7 Ways To Deal With Abusive Parents

[Intro music] The team of creators of Psych2Go would like to recognize and praise the overwhelming support
and sense of community that we have seen among our viewers. On previous videos, many brave viewers have
shared their own experiences with mental illness
or abusive relationships, and have been met with kind words and advice from others. We hope to encourage a safe
and supportive environment for all. And we would like to thanks our viewers for making this possible. We hope to see
a similar response to this video, 7 ways to deal with
abusive parents. 1. Contact a resource. The National Domestic Violence Hotline is available to anyone
at 1-800-799-7233. There are always
local resources you can find by means of a quick phone call
or internet search. And in an emergency however,
always call 911. We’ll include several helpful resources
in the description box below! 2. Talk to someone. Whether you’re wanting an intervention or simply someone to lend an ear, talking to a counselor, therapist or even a friend can help. Someone else can
help you find resources if you’re unable to. Or they can be there
to cheer you on in rough times. 3. Find a safe space. If you feel in any way unsafe
or uncomfortable at home, look out for other places
where you do feel safe and sane. Keep these places in mind when you need a moment to yourself and consider if these are places
you can go in an urgent situation. 4. Don’t blame yourself. No matter what your parent may say
or try to show you, their behavior is not your fault. Abusing a child is never okay
under any circumstances, no matter how much the child may misbehave
or provoke their parents. You deserve every bit of help you can get. So please don’t be afraid
to ask for it. 5. Keep a journal. It’s not uncommon
to unconsciously block out or forget traumatic moments in the past. So it may be helpful
to make a journal of all incidents, thoughts,
and feelings you have. Journaling may also be a helpful
emotional release for you, and it’s up to you whether you share your writing or not. 6. Don’t provoke your parent. When possible, it is in
everyone’s best interest to avoid abusive and violent situations. If certain behaviors tend
to provoke an abusive parent, try to avoid these triggers if you can. 7. Trust yourself. If you don’t feel safe,
it is okay to leave the situation. Go to your safe space
or contact one of your friends in your circle of support. Trust your guts instincts when it comes to reading
possibly abusive situations. Remember that
your safety comes first. We would like
to thanks our sponsor, BetterHelp, for making online counseling
affordable and available. We’ve attached a link to BetterHelp
in the description box below for anyone who might be interested. Online counseling is a great way to get yourself the help you need, even if you aren’t ready
to see anyone in person. This comment section is a safe space to share questions, reactions,
story or advice. Please be supportive
and respectful of others. Thanks for watching!


  1. My parents always had really high expectations for me because am the oldest of three I always was a fun energetic kid,my parents use to fight a lot especially after parties once my dad threatened to kill him self and that was a really traumatic experience in an other occasion the cops where called.My parents always focused on work and never on me. Since my parents only went school for a couple of years they couldn’t really help me so I had figure out how to do my homework. I remember that my first school trip I had to go alone almost all the kids there parents went with them my parents couldn’t go because my
    Sister was going to be born and it’s really sad having to deal with my parents straight telling doing stuff to that affects me but I just hope the best for everyone and if one day I have kids of my one that will be a good parent.

  2. My stepdad is really abusive,when i say something which he has different opinion he's starting to yell at me and sometimes..
    He really hurts me,by saying rude things or even beating me up to sleep.By that i mean he slaps me that many times,that I just close my eyes and stop even breathing.
    I wish I had a perfect like,or maybe good?..
    I just wish for normal family….

  3. I have a abusive dad that has thetend me with a gun and choked me over small thing but now I am with my mom and we just finished court and I will be staying with my mom for a year and the case might be reopened next year on Sep 6 wish me luck and prayers

  4. I used to be petrified to reach out bc my mom said her abuse was basically given the okay by a cop. Which made me feel super trapped. (I'm glad I moved out) I also felt if I reached out that I'd be in a worse situation because that tended to be a chain. I still get extremely effected and when I do I try to vent to friends bc I'm super uncomfortable talking to people even if they are professional because of the way my mom twisted them.

