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I’ve recently noticed a surge in 80s styled
racers, and it left me in a quandary as to which one I buy. So, rather than sit and deliberate,
I went and bought all 7 of them. Which might sound extravagant, but then I wouldn’t have
been able to make this video if not. To be honest none of them are expensive, although
some are definitely worthy of your time. I’ll begin with MY 1980’s DASHBOARD. I didn’t
even know this existed until I started searching for the others, but boy, am I glad I found
it. Remember the Tomy Turbo Dashboard, or Tomy Racing Turbo, or Turnin’ Turbo Dashboard.
WHY DOES IT HAVE SO MANY NAMES?! Well, remember that guy who hacked his to run Outrun… which
was incredible. Well, here’s the next best thing. It’s a video game representation of
the Turbo Dashboard, and at £1.70, it’s pretty darn good. There isn’t much to the game. You don’t even
get to control the gear stick. Your controls are limited to accelerate, brake, left and
right. It’s the kind of game you can play whilst holding a cup of coffee, but you may
find that coffee goes cold, because it’s pretty addictive. The controls are responsive and
the collision detection – for the most part – is spot on. So you find yourself just driving,
nipping in tight gaps, driving, occasionally crashing, but mostly driving. Even when you
do crash, you recover pretty quick, so it’s not a jarring experience. You can even dispense
with the Turbo Dashboard mock up and play this thing full screen. Which you’ll probably
do, after getting bored of squinting at a tiny racing window. 6/10 NEXT, is Razortron 2000. Again similar to
a toy; The Digital Derby Auto Raceway, but vastly updated for the modern day. Now this
is also quite an addictive one. Here we take control of a car, collect fuel and avoid other
motorists in a bid to see how far you can progress. It actually reminds me a lot of
the car sections on Ghostbusters. You can change cars, which also changes the neon colouring,
and other than that, just drive. It’s not going to occupy you for weeks, but it provides
another serving of cheap, casual 80s inspired gameplay & music to get your a e s t h e t
i c flowing. 6/10 Which brings us onto Neon Drive. A slightly
more expensive affair, which combines top down and third person perspectives to offer
it’s own take on the driving genre. Now from the go, this is filled with neon aesthetic.
It’s practically pouring the 80s out onto your desk, but we can forgive it’s faux pas,
simply because it’s aware of it and bloody loves it. Again we’re in a world of avoidance, although
this time the avoidance is more ordered into an endless runner world of static blocks.
Although we have a vehicle present, it’s no racer, and it would be easy enough to replace
the car with anything else and still have an agreeable game. But the fact it is a car,
an 80s styled car, makes this game worthy of inspection. As do the perspective changes,
which brings a flow of fixed lane, oncoming traffic for you to contend with. All in all, it’s a good concept, offering
the most engrossing and addictive experience we’ve seen so far. Although the later levels
can be incredibly tough. 7/10 On the face of it, Outdrive’s aesthetic is
very similar to Neon Drive, but this is a much more traditional driving game. I say
traditional, but then the story is anything but. Having been present as your girlfriend
is shot, apparently your only choice is to plug her heart into the car’s engine to sustain
her. Pretty standard. So, driving here, has no goals, except to keep your girlfriend alive
for as long as possible – you’d think finding a hospital might be a better goal, but no
– our task is to drive, and keep driving, and keep driving, and it doesn’t end. Keeping
your girlfriend alive involves keeping the car speed up, by using boosts, but not too
high as to overheat the engine and kill your passenger. Occasionally a gunship will fly
down, attempting to disrupt proceedings, but it’s really, really quite easy. I played it
for about half an hour, before I pressed the wrong button, which reset the game.. and really
