7 Signs Of Depression

[Music] We’ve all experienced sadness, but usually,
our sadness does fade over time and gets better. But what happens when the sadness lingers? Depression goes beyond normal sadness, it
can become an all-encompassing disorder. There are different types of depression but
the most common is known as Major Depressive Disorder. According to the DSM-V, Diagnostic and Statistical
Manual of Mental Disorders, to have major depressive disorder, you must meet five of
the possible criteria outlined in the DSM-V and at least one of the symptoms must be depressive
episodes. But what other signs are there of depression? How do you spot if your friend or even you
are suffering from this disorder? Watch on to find out 7 important signs of
depression. One; neglecting friends and hobbies. Another frustrating symptom of depression
is something known as “Anhedonia”. This means the loss of pleasure from activities which
would usually be fun. This leads to neglecting activities in people
as they no longer give the person with depression any sense of pleasure or fun. According to “Psychology Today” writer Faith Brynie, it is one of the most common symptoms of depression. So if your friend no longer seems interested
in their hobbies like Pokemon Go, playing guitar or dancing it may be a good time to
check in with them. Two; changes in sleep pattern. Our sleep pattern is incredibly important
for our mental health, often changes to our sleep pattern are one of the signs that were
suffering mentally. This is particularly an issue as an irregular
sleep pattern can make depression worse. Depression can cause insomnia, too little
sleep or hypersomnia, sleeping too much. These changes in sleep pattern also tend to
result in a decrease in overall energy. This symptom is very common. Nutt Wilson and Patterson found that 75% of
depressed patients reported insomnia and 40% reported hypersomnia. So if you notice a change to your sleep pattern,
it might be a sign you’re depressed. Three; change in appetite. Another thing that depression can influence
is our appetites. Some people with depression find their appetite is much lower, feeling
unable to eat. Conversely, some people with depression have
an increased appetite and may turn to food to comfort eat. Simmons et al found that certain brain areas
were involved in whether someone with depression lost or increased their appetite. So, if you notice your friends’ appetite seems
to have changed drastically, that might be a sign they’re suffering from depression. Four; low self-esteem. Self-esteem is something that is often majorly
affected by depression. Depression can make you only see the negative things about yourself
and downplay your achievements. This is a serious symptom of depression as
it can lead to people feeling worthless. It’s even been shown in studies that low self-esteem
as an adolescence is a risk factor for depression as an adult. If you feel like there’s nothing positive
about you or you have friends who always seem to put themselves down, it could be due to
depression. Five; decrease in hygiene. One way the lack of energy from depression
can manifest is a decrease in someone’s hygiene. Often those with depression struggle to shower,
clean their teeth or other self grooming habits we take for granted. This is due to their fatigue and lack of motivation
to complete tasks. So, if your friend is looking less clean and
groomed it might be due to a depressive episode. Six; irritability. Do you ever find that everyone and everything
is getting on your nerves? Do you feel like you’re tense and pent-up? Irritability is one of the symptoms of depression. When you feel so negative about everything,
it can make even little things feel incredibly annoying. Besharat et al also suggests depression causes
dysfunction in mood regulation, meaning anger is more likely to be displayed. So if you notice you or a friend have a shorter
fuse than usual, it might be worth looking into why that is. Seven; Flat emotions. There is a misconception that depression is
all about feeling sad all the time. This however isn’t the case. One other symptom of depression is known as
“Flat Mood”. This is where a person’s mood is dull. Often people say they feel numb or like they
can’t feel anything at all. They don’t feel sad but they also can’t feel happy either. If this feeling is something you’ve experienced,
you might want to seek help as you may be suffering from depression. If you feel like you strongly relate to the
signs in this video, you should seek professional help. A doctor will talk to you about your symptoms
and may have you complete a self-report questionnaire to help diagnose you. Once your doctor suspects you have depression,
they will discuss treatment options such as medication and therapy with you. We hope you found this video helpful. If you did, be sure to like and share. Follow our channel for more psychological
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  1. Me: suffers in depression and wants to be alone
    Mom: Stop being salty or I'll get your phone.
    Dad: Stop watching K-pop it's not a good influence

  2. Video: You must have 5 of the symptoms in order to be diagnosed with depression.
    Me: has every single symptom listed Well dang…

  3. I know so many people who claim they’re depressed because they are tired and have to work etc..
    it really pissed me off that they would mock depression. Especially in front of someone who could actually have it (me). I went through a crap childhood growing up with my parents and my only memories of my mum is of her getting drunk and seeing guys whilst dad worked hours away.. I thought it was normal all my life till I started secondary school.. now I’m 19 and have a girlfriend but have trust issues and bad anxiety and low self esteem and not confidence or motivation in myself, hate all these people that claim they have depression because they listen to Billie Eillish. It’s sick

  4. I experienced flat moods and discomfort in myself to be scared as i was bullied for 5 years for who i used to be. But thanks to my Girlfriend, i am on a recovering path to become myself again. It might take more than 10 years but it feels great.

  5. I'm a 13-year-old almost 14 since my birthday is this Saturday, I have depression which I cannot cure.
    Today I got 46 on my Chinese exam test as a second-year middle schooler in Taiwan.
    When I got home, my parents would always ask for my grades because all they care about is money, and they want me to be a doctor just like my uncle.
    My parents never supported me being an English teacher since my only good part is English.
    I didn't know when I got this stupid depression since I was just a Loner in school and always fake a smile and pretend to be cheerful,
    Every time I came home, I would always sit in front of my computer and do my best to cure it and get better grades, but nothing works out for me.
    I would watch all the ytbers get all happy which made me smile truly, too. Because all of their warm hearts melted my cold ass heart.
    "Oh, she just wanted attention"Look, It's not like I just want attention, it's because I'm really trying to help this matter and turn my life from winter to spring,
    I'm really bad at expressing my feelings, but
    I'm sick of this life, please help me.