  5. I love this video because I have a sister that does things that my mom thinks that I do but I never do and my mom will yell at me and hit me with a belt please help I'm a 9 year old and my sister is 8 and does really bad things like make water spill everywhere and other bad stuff

  6. My dad always hated me.. I am 22 years old and still live with my parents because of my unstable mental and physical health. When I was younger he would beat me almost every day. I don't really remember how bad it was, I guess I kinda blocked it out. But I remember one time as clear as it was yesterday. I always had trouble sleeping when I was a little girl. One night I woke up to a pretty bad nightmare so I cried for my mom. She wouldn't come so I freaked out even more. I cried so bad that I felt physically sick to my stomach. I cried more and more and suddenly my dad came crashing into my room with a wooden spoon. He beat the hell out of me with that thing and I cried in pain until I threw up. That made him even more furious. I escaped into the toilet but didn't manage to close the door. So there I was throwing up whilst my father hit me continuously with that wooden spoon. I cried and puked until I passed out. I woke up the next morning in the bathroom, still laying in a puddle of puke. I washed myself and I went downstairs. My mom reacted like nothing has ever happened. I was beyond terrified when I saw my father. He acted like I was air. I can't remember if he did anything like that ever again or not but he would beat me until I was about 13 years old. He once even accused me of attacking him with a knife.. in reality I was just defending myself. I wanted to build an arrow for my bow so I used my little pocket knife to carve one. My dad yelled at me for something and I did not understand what he was saying so I asked him to repeat himself. He came at me like a fury. He was about to punch me in my stomach so I hold my hands in front of my stomach to defend myself. In shock, I still had the knife in my hand so he hit the knife. He started yelling around that I wanted to kill him etc..
    These are just a few examples. What he would also do was to play literally dead. When my mom went to work I had to stay at home with him. He would lay there not responding when I called for him, literally pretending to be dead. That terrified me so much that one day I ran off to the neighbor's house. He came back with me and my dad took me in his arms, laughing and saying he would just play a joke on me.
    I don't know why he hates me so much… now he yells at me every day for no reason at all. He would yell at me when I don't clean up after him or when I sit on the sofa because I am so fat and I should move around more etc. He says things like I shouldn't take so much pills because I am not sick (I have Diabetes, a thyroid gland malfunction and Depression) he always says I am just lazy and don't want to work (I work from home) he teases me whenever he can. But to my brother he is like the best father ever. When the rest of my family does something they never ask me if I want to join etc… I actually have a very good relationship with my mother but… idk she never stands up for me, sometimes she even joins my father teasing me.. I don't know what I did to make them hate me so much… I cry almost every night because I love them, even my father so it just hurts even more to get treated like that 😭😭😭😭 I just want to have a father who doesn't hate me 😭😭😭😭😭

  7. I get abused from my dad but I’m scared to tell anyone about it he verbally and emotionally and physically abuse me I wanna die I’ve tried to kill myself a few times but stopped by someone if anyone is reading this please send positive comments so I can get through this stage of life

  8. My mother used to be physically abusive she would get drunk and hit me when she doesent get what she wants she threw shoes at me when I was asleep but now she just calls me useless trash and yells at me for the littlest things

  9. My life is fucked up. My mother is a angel but my dad is a devil.He already strangled my mother. I dont know if i should call the police beacause that might be a offence hes really mean so idk tell me . That fight was all beacuse of a software update.He s screaming at me right now i really hate him.Please cheer me up.

  10. My stepfather is rough person. Idk how to describe it but he just choke me and punch me. Is it okay if i fight back? Even though i hurt him?