that’s your biggest risk here… pressing the wrong button. Otherwise it’s plain sailing. I mean it looks and sounds great, so if you
can get off on that, and find driving endlessly relaxing, then knock yourself out. Otherwise…
maybe move onto the next. 4/10 Just to break things up, let’s have a motorbike
game. One which takes it’s cues from Super Hang On, and then adds some slightly bubbly
aesthetic to create a game which looks weird, but plays ok. SUPER NIGHT RIDERS is the name,
and SUPER NIGHT RIDING is it’s game… along with day riding, and evening riding, and all
that. Now, this is quite an enjoyable experience.
We’ve got some goals again, we’ve got NPCs riding about, but we also have an incredibly
jolting slow down if we hit any other bikers. It’s upsetting. I mean, once you get in the
flow of the game, you can avoid collisions for the most part, but there’s always going
to be that one, getting in your way, ruining your day. Still, worth a look for Super Hang On fans. 6/10 OK, this is what you’ve been waiting for…
I presume at least. Slipstream, released on 21st May of this year, and offering a look
akin to games like Full Throttle and Lotus Turbo Challenge. It’s a good look, and indeed,
it’s a good game, for the most part. After choosing our 4 wheeled power house, offering
various familiar looking takes on 80s classics such as this Lancia, or the Toyota Supra,
we get to speed through various cityscapes and backgrounds reeking of 80s finesse, but
rather than the usual controls, this time we have the added advantage of drift. This
is an essential element to game play as we blast through level after level, trying to
beat our rival opponent. It’s not essential to beat your opponent, but it’s a good marker
and ensures you don’t run out of time before getting to the outrun-esque fork and choosing
a direction. We’ve got various modes such as Arcade, Quick
Race and Grand Prix. With Grand Prix offering a number of cups, difficulty levels, car upgrades
and of course, opponents. There’s enough here to keep you satisfied for a good while. But it does have a couple of negatives for
me. The first being the lack of split screen mode – something which made games like Lotus
Turbo Challenge 2, an absolute joy. But that can be forgiven. What I find slightly harder
to forgive is the finicky drift controls, especially given its importance. Whereas games
like Outrun arcade mastered this to perfection, here, it sometimes doesn’t seem to recognise
the drift action. What’s more when you wing the car in the opposite direction, father
than fluidly drifting, you have to re-instigate the drift, and it’s all a bit of a faff. There’s a lot to offer here, it’s a decent
game, but it’s not as enjoyable as perhaps it should be. 7/10 Which brings me onto Horizon Chase Turbo;
the desktop version of that addictive mobile game. Thankfully it’s not a straight port
either. They’ve truly made this into a sensational desktop experience. Although it doesn’t share the same pixelated,
nostalgic graphics of Slipstream, it’s clear this is a game very much rooted in Outrun
Lore… and what’s better; it’s just as playable. Of all the games here, Horizon Chase is by
far the easiest to pick up and get stuck into. It’s enjoyable from the go, and although there’s
no drift action per-say, the effortless grace your car moves around even the tightest bends
is sure to keep you engaged. The controls are incredibly responsive, allowing you to
weave through traffic and slap a smile on your face. If you don’t, then you do get knocked
back, but because the controls are so tight, rather than being annoying, this time, it
actually gives you the incentive to weave and engage in the game. Crashes put you back on the road quick, alleviating
frustration, and when you’ve had enough of the various 1 player modes, there’s local
multiplayer for up to 4 people. The price tag is sightly higher, but for the
wealth of content and gameplay. Horizon Chase is the one to pick. 9/10 Thanks for watching. Subscribe. Help on Patreon.
Thumbs up or down. In any case, have a great evening.


