8 Most Beautiful Eyes In The World


  1. I have blue eyes but I want brown eyes….so if you have a eye color you don't kinda like your still beautiful, it matters from the inside 👍👍👍

  2. Green eyes are the best. They're warm, tropical, mysterious, otherworldly and angelic. I love them so much, they remind me of nature.

  3. Who cares I have greenish brown eyes and I see stunning people with brown eyes and very dark eyes every other day. A eye colour alone can’t make you attractive. My mum
    Has almost blackish brown eyes and my dad grey. Eva Longoria, denzel Washington, Terri Hatcher, Johnny Depp, Leighton mester, Brittany spears, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, jourdan Dunn, tia mowry, Tamera mowry, Chanel iman, will smith, octavia Spencer, Eva Mendez, Penelope Cruz, Ashanti, Raquel Welch, Selena Gomez, cindy Crawford, keanu reeves, Keira knightly, Dorothy dandridge, Halle Berry the list of people with beautiful brown eyes is endless. Why do u have to feel insignificant it’s just a eye colour u live once all eye colours are beautiful sea green, chocolate brown and ocean blue. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. And brown eyes is in every race and there’s attractive humans in all races and colours

  4. I'm a mixed girl with light skin and when I look at my eyes in the mirror I always thought that I have black and dark chocolate brown eyes…. AND I THINK THEY LOOK SO DANG BEAUTIFUL EVEVEYTIME I LOOK AT THEM😍😍! If I love my eye color, you should love yours too!

  5. How tf can you call Selena Gomez's face plain? She's beautiful! Also why are putting people down who have darker eyes and can't compare to the others colors?

  6. You showed Tinys blue eyes. She wasn’t born with those she changed her eye color ,which I suspect some of the others did too

  7. My eyes are I guess round shaped green. I get complements a lot. Just got lucky. My dad had hazel green and my moms were a light brown. From an Italian family its a little different. Most have brown eyes.

  8. My will never get blue eyes cus my eyes is soo dark it looks like black… its creepy … sometimes they ask me if i wear contact lens cus its big and very black

  9. You know, I have mirrored eyes and people compliment them daily. In my primary school and even today in middle, other students were jealous on my eyes. Whenever the teacher would say -wow, you have mirrored eyes. Beautiful. – they would say something to change the theme so the teacher wont talk about my eyes anymore. They also did smth bad, like, draw on the walls with markers, so they will blame me and I will get punished. It never worked out, at the end they got punished when teachers saw cameras. They would even slap or push 1st graders to blame me. How horrible. I dont care about me, but POOR TODDLERS. I really hated my eyes because of them, KIDS HATED ME. They were JEALOUS. Today, I learned that its not my fault I am beautiful and uniques and others are jealous. Today, Idc if someone will be jealous, I am happy for being unique and I know that jealousy is the onlyreason of teenage and kid bullying. If you were ever bullied, for anything, or if you are still bullied, STAY STRONG. There is nothing wrong with u, fuck all the bullies.

  10. Mmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and I have brown eyes😭

  11. Wow ok people this is one man's opinion and what He thinks,p all eyesp sight and sightless are Blessing No person should be able to upset so many about his own closed minded stuff,especially children. All children have Beautiful eye all All colors. A

  12. I have heterochromia and I have one light green eye and one mirror blue eye and I’m also black, many people come up to me and tell me I’m one of a kind but I honestly find brown eyes amazing and lucky.

  13. I think I have silver eyes, sometimes look a little green even somewhat blue, oh hell I got all three at the same time

  14. Im just blessed with eyes. Blessed to look at my daughter everyday and how beautiful this world is and the beautiful people in it. No matter what colour eyes we all have we all shld be so THANKFUL that we wake up and see our loved ones everyday. So yes i am blessed to have these ordinary brown eyes. Thank God

  15. My eyes sometimes glisten in the sunlight. I think there's some silver in there too. ((I have blue eyes))

  16. I think you are blessed if you have eyesight…and is not blind..whatever the colour, shape or size..! At least you can see the world!

  17. Y'all think brown eyes are "underrated" but the people with brown eyes in the comment section always get comments like "Oh, don't worry I think brown eyes are the prettiest." and etc.
    It personally confuses me-

    P.S I'm not hating on ANYONE with brown eyes, i'm just saying that it confuses me lol
    ciao adios

  18. But blues are very weak they are very sensitive to light it can damage your eyes dark brown eys are good and brown

  19. Oh what beautiful eyes in this clip.One question though…..ordinary brown eyes sometimes turn blood shot if you are suffering from hangover for eg?Is it the same for someone who has blue,green or torquise eyes?

  20. I was born with a almost pastel hazel eyes. I noticed that my birthday that was two days ago, one my my eyes got slightly darker than my other. 🤔

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