a lot next up is family history you can’t change your family’s history
but you can learn it did you know that most i condition czar actually
hereditary this means they’re inherited and passed down through your family
that’s why it’s good to learn your family’s eye health history being aware
of these are conditions can help you take precautions now not every eye
condition is hereditary but there are some common ones which are these include
glaucoma retinal degeneration age-related macular degeneration and
optic atrophy if you look for these four conditions in your family’s eye health
history then you can learn how to take precautions next up is carotenoids
carotenoids are nutrients found in your eyes two of them are called lutein and
zeaxanthin these are carotenoids found in your eyes
retina these can be used for improving eyesight and you can get them in pill
form but they’re also found in things like leafy green vegetables broccoli
zucchini and eggs these improve pigment density in your eyes and they also help
to protect your eyes macula which degenerates over time they also help
your eyes in absorbing things like ultraviolet and blue light next up is
quit smoking if you’re watching this while puffing away on a cigarette then
put it out right now we all know that smoking is bad for our health for
example our lungs and but it also impacts other parts of your
body this includes your skin teeth hair and also eyes the reason I include this
is because many people don’t realize the impact smoking has on your eyesight but
if you’re already a smoker then don’t worry smoking does increase your risk of
developing cataracts and it also increases your risk of age-related
macular degeneration but your eyes are one of the only parts of you which can
recover after years of smoking within the first few hours of quitting your
eyesight can improve a lot the longer you avoid smoking it the more your blood
vessels will stop to be inflamed this will first ease off throughout your eyes
and then the rest of your body next up we have sunglasses sunglasses
look pretty cool but that’s not the only reason why we should be wearing them
wearing sunglasses is crucial when it comes to improving your eyesight however
when you’re buying sunglasses don’t buy cheap ones make sure you’re buying
sunglasses that block out 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB radiation from
the Sun and if the London 99 to 100 percent is pretty much worthless
sunglasses can protect you from cataracts and macular degeneration and
most crucially it can protect from Terra GM Terra GM is a tissue which can grow
over the white part of your eye this can then lead to a stigmatism which can
cause your vision to be totally blurred and if you want even more protection
then wear a wide-brimmed hat as well as sunglasses the Sun can still get in from
the top part of your sunglasses so a hat covering this can help even more and
finally on the list of ways to improve your eyesight we have keep fit staying
fit may seem like something which can help you out when it comes to your
health but it doesn’t just help your waistline it helps your eyes – people
who develop type 2 diabetes can sometimes go blind that’s because it can
cause tiny blood vessels in your eyes this condition is called diabetic
retinopathy this is where there’s too much sugar circulating in your
bloodstream and it goes into the walls of your arteries this condition causes
small arteries in your retina this is the
Sensa part in the back of your eye and this causes fluids to leak into your
eyes this can seriously harm your vision and
you can stop it simply by keeping fit check out the poll on the top right
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