  11. The abuse didn't start until I was 12 all my dad would do is scream at me in 4th grade I was smaller than most kids so when he got angry he crush my arm until red marks and throw me in my room slamming the door when I hit 12 and telling them I'm sorry it was a week before Christmas he would beat me giving bruise in my lip I cried and no one came to save me… I would go to my grandmother when he did this the only thing my mom did was talk to him and it got worse from there my dad had pulled his gun out to look under my bed I had a tablet to play on he has kicked me in the spin in the middle both punching me in the head my mother hitting my face over and over there was once she screamed at me she was gonna kill herself if I didn't wear a dress dad busted in grabbing me by the throat slapping me… Honestly I never been so scared I peed myself at 13…. I'm still a shamed he has made fun of me making it hard to talk I have a hard time talking without locking up which makes it hard to ask questions.. At 17 I was on a phone I bought he saw it punches my stomach breaks it I try and walk away he beats me with a pole until I was black l through my leg ( I have knee problems) my mother did nothing not even my sister or her boyfriend I finally break free at 18 a month after my birthday my mom strangled me because I wanted to wear my dress when I told her I couldn't breath all she could say was good… That was my push I stopped going to school left the state to be with my boyfriend and I was finally safe… Until they got me feeling home sick now I'm stuck use the bathroom at 3am my dad calls me a lier say he would throw me out with nothing at 3am … My mom protects him over that my. I'm been sticking up for him she been lying about everything told me he kicked a 7month pregnant women out in February in the rain said he won't have a problem with Doing it to me threaten me and my job over spoons if I didn't act right he would throw me out and now here I thought he was going to beat me over towels just pushed me down so far I don't think I can get out made fun off me made me feel bad that I don't have 8,0000 $ like he does he treat me like I Don't know anything he been like that my hole life when I lived up state I took the days off they where coming but never did… Said it was to much when once of them could have gone but lied and sent my brother to the beach while my mom said she wanted them time…. I cried in a McDonalds parking lot but I have my boyfriend and he does everything he can to help me he tries to break me out of this brick room I have made and than I realized they may do this to me every day but I stay strong and becoming the person I want to be

  12. I only have one friend I can trust and to avoid triggering the verbal abuse would be erasing my existence….and apparently I’m to young to tell what wrong but I’m a teenager now I know better I’ve lived through this since day one and I can’t get away all the arguing and yelling has made me scared to loud noises and when I date someone either I or the other person decide to break up it’s usually my fault cause even though I want affection I can’t open up or give affection back

  13. What do I do if I want to get help but then I will never be able to see my sister's again cuz I will be put in foster care tell me what to do

  14. I come from a abusive family it's not just my parents it's also my siblings so I have anxiety and depression and also I'm a introvert so I don't really speak up and I rarely even speak so if I have a problem I would just usually keep it to myself and whenever I fight with a sibling or my parents it just gets worse sometimes I even feel like harming myself and it's pretty bad when school comes around usually they would just yell at me and threaten me if I didn't do my work and my siblings are judgemental when my best friend is over I would usually cuddle her because I feel comfortable with her because she's the only one that actually treats me good and accepts me and loves me and cares about me just for who I am but my siblings find it weird that I cuddle her and they would make rude jokes and tell me not to cuddle her I'm so freaking done with this family and they always let me down sometimes I would say that I just want to be free and get a house of my own and then they would say something back like you can't be free and it just really hurts my feelings I'm really uncomfortable around my siblings and family I barely even tell them any of my secrets or any of my problems because I know they're just not going to believe me and it's not just me they also yell at my nieces and nephews usually I'm the one protecting them sometimes my nieces and nephews just want to run away and I feel exactly like them I know I can't though and whenever I say that they're abusive they say something back like we're not abusive I just hate my whole family that's not even it sometimes they even say that I'll go to hell and if I try to tell them my secrets they would just spread it to everyone else that they know and if I don't want to tell them something they would just get mad at me and yell at me and cuss at me and I'm not good at keeping friendships because of them they will always like judge my friend and that could cause problems so most of my friendships I needed to end because of that

  15. I am from India I don't have any friend that I can contact and my parents are very abusive and I have my passion in Cycling and I won many races but my parents don't support me

  16. I got hit by my dad for a detention and he does it a lot and if not screams I understand some have it worse than me but it's scary coming home with a detention or talking in class.

