7 Natural Ways to Improve Your Eye Health

How many people do you know who wear glasses or contact lenses or who squint when they’re trying to read something?
Are you one of them? There is a big chance you are over the past couple of decades, the rates of people with eye problems have increased dramatically. Cases of diabetic retinopathy have increased by almost 90% and around 2 million American adults aged 50 or older now suffer from macular degeneration as if that weren’t bad enough. The number of people with cataracts and Glaucoma is also on the rise, especially in people over 40 scary.
Yes, [email protected] have compiled seven natural ways you can save yourself from losing your precious eyesight.
Here they are. Number one,
get some exercise. While it may seem like exercise is only good for your butt and thighs, it’s absolutely necessary for your eyes to walking,
running, swimming,
however you do it.
Exercises, one of the best ways to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and type two diabetes. Physical activity also boosts the circulation of nutrients around your body so your eyes will receive more of the vitamins and minerals they need to function properly and know watching TV or playing playstation does not count as exercising your eyes.
Number two,
manage your weight. A healthy weight isn’t just important for looking good in jeans or a bikini. Being overweight means you’re at a higher risk of the chronic conditions associated with eye problems,
particularly systemic inflammation, high blood pressure,
type two diabetes and arterial diseases. Find out what your BMI is an aim to keep it within a healthy range. There are lots of ways to do this.
Getting daily exercise, eating a healthy diet,
drinking plenty of water, increasing your fiber intake or get the fad diets just focused on being as healthy as possible.
Number three,
protect your papers. The son has one of the biggest dangers of your eyesight, although we already know that UV light and cause sunburn or skin cancer, it’s important to be aware that it also harms the delicate cells of the eyes. Bright Sunshine can reflect off sand,
and water. Magnifying the damage to your eyes. That’s why it’s so important to have a good pair of sunglasses that provide 100% protection from both Uva and UVB ultraviolet light. The fashion factor should come second number for sword out your blood sugar. When your blood sugar levels are chronically elevated, your eyes are one of the many parts of your body to suffer high blood sugar that can cause swelling in the lens of the eye, which can seriously affect your vision. It can lead to cataracts and irreparable damage to the tiny arteries in your eyes,
as well as the sensitive blood vessels in the retina. A healthy blood sugar range should be between 70 milligram deciliter to 130 milligram deciliter before meals and lower than 180 milligram deciliter in the one to two hours after eating. Check with your doctor about what your healthy range should be. A super easy way to keep your blood sugar levels in check is by taking grape seed extract. This natural plant extract has been shown to help lower blood sugar and glucose levels.
Number five supplement with amino acids. Aminos aren’t just for bodybuilders.
There is super important for healthy eyes. Amino acids are the components that make up protein and your whole body depends on them to create new cells is specially in the eyes. The most important amino acid for iHealth is El Taurine, which the body uses as both an antioxidant and to protect the optic nerve from damage.
Then there’s an asa tail, l cystine and AC, a powerful amino acid that helps to fight off eye infection and other conditions that cause inflammation,
irritation and redness, and the eye number six,
fight free radicals. Pollution, stress or diet and smoking are the worst things for our eyes and yet many of us are exposed to them every day. That’s why you need to get as many antioxidants into your diet as awesome. Of course,
that’s easier said than done.
You can try drinking lots of green tea, but the real benefit is in the supplementation. We at nature now just released a new supplement called nature now vision, which is packed with antioxidants, the very best ones that have been proven by clinical studies that benefit eyes. You’ll get a huge dose of antioxidants that work the neutralize free radicals and protect your papers by the Manet,
great. See Bill Berry and a C and l taurine. There is no vision supplement quite like it and certainly no easier way to pack your eyes with the nutrients they need. Number seven where internal sunglasses,
say what? Well that’s how health experts describe Lutein, one of the best nutrients for supporting healthy vision.
You see, although we’re born with a certain amount of Lutein and our body, this amount gets lower and lower as we age. The only way to top it up is by eating a super healthy diet or by supplementing. Most people would certainly agree that supplementing is the easiest and most convenient and that’s exactly why we batted up powerful dose of Lutein to nature.
Now Vision, it fends off that harmful blue light and UV light by protecting your macula from the inside out. Your Macula is the part of our eye that allows for central vision, so it’s definitely something you want to keep. What better way than getting your own internal sunglasses. If there’s anything you can’t afford to lose,
it’s your vision. You need your eyes from the moment you wake up in the morning until you close them at night.
You can do all the things we mentioned above, like eating a healthy diet and keeping your weight to check and you’ll at least be protecting your vision somewhat. But what good is somewhat when it comes to your eyes. You shouldn’t be leaving anything out. You should be doing everything you can internally and externally to make sure your site never leaves you.
That’s the whole reason we created nature.
Now, vision,
Now vision takes the hard work out of looking after your eyesight. It contains all the nutrients we mentioned plus many,
many more. Actually it’s brimming with them as well as vitamin A and Lutein. We’ve added Zane [inaudible] and AC and Acetylcysteine, Keratin Bill Barry,
and grape seed. Each of these nutrients are famous for their eye protecting properties, famous because they’ve been proven by scientific research to fight free radicals, nourish your eyes and protect them from degenerative diseases such as AMD, cataracts at any other form of vision loss,
taking nature. Now vision is like insurance or your eyes.
After all, nobody wants to lose their independence to failing eyesight, nor do they want to miss seeing the faces of their friends and family. What excuse do you have for not protecting your eyes with nature? Now you can get nature now vision [email protected]

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