  1. was that on screen footage of the tomy genuine? Iv'e never had one but I remember it from the Argos catalogue.

  2. Have you seen that "virtua racing" styled one with guns etc?! ~ looked pretty cool

  3. I really hope they reboot power drift one day….(and don't mess it up!)

  4. Out Run Arcade didnt offered drifting. And that was one of its huge advantages. Drifting in fun racers is mostly just a randomizer.

  5. Distance on steam is another awesome 80's vaporwave game. https://store.steampowered.com/app/233610/Distance/

  6. PowerDrive 2000 seems to be dead sadly, it looked and sounded very promising.
    Slipstream has an really awful rubberband AI, which spoils all the fun.
    I'll have to buy outdrive now, because there is obviously a Delorean in the game.

  7. Horizon chase is my favorite of these. I just wish it had network multiplayer. Split screen isn't fun when you are all cramped around a small desk and display 🙂

  8. Doesn't have the drift of the previously shown game; 'Very gripping gameplay'. I see what you did there. 😉

  9. i REALLY feel the need to make a full fledged like complex game best around 80's inspired, sort of Vaporwavy game

  10. OMG the dashboard thing! I had completely forgotten the hours and hours I spent on that thing! I had a motorbike one too, and I think I modded one by drawing on a card roll or something.

  11. Me and a mate used to love playing Lotus Turbo Challenge 2.

    Yep it was, 1991 AND 16-bit admittedly, but we loved that game and played it on his Amiga with MegaDrive controllers and when we played some legit close games it was close as hell but one crash and crashing out of 'the zone' was enough to destroy a full game (playing ALL sections) as you lost your temper, even in your late teens, and started swearing at the computer!

    I do love playing some of these games on my daughters android tablet and tell her stories about days gone by about old games and show her some legit Speccy trash ghetto graphics!

  12. I liked the Neon Drive game and it gave me some legit Miami Vice, Street Hawk and KnightRider night scene chills!

  13. What you describe is only half of the 80s, the other half was nothing like that in the UK mate. Another catastrophic FAIL from Nostalgia dick

  14. OutDrive is hot garbage – the only thing going for it is the music and the art style. The game is meant to have controller support, but only half of it is implemented. Shambles of a "game".

  15. I still play horizon chase on Android, i think its very hard. Always crashing into CPU cars, or if i slowdown i dont finish 1st… Often frustrating, well at least i didnt pay 20$ for it , thats way too much

  16. Oh, maaaaan….. Those electro-mechanical racing games of the 80s. I forgot about those – and I LOVED them as a kid. Dammit, now I'm going to be trolling eBay for a cheap one…

  17. Horizon Chase is a great Brazilian game and Barry Leitch, the same who composed Top Gear and Lotus series music games made to this one too.

  18. The Soundtrack to Horizon Chase Turbo was composed by Barry Leitch, who also created the Lotus Turbo Challenge Soundtrack, it is an incredible art of work and matches the game perfectly

  19. This started in autoplay while I was on another screen, and I thought you'd noticed a surge in 80's style RACISTS for a minute there fella 🙂

    I thought you were getting nostalgic for bad shit for a minute there instead of old computer games, possibly would have unsubscribed if that was the case.

  20. Have you tried Ocean Drive Challenge on X-Box 360 indie games? Its an actual 'super-scaler' outrun throwback with a slightly insane, even more pointless, story mode being told in speech bubbles. It is a little bit awesome.

  21. Have you ever heard of Oh Deer? It's a Humble-exclusive game in beta, and it's like a late-80s arcade racer but you run over deer. It does more with 80s-style super-scaler effects than any of these, and it looks accurately low-res.

  22. I really love the Arcade Super-Scaler-like visuals. Something about making a massive amount of high-res 2D scaled textures that try and simulate 3D just feels so right. Slipstream is the one to go with.

  23. 2:24 screams Sega's Monago GP, the predecessor to the rather more famous Super Monaco GP and Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP 2, and a game old enough that it has actual mechanical components.

  24. I think Razortron 2000 is probably more based off Microsoft's super-minimalist DONKEY.BAS demonstration program for early versions of GWBASIC and QBASIC, with only slight upgrades, given the initial CGA colours, two lane road, and only one other car on screen at once…

  25. Weirdly, Horizon Chase puts me most in mind of the (unexpectedly tight and enjoyable) Rally racing game that was part of the old 4-in-1 cart for the Game Gear. Which is no bad thing.

  26. Hey nerd!
    Did you know that horizon chase is brazillian game that makes tribute to a super nintendo classic (top gear)

  27. I think my favorite oldschool racer from the 80s is really old. Anyone else ever play Enduro on the old Atari 2600?

  28. I remember having the Digital Derby in the 80's, but couldn't remember what it was called. Though not quite 80's recently I was replaying some Top Gear and Top Gear 2 on my SNES Classic and I was thinking about a what if there was an updated version and Horizon Chase Turbo looks to be that.

  29. No I did NOT know about the guy who hacked his Tomey to play Outrun. That's AWESOME! I wish there was a licenced version of Outrun on Mobile. I can't believe there isn't yet. I'd assume it's due to Ferrari licence costs. Even Outrun Coast2Coast was awesome.