  17. To day my parents slaped me hit me yelled at me i did not know that i was beeing abused untill today for the first time i…. Wanted to stay in school and not go home i came to my grandmas house they where ALL on her side i felt like i was fishing for enossone but i just kept caching. Sadness.lonely.angry.self harm evey time they yell hit slap me they are slowly killing me……

  18. My dad physically try’s to chock me with the belt I he did that 3 times and I did nothing wrong so my dad is in America and he’s coming after 5 days and my mom, Is going to tell him I’ve been bad which is I never ever be bad and hope for me not to die because he says if you keep on repeating being bad he will chock me with the belt and he always being rude to me and he everyday he try’s to threat me and i really don’t like that and I’m 11 years old and I don’t know what to do with my life please write in my comments if that ever happened to you or give me a idea to run away from all of these suitwayons 😭😭😢😢😪 and have a amazing life and a amazing day thank you for reading this comment and please please please tell me any ideas

  19. My parents hurt me and I cant take it sometimes I just can't. Take it and I just start screaming at them and telling them that I can't its hard couse I wanna say somethinf but I can't I can't I'm so sad …… I wish my parents were different

  20. i just want to know if this is child abuse,
    my mom hits me with hard things for the smallest things,today she hit me with my brothers bicycle because i dont listen to her and listen to my dad always. the reason i dont listen to her is because whenever she calls me for help,i help her but then later on she treats my like her servant. she likes my brother more than me. My dad on the other side,drinks then hits me because of my mom. i cant do anything i cant even tell my friends this because they will complain to my parents. and once again please tell me if its child abuse or related to child abuse.

    Edit: i made a few mistakes so i corrected them.

  21. Hi um i have a mom that is abusive umm she has pushed me to a place i feel trapped and i do write a little but what do i do if i don't have a safe place and my mom takes me phone what do I do plz help

  22. Everytime I Try something and tell them they just shoot it down and then prech about happiness and being yourself???? Like Explain

  23. My mom is physically, emotionally ,spiritaully and verbally abusive i try avoiding hwr but she makes it seem like she has all the since in the world i made options A. Kill her. B kill myself. C deal with it i chose c because i had a friend who actually cared and called where u been anf how u doing treated me like a person

  24. My parents verbally and physically abuse me, Everytime I see them they're always mad at me. Nothing I do is good enough so I gave up during grades 7, 8 ,9 and I'm trying again. My dad hits me when I forget something or ask why I need to do said thing. My mom would lock me outside especially during the winter when she got mad at me and I usually had to sleep outside. It all started when I was 7 and I'm 15 now. I'm starting to feel sad again need help or advice

  25. He's overly religious, narcissistic, bitchy, whiney, complains about everything, acts like he is gonna hit me, every chance he gets he either says "spare the rod spoil the child" or "we need to get rid of the internet", is a cunt to my mom, begs for respect, everytime i do something or try to prove him wrong (when he is wrong) he calls me disrespectful, if we are doing something around the house like putting gutters up and im trying to take a breather he says "Stop fiddledicking around!", he used to smoke, now he dips, complains that i act like my older brother (he has tattoos and drinks alchohol) i dont plan on doing any drugs or drinking alcohol (other than trying weed or shrooms once,and maybe some wine or whiskey on special occasions), forces me to go to church with him and mom every Wednesday and Sunday, (im an atheist i haven't told him or mom because i figure they would kill me) my cousin knows and i dont think he has told anyone because he has seen my shitty dad and doesnt want me getting hurt, i make great grades rarely ever a C im in honors classes im going to trade school for mechatronics (which is a lot like engineering), my mom just tells me stop talking when he is in a bad mood BUT HE IS ALWAYS IN A BAD MOOD, everytime i ask for advice on how to fix my car or for him to show me what i can do to make my car run better he never helps or does anything, i got a summer job made about $2k, i get out of the house every now and then go bowling with my friends in this shitty little town with nothing else to do, he wonders why i play games with my friends (its to escape from the hell hole of my home life)….
    i sincerely wish he would role his dumbass truck 3+ times with his dumbass confederate flag and biblical quote stickers plastered on the tailgate, i wish they would get a divorce, anything to get this fucking bitch away from me.