  6. I watched a lot of video related to depression and I help people to get better when I'm falling apart myself. Maybe they just don't see it bcs I have became such a great actor to mask my emotions. I also have all the signs and yet, I'm still not gonna do anything about it.

  7. I watched this because i want to help a boy in my school. He is always alone, sad, he doesn’t eat… i try to talk to him everyday.
    Tomorrow my teacher is going to talk to him, because today she asked me if i was okay and i told her that i was worried about him…
    Wish us luck

  8. 7/7. Seeing a therapist, trying antidepressants, should be feeling better. I’m not. But I’m going to keep trying. If you’re feeling nervous about talking to someone or you’re frustrated because you think you’re not making any progress, that is a completely normal part of the process, and I promise you’re not alone. Don’t give up, we’re in this together

  9. Me: watches till number 3, wow, i might be depressed
    Me: watches till the end, wow, i really might actually be depressed, i need help please

    I wanna tell my story of why i dont want to seek help
    The first time i watched this video i realised i must of had depression, so i built up confidense to seek help by asking one of my older brothers, his response made my deprssion worse. He told me that he was "suffering" worse than me because he had ADHD so my "depression" was something i should just ignore and focus on more important things instead. After that one conversation, i trusted nobody. Not even my bff's, i stoped going outside, chatting with friends and eating.
    I hardly ate anything because i just wanted to end the pain. Till this day i am still suffering, thank you and sorry for taking up you're time.

  10. Do you need all the symtoms to be depressed? I can see myself in 1 2 4 5 6 7 so only my eating didnt seem to change. Any reason to be concerned?

  11. Am I the only one who would go to bed then just randomly start imagining my whole family dying.

    Then have a nightmare about a stupid and impossible way that they could die?

    Almost every night? (Not anymore tho)

    Then start crying in bed while trying not to wake up your family because you really hate people worrying about you?

  12. When I watched this I was like: "ok so my sister doesn't have depression….. But I passed the test……….. But….ok…." Tries to sleep min later "video game time"

  13. Me watching this: wait..am I depressed?
    My mind : yes, you need more friends …
    My heart : sorry kid
    My friends…I have no friends….

  14. A lot of times I joke around with my friends that I have depression. Before I had none of these symptoms. Now after this year going back to the same jokes my friends joke with me, I feel as if that made me actually feel depressed.

  15. I have depressive episodes i have negleted hobbies and frends all my old hobbied exept videogames wich i play alot i have changed sleep patterns and have hypersomnia and imsomnia i have seviere changes in appetite my i dont have low self esteem at all i have mediocre hygene but i do forget im extremely iratibal sometimes at leats 1 day of the week i do have semi flat mood but sometimed i have severe mood swings i also have severe adhd and my medicen can change it to if im not on my medicen i dont think i am Able to feel sad but im so absent minded i cant really talk to people

  16. Thank you so much this helped alot thank you

    But does it mean i have depression beacuase i fake my happiness? And caring for others?…

  17. I’ve been struggling with all of these and I don’t know how to tell anyone or if I even am depressed or not.

  18. Me: *has all symptoms *
    Me: got diagnosed by an professional

  19. Welp time to ask in a little bit of time like days til my mom sees this vid and sees that I have some of the symptoms

  20. the only thing i’ve slightly done to help myself is when i went to the doctor and was forced to take a survey about depression. based off my answers i would think they’d do something but they obviously don’t care

  21. Me: I think I have depression
    My Indian parents: depression kitha thu thai depression thi ma hai na
    (Depression where, you are depressions mom aren’t you dumbass)
    My Indian parents:go do you work dumbass

  22. SO ummmm i think i may have a little bit of depression because my eating habits have just flopped and i havent really been eating and my sleep has been awful and uhmmm ya

  23. I think I have depression. I have talked to my bff and she said that I should take to a adult. I know someone I can talk to but it's hard

  24. Ok so basically I relate to all these… The 2 only outlets that make me feel happy is my favorite summer camp ever it saved me and YouTube. I am internally screaming for help but on the outside I don't want to do anything I don't wanna hang out with people and I get mad at literally everything . I can't tell people because I don't want my parents to worry about me I found a help line that will help me but I just don't know what to do anymore. I don't feel sad and I don't feel happy I just feel so confused and helpless… Also people say our generation is the best and adults say that their generation was so hard. They don't understand social media, they don't understand how anxiety ridden this society is they can't just say things like "everyone gets sad just get over it" it destroys you….. I can't imagine life without my camp seriously tho and I use YouTube as an escape and my parents say to stop watching it so much but I literally don't have much of an alternative

  25. I literally have almost all these symptoms and I took a test and passed as moderately depressed. I want to get help, or heck, at least tell someone about it…. but I'm afraid. I'm scared about them pressing me for questions me or thinking I'm just looking for attention. The worst thing is, I can tell complete strangers on the internet before I can my own family. Hehe pathetic right. 😊

  26. The popular kids who are cute who have fake depression: * Steals everything and steals attention too*
    Me: Hi uhh,,, I got a 7 out of 7 on a test!

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