  30. A nice 1980s aesthetic racer for me on the phone is Music Racer all it needs is a level based on the video for Twist by Goldfrapp.

    And Slipstream looks exactly like Out Run, it actually does look as if it was made with Cannonball using custom assets instead of the Out Run ROM.

    Would have been nice to have seen a game reminiscent of Atari's RoadBlasters perhaps Atari should get on that instead of trying to flog their Box VCS.

  31. The history behind OutDrive seems so damned ludicrous, but with some perspective, and although I can't remember that well those times when I was such a young kid, I guess that was happening in the original time period, too. If programmers could not come about a technically original game concept, they could always rely on extravagant plots and some light graphic frills to go with them.

  32. Very cool concept for an episode. It's a shame that Slipstream has some control issues. At first for me that looked like the one to get.

  33. damn, as a retro gamer some of these games look really good. I really love the bright neon colours and prefer it over the washed out/oversaturated look of many of the newer style games that came out in the last couple years.

  34. One of the attributes of 1980s racing games that distinguished them from many (although not all) other genres was the fact that many racing games then had multiplayer in some form (be it splitscreen or rs232 link etc). However, I would politely request that you all ignore my comment and instead give a disproportionate amount of thumbs-up to some inane comment based on the commenter's channel popularity, rather than the comment's merit. Ummkay?

  35. There's one for the 3DS called 80's Overdrive. Its a wonderful brightly colored racer that just screams well……80's.

  36. Also, to criticize Nostalgia Nerd again, "per se" does not mean
    "actually". "Per se" means "in itself". I'm getting a little tired of
    hearing popular YouTubers say "per se" when they do not know what it
    means. You put a lot of effort into making videos, so why not put a
    little effort into learning correct language?

  37. TBH, none of those games seemed any better than anything that's already out there. Most are just 80's Outrun clones, the bike one looked less interesting than the original Motoracer from '97 (which had many interesting modes such as track reverse and mini-Moto bikes) and the last one, though with nice graphics, didn't seem much improvement on Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast…

  38. final freeway amd final freeway 2 from http://oykgames.com are some of my fav outrun like games i enjoyed on my android phones for a while.

  39. Try neon drive. You drive to the beat of the music. It's difficulty reminds me of 90s/80s games which makes it fun to reply until you finally win it. It's Aesthetic as Fuck. it's on PC, PS4 and andriod that I know of BTW.

  40. Oh yeah! I played Horizon Chase on mobile and really wished to play on PC, then they announced the Steam version. So happy to see that is really worth playing.

  41. Got anymore retro British computer shows? I grew up with American television but I love that British stuff gibs more!

  42. Andors has promised there will be a local multiplayer mode in Slipstream. He's been pretty good about updating the game, so I tend to believe him 🙂

  43. Wow! Horizon Chase Turbo on the PS4 just lost me the last 2hrs! Amazingly forgiving at first, but fiendishly addictive!

  44. Horizon Chase is so good even on mobile! The music is fantastic, written by the same guy that did the music for Top Gear on the SNES.

  45. Thanks for the video, picked up three of the games afterward and I am having a lot of fun with them. Slipstream, Outdrive and My 80's Dashboard.

  46. Lancia epsilon isn't a classic car, it's a rebadged Chrysler hatchback…

    And lotus turbo challenge was 90s my friend not 80s

  47. Cool. Would be nice to see some new games using 240p on a CRT TV. New games made for that format, in ideal circumstances. They'd be fun to program, play, and spectate.

  48. Horizon Chasers was actually largely inspired on the Top Gear game series, which was a big success in Brazil

  49. I played a demo of Drift Stage ages ago and I gotta say it was awesome. Wish it could have made it into the video

  50. Horizon chase looks great, but I don’t like the graphics. It goes for that extremely ugly minimalistic fashion that everyone seems to love, but I hate. If it had those beautiful 90’s graphics like Slipstream, I’d buy it right now.

  51. If you waited a bit longer, you could've also covered Drift Stage, which came out on PC a few months ago. Also, Outdrive is a blatant rip-off of Power Drive 2000, but with an annoying gimmick. Speaking of which, I haven't heard anything about Power Drive 2000 in ages! I hope it's not abandoned or anything. I would really lift my spirits if I heard an update from those guys soon!

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