  26. Yelled at step 1 wow I'm on step 15 hitting slapping punches never talked to always whooped for no reason I need help help me someone

  27. I was beaten with a fucking spatula and locked in my room with NOTHING but a bed.

    I was 7 when this happened.

    Edit: Spelling

  28. 1. I can't call a hotline at all bc they make it my fault and blame everything on me, they say they are becoming bad parents bc of me, so it's basically my fault they say. 2. I'm way too scared to talk to anyone 3. Therebare no safe spaces bc I am not allowed to go ANYWHERE except home 4.They make it my fault all the time 5. If they find the journal, I might be kicked out, I am not allowed to have feelings 6. I don;t even open myself 7. I can never leave home, they don't give me phones or anything to contact my friends or family, I'm literally in jail here

  29. I am a provocated teenager like my dad is not an open minded person.when I show off my skin my dad say like « do you want to do pornography » and I am very frustrated and I got beat. So I turn to negative thoughts like sucide ,self harm,…..

  30. This morning write before I left my father asked is I needed a jumper I new he would start to get aggressive about it and I was already going to. So when he stopped talkin I waited a second to see if he would say anything else but he didn't . So I left when I reached the corner I ran to catch my bus. Apparently he went outside and started calling me but I could not here him. Now I'm at home my brother lost his transport card and that setbof my dad. After he screamed and maybe hit my brother he came into my room and complained about my. Room not being tidy and he looks looked like he was ready to beat me to a crisp which is really intimidating he screamed so laps you would shake and tear up . But then he saw I had no pillowcase and closes on the ground and he lost it. He slapped me then screamed about this morning. He slapped the bag out of my hand that I was holding up to block him and keep a distance. Then my mom came in she yelled at my father saying don't touch me again then my dad said shut up . My mom said I'll kill you if you hit them again (not literally) my dad screamed one last thing at me but I don't remember . My mom came and hugged then left I was in tears 😭
    Thanks Mom ♥️

  31. I’m having a very hard time with my parents right more than ever. The problem is that they always turn shit into my fault, somehow it’s always my fault. Like I get I’m not the perfect child but cussing, yelling, spitting and even beating someone is never the right thing to do. Because of this I can’t focus on my school work it just out of nowhere dawns on me and I remember all the words they say and how they wish I’d die or how they beat me so aggressively then proceed to wait for me to apologize every time. The thing is every time it gets worse and worse and I’m supposed to endure. Yes, I get mad and shout sometimes but the stress I get from school on top of what I see at home isn’t easy for anyone to bare with. I mean high school is no joke I literally have no time to breathe. I’m only 16 after all and there’s only so much I can handle. All I want is just to finish high school and go to college somewhere far away from them and just never have to deal with them again. The thing is they don’t see they’re doing anything wrong and that I’m the devil himself. I’m just so tired and sick of this life.

