7 Eye Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight | How To Improve Eyesight Naturally At Home – Remedies One

have you ever thought of exercising your
eyes never thought of it before that’s because no matter how much we
like to exercise the other muscle groups and even the brain today’s video will
discuss top 7 eye exercises to improve your eyesight before you watch this
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post new videos daily we never really give a second thought to the eyes forget
going to the gym or swimming pool your eyes also need a time and place for
exercise top 7 simple eye exercises 1 the eye roll most simple to do this I
exercise needs you to be comfortably seated it needs just 2 minutes to do
keep your eyes open and roll your eyes first clockwise and then anti-clockwise
do it slowly trying to stretch the eyes as far as they can go this exercise when
done for about 2 to 3 minutes will make your eyes feel relaxed and able to focus
much better to the rubdown this is a personal favorite for overstrained eyes
you can do this even while wearing contact lenses that means this exercise
can be done at any time and place whenever you feel eye strain and need a
quick refreshing exercise to do it sitters stand comfortably and briskly
rub your palms together until they feel warm now place the balls of the Potters
over your closed eyelids and imagine the warmth seeping into your eyes remember
not to press down with the palms on your eyeballs repeat 3 to 5 times and get
back to work 3 the moving finger this exercise is great for working out the
eye muscles and is even prescribed by doctors for people suffering from poor
eye muscles to do this I muscle exercises you need to be seated and
relaxed now place your upward pointing index
finger or thumb or a pencil in front of your nose and focus both eyes on its tip
without taking your eyes off the finger move it to head slowly until it reaches
an arm’s length away from the face next bring the finger close to the nose again
without once moving your eyes away from it repeat three to four times for
shifting focus another easy one to do in case of eye strain and poor eye muscle
strength this one is also prescribed by eye doctors you can do this after
working at a PC screen for more than 30 minutes to do it first focus for about 5
seconds on an object very close to you for example your pen stand next shift
your focus to a distant object for about 5 seconds
for example the traffic light visible outside your office window this
intermittent shifting gives strength to the eye muscles and refreshes them too
initially you might find shifting your focus pretty hard as your eye muscles
may have become lazy and lacks as you continue doing this day after day you
will find it much easier to do 5 hot and cold compresses this can be a great end
to a hard day at work to prepare for it take a bowl of hot water and another of
cold water dip and lightly squeeze one hand towel or washcloth in each bowl
first place the hot compress onto your eyes and eyebrows feel the warmth and
savor it for about 5 seconds and switch to the cold compress for another 5
seconds repeat at least 5 times 6 i massaged this exercise for eyes is
beneficial to reduce eye strain and dryness of the eyes at any time of the
day tilt your head back with your fingers gently rub the eyelids in a
circular motion for about 30 seconds keep the eyes closed for another 30
seconds after this instant massage and you are ready to get back to work
remember to keep your touch very gentle as hard rubbing can cause eye injuries
especially if you wear contact lenses seven the I press having a bad stressful
day at work here’s one exercise for eye strain that will soothe your eyes and
your stress to all this in a jiffy sit comfortably close your eyes and take a
deep breath now place three fingers on both eyelids and press very lightly for
about 10 seconds release the pressure for about two seconds and press slightly
again repeat five times when you are done your eyes will gain a new spurt and
freshness how you improve your eyesight let me know in our comment section below
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