7 Tips To Get Rid Of Black Under The Eyes | How To Eliminate Dark Eye Circles

Gentlemen, Antonio here. Today, I’m going to be answering one of your questions which is, Antonio, how do I get rid of the blackness under my eyes? You’ve got these dark circles and you’re looking
at yourself in the mirror and you’re trying to figure out how do I get rid of this. In today’s video, guys, I’m going to talk
about five reasons that you could have that darkness under the eyes. And, I’m going to give you seven steps to
get rid of the black circles under your eyes. Now, I’m not going to say that any one of
these individually is going to fix the problem, however you want to test you want to try them all. These are going to be pretty much non-evasive
methods and I think that being able to go that route versus the one I’m not going to
add in there, but some people do go as extreme as surgery. Now, before I get into this, guys, I want
to point out if you are experiencing pain, if you notice one eye is really dark the other
one not so much, if this has happened very quickly and very recently you want to go to
a doctor, you want to get checked out. What I’m talking about here is maybe something
that you’ve been living with and it’s just now starting to bother you because maybe you
work with people and you don’t want to look tired, you have people mentioning you look tired because when you look tired, people just feel like you have less energy. And if they have this feeling, if that’s what
they’re thinking about that’s what they’re noticing, they’re not able to notice all of
the other talents you’re bringing into the table and that’s what we talk about here,
guys, you being able to own your image. Now, to support this I’ve got a great article,
in addition, I’m going to have a free e-book on skin care, so you can go dive into that
free e-book, it’s going to be very useful because I’m to go into a lot of details, guys,
so go check it out. Now, really quick, what’s going to be causing
this? Number one is going to be ageing. As we age as we get older, you just this is
something that we’re going to see in skin. Basically, your skin is changing, it’s losing
fat, it’s losing some of its stretchiness and the areas in which we’re going to see it are usually right here under the eyes. The second factor is going to be your genetics
and it’s going to play just as strongly as age if not stronger. So, if you look in your family if you have
a family history of having dark circles under the eyes, guys, you can expect you’re going
to get it. Now, great thing is you can’t take steps to
reduce this, but understand if this is in your family, it’s probably going to be something
very difficult to avoid. The third thing that could be causing this and this is very common you could be suffering from allergies. This could be food allergies, this could be
pollen, but basically your body is having a reaction and is causing the dark circles. I personally suffer from this, my children
suffer from this a little bit and it’s something that you may not even thought about it, but,
yeah, that’s all related. When I have really bad allergies, I get the
dark circles under my eyes. Guys, if that’s the case, then you can take
an anti-allergen or you can go ahead and speak with your doctor and see if there are some
other steps. The fourth one I want to mention is rapid
weight loss. This is related to actually the way that your
skin and everything is here. So, if you have a lot of weight, you’re a
bit heavier and all of a sudden you rapidly lost weight, you could actually see bags under
the eyes. Finally, let’s talk about exposure to the
sun. Overexposure to the sun can have an effect
on dark circles. Now, guys, you notice I did not mention sleep
because that one I feel is probably going to be, you know, most people that’s the one
they want to jump to. It’s not always the case, sleep does have
an effect usually temporary and that’s going to be my number one step, the first thing
that you can try to do to reduce it is to get better and to get more sleep. Now, guys, I’ve already created a video on
how to get better sleep, so go check it out here. But, one thing that I didn’t talk about in
this video that is specific to this problem is actually using a larger pillow. Me, personally I like a really small thin
pillow, but one thing you want to do is prop your head up. By propping your head up while you sleep,
less blood is going to get caught up in here while you’re sleeping, so you’re going to be less likely to wake up with the blackness under the eyes. So, step number two is to exercise. And, yes, you knew that one was coming, but, guys, if you’re not taking care of your body, if you’re not protecting the asset, you’re
going to suffer from many different things and dark eyes, dark circles under the eyes
is one of them. Step number three is to drink more water. Now, a great rule of thumb that I heard is
actually to take your weight divide it by two and that’s how many ounces you should
drink, so in my case about what? 85 ounces, so just under about ten glasses
of water, a little bit more than the eight that’s recommended, but I can do that and I know the benefits of drinking water. So, guys, drink a little bit more water, don’t
go extreme though on this. Tip number four, use creams specifically designed
for under the eyes. Why? Okay. So, I’ve got one here, Brickell, it’s a company
I’ve worked with before. Great company. The eye balms and the things they develop
here, they’re usually going to have more oil in them, they’re going to be thicker than
just regular facial creams. Also, this one has MSM protein peptides aloe,
so they have things specifically designed to actually replenish and to reduce the darkness
under the eyes, so go check them out. So, tip number five. Let’s talk about direct applications. So, you’ve probably seen cucumbers, you’ve
seen potatoes perhaps, maybe teabags. These are things where you’ve got something around the house that you can put on your eyes and actually have something that’s going to be anti-flammatory. But I do find that for me personally a cold
compress, so I usually keep something in the freezer, not ice. Usually it has like small beads in it and
then I can just put it on my face and I find that laying down with that on my face for
about five to ten minutes helps me feel refreshed and does get rid of the darkness under my eyes. So, step number six is to change up your diet. You want to introduce kale, spinach, green
leaf, lettuce. Why? We’re talking vitamin K, B12. Also, I love to bring in some seafood or to
bring in some meat. So, beef or clams, mollusks, scallops, you
know, we’re going to see turkey in there, livers. All of these are going to have high amounts
of iron which is going to be great for helping to get rid of the darkness as well. All right, guys, tip number seven is to treat
the allergy. Basically, go back to those initial tips I
talked about, treating it at the source. So, figure out if this is caused by allergies,
I need to figure out what am I allergic to, why am I reacting this way? Is it the pollen? Is it something that’s in my diet? A lot of people they’re eating things which
are actually having a negative effect on their body, they don’t even know what they feel
it is normal. So, guys, i then you know, change up your
diet a bit, see if that helps. That’s it, gentlemen. Like I said I’ve got a free skin care e-book,
go check it out. I’ll go into different brands that I recommend for the different lotions and things like that. I also go into a lot of other tips there, but I would love to hear from you guys in the comments if I missed anything. Please put it down there on the comments, I love hearing from you, guys, I love learning from you, and I’ll see you in the next video. Take care.

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