  32. This is an anonymous account but I always try my hardest to impress my dad I have amazing grades in school I study and I made honour role and he still treats me like shit I want my dad fucking gone he is never happy with me he never means sorry or anything kind and he’s always drinking but my mother loves him I do to somehow but I have anxiety because of him and school related stress

  33. This stupid things cant help when you love your parents..even if parents fights every single day for every single reason !😓

  34. My parents are ok
    They always shout and I can't seem to do anything right
    They've called me a disappointment ' 'spoiled brat ' and many more
    I don't know how much longer I can last
    They've driven me into a depression and I don't want to tell them
    I am so close to starting self harm
    They just know what to say to hurt me
    Usually I try ignoring them when they shout but it doesn't work and they take it as attitude
    When my 'attitude ' is too much you hear my mom stomping down the stairs to hit me on my arm
    My dad just kind of sits in his office downstairs and does 'work ' and just comes out to eat or watch tv
    I can't count how many times they make me cry
    They've threatened to call my brand new principal and tell her I have an 'attitude'
    And say it's from school
    I am only 13 so moving out isn't an option for another 6 years

  35. I hope I can move far away from my parents. I’m not finished with school but holy carp as soon as I get a job I will be out. My biggest dream is that my parents will be dead to me and I can have a normal life with my partner. I’m so tired of being treated this way and I hate how my distress is passed on to my partner. I’m so grateful for them tho and it’s so amazing to be treated with respect and kindness. I hope anyone who is in a bad place can have the chance to heal like I do.

  36. I'm 11 years old and my dad swares at me alot I'm scared to come out of my room because he always puts me down I do sports but to him he thinks it's fun for me but I know if I'd o bad he will just hurt me mentally an physically

  37. My cousin gets hurt alot by her parents her mom does the worse today Wednesday October 23 2019 her mom kicked her to the ground pulled her hair kicked her 10 times and slapped her and gave a broose.

  38. my parents are always hitting my other siblings and my little brother keeps hiding in the bathroom I’m scared he might be one of those kids that are really shy I’m scared of my mom.I’m Mexican so yeah we get the belt and the flip flop and it’s not really funny yeah they made a meme out of it and every once a while you laugh at it but most Mexican kids get hit like it and it really sucks my mom go mad at my older sister for not answering her but she already knew that she was sleeping so she got the belt and hit her in her sleep so her woke up and I bet you she is crying right now…

  39. I am 25 years old now from the point when i started to understand , my parents have always been fighting with each other and for the past 12 years i have always tried to mediate between them just so we could be a happy family i have always tried to keep my family together and that has just crushed me
    it has destroyed my childhood, and honestly it wasn't even worth it, i struggle to remember a even one happy moment between us, one time i tried to share my "feelings", it was the second worst mistake i ever made,
    all these years of stress have taken there toll on me and now i am just lost
    P.S. not seeking any validation just trying to find myself again

  40. I don't understand how I can "leave" the situation when I'm constantly locked in my parents' house and I'm not allowed to leave…

  41. My parents always ignore me they said im a disgrace,bad influence to your siblings and always shout me there is one time she kicked me out of our house i was runnuing

  42. im having to live through verbal abuse and i just cant take it… im getting yelled at all the time (im 10) my dad always takes his anger out on me & my siblings, he is always abusive to my mother, m=blaming stuff on her and hes just an overall asshole i just want a new dad im tired of his dumbass always ruining everything 😞

  43. im 14 and im suffering from verbally abusive parents. i have been also diagnosed with schizophrenia and my parents especially my dad think its an illusion or im crazy and this is why they think im a dissappointment and they never treated my like their child, they look at me like a slave. i have a brother but he's also like my parents, my younger brother also verbally abuses me. whenever i try to speak up, they think of it as a rude remark whenever, they support me on financial stuff only, like new shoes, food, new clothes, but it's like it never given out of love but given because it's a responsibility as a parent. i cant even start a conversation, tell a story, because 1st whenever i do open up, they arent interested and they just shrug it off like it was nothing 2nd they arent interested in getting close with me at all and lastly they never tried to show me affection or treat my as if they love me. once they told me straight up that they're going to disown me and that they love my younger brother more than me cuz i was just a disappointment. i hope i can find a way to solve this and hopefully surpass these years with them until i move out.

  44. I talked to a friend after time it dosent help iv talked to someone and it became more violent iv had a journel but it hasn’t helped avoiding has gone more violent I can’t go any where I’m too young and I have no friends I don’t know what to do

  45. my parents are always taunting and scolding me. When ever I talk bad about them I feel so ashamed but when they start to blame me. I just hate them when my mother starts at the same moment father starts I am not able to share this feeling to anyone I am so unhappy and want to go away from they I don't  know why they do this to me. May be I am a girl and they want me always to work…………😭😭😭

  46. I didn't realize until just last year that my parents are abusive. I know it sounds crazy to have not known that. But I guess every time something would happen they'd make it very clear that I provoked it and that they were just protecting themselves from me. I felt crazy because I'd remember this stuff happening so differently. And my grandma would agree with them and agree that I should be punished and that it was my fault for what happened. So I trusted all the close adults in my life to tell the truth. Turns out my parents didn't really tell the full truth to my grandma. The things they'd tell her would leave out the things they did. So I started thinking maybe they did start stuff and I just assumed I couldn't remember it right. Then my husband started noticing things. Like him hearing my mom say something and then hear her straight up say she never said that. I always just believed her and felt crazy.

  47. Every year I go through 8 maths exams tomorrow I'm going to go through 2 of them at the same time and every year I fali at it and my parents allways beats me and I got used to it so I'm going to go through it again tomorrow I really hate this

  48. My parents have been abusing me since elementary and now I am 18. Sometimes I can’t take it when they abuse me so I do self harm. I feel like I want to die because it feels like it’s my fault my parents are like this and so that they don’t have to deal with me anymore

  49. I have 18 years old and i still stay with my parents. I have one of the most hard years of my life, i try to go to university, i have my final 12 grade exam in 2020 in july so i'm very stressed. My dad is just a, just an ugly man. He doesn't have a work, my mom have and he stay all day at home, drinking. My mom came home at 7-8 pm and my dad start to abuse her with insults and things like that. He insults me, my mom, my grandmother (who live with us beacuse she have almost 80 years old AND SHE IS HIS MOTHER). Idk what to do, he's a disgusting man, he just stay home, all day and i really hate him because every day he makes my mom feeling sad, my grandmother cry because of him and i don't even know what to do. I've been diagnosed with depression from 5 years now and he just keep being like this and sometimes i have panic attacks just because of him. I try to sent him to a doctor, i try to talk woth him and i dont know what to do anymore, i'm at the edge of my powers…

  50. Well, I’m physically and verbally abused by my mother. My mother threatens to hit me when I’m doing absolutely nothing. I personally feel that she can’t be mad at my brother so she lets it all on me. I have a attempted suicide 1 time. I really can’t deal with this anymore. All I do in response is sit there and close my eyes when I’m being abused.

  51. can you guys tell me about safe spaces? I wanna feel alone and listen a nostalgic music or something. I wanna bring my old memories back, I wanna go back in time to the past! 😢😢 Pls help!

  52. What can you do if your presence in a parents life is a trigger? I try to do everything to avoid confrontation anger and degradation, but no matter what I do I, he is always mad at me and disappointed at my life? What can I try to do to avoid this constant pain? This is not rhetorical, I’m reaching out because I’m starting to have bad thoughts invade me, and I have no one to reach out too.

  53. My uncle teases me and I am out of control and do things that I shouldn't how to deal with that situation can cut off relationship

  54. Everything is all pain to me I get hurt for no reason whatsoever I have been called an accident and I have adhd I’m depressed everyday it feels like I’m the only one in the planet and everyone is mad at me, it’s not like I can do anything I’m only 12 and I’m being abused everyday. It’s just Pain and Pain everyday I’ve been having suicidal thoughts and even called childline my life is like hell and no one cares my dads not here for me and my mum abuses me. I listen to murder on my mind to basically freeze my pain

  55. What if you don’t want your parent to get in trouble? My parent has done this for a long time already. I always go to school hurt and my friends ask me about my bruises but I can’t say it

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