7 AESTHETIC Ways To Organize iPhone Apps! CHANGE APP COLORS!

hi guys my face is really shiny I don’t
really know why but whatever hi everyone welcome back to my channel my name s
phone for this what’s up everyone my name is Adrian Fitch welcome back to my
channel in today’s video we’re talking about cute aesthetic AF ways to organize
our iPhone apps but not just organize our iPhone apps we’re actually talking
about how to customize our iPhone apps okay okay okay by the way I just got an
Apple watch like I was totally peer pressured into it but it’s pretty nice
um the jury is still out so if you guys want to know how I feel about that maybe
I’ll make a video about it it’s cute I know that like I said we’re gonna talk
about how to customize your iPhone app so one of the things I discovered you
can do that’s like mind blowing and I do not know how I didn’t discover this ten
thousand years ago is how to change the look and the colour of your apps I know
and without jailbreaking without downloading sketchy third-party apps
that like cause viruses on your phone and break your phone literally a totally
legitimate on your iPhone way to change the look and the color of apps what so
I’m freaking pumped to get into this video alright so if you guys didn’t see
I posted a video seven creative ways to organize your iPhone apps I’ll link it
down below if you haven’t seen it yet I do outline a bunch of creative ways that
you can organize just the apps themselves because we’ve always known
that we can you know rearrange the apps however we want have different layout so
it’s kind of nice to get some ideas I’ll link that down below now we can
customize them even further so that’s what we’re going to be talking about
today is customizing your house number one you can make your phone as
cute or aesthetic as aesthetic as aesthetic as you want any color you want
blah blah blah super awesome as queues you want yeah but number two you guys
can get rid of all the anxiety that your notification badges those red little
badges give you or maybe I can get rid of the anxiety that my badges give you
and you guys see my phone on here you’re always like ooh badges trust me I know
but this super secret hidden hack actually gets rid of the bedroom oh yeah
okay so I’m freaking pumped we’re gonna talk about it right now if you have iOS
12 so you have an Apple iPhone your iOS 12 this will work for you it is through
this app called the shortcuts app that is the app we’re gonna be using
to create icons I’m gonna tell you seven different ways you guys can arrange your
icons using this feature let’s go okay so as you guys can see look at how cute
this is I mean this is a very plain like minimal background but look at these
icons right right right like too good to be true also look at my little like Hot
Wheels case I’m gonna make more iPhone case videos soon all right so you’re
gonna open up the shortcuts app on your phone and if you can’t find it you can
just search shortcuts alright it’s gonna bring you up to this page now first I’m
just gonna tell you how do you even make a custom icon in general okay then I’m
gonna show you like how to customize them so first you’re gonna go to the
shortcuts app you’re gonna click on this plus button in the upper right hand
corner you’re going to search in this search bar open app you have to for some
reason type that very specifically click on it open app then you’re gonna click
the choose button and choose the app that you want to change the logo for
okay so once just what do I want to change it for how about YouTube we’re on
YouTube okay so then you’re gonna push settings which is this little like two
arrow things like two little sidebar situation click that first you’re gonna
name your icon so I’m gonna name it YouTube then you’re gonna click icon now
here you can change all sorts of colors of the icon let’s just say it was gonna
be ready Glyph is like you are gonna choose
basically what you want the little icon pattern to me so you could have it that
you could have it be that literally anything who I’ve never clicked on the
people one oh that’s funny okay and symbols yeah so there are like plenty of
options so also let’s just pretend that we’re gonna do that one because I kinda
like it better or mmm yeah that one and then let’s actually just make the color
pink to be fitting with the rest of the things
so click done then you’re gonna click Add to Home screen it’ll bring you to
this page you click this little box I mean it gives you the exact instructions
but you click this box with the arrow that’s a home screen and there it is
basically what it is is it’s a shortcut so when you click on it your phone is
telling the button to then do the command to open the app so it’s not just
going directly to that it kind of like lags for a minute so it’s up to you
whether you think that’s worth it or not I think it’s kind of cool to have these
icons like I’m kind of down for it so look I’ll show you what I’m talking
about if I could calendar there it is so it still does it it just takes a second
so that’s up to you whether you guys think it’s worth it or not I think it’s
pretty cool takes like one second okay so that’s how you do that uh oh my god
so as you can see I made mine pink if you notice if you look at my actual
messages icon my real one there are 35 texts so I have that red batch and I
have all these badges right if you look at this messages app I have
no badges you can’t see the badges which is that cool so I really like that so
the first way that you can arrange your apps is to kind of do a minimal look so
this can either be grayscale or like one color I would consider this minimal
everything pink it’s very clean very minimal who can do that with any color
another thing you can do a little life hack you go into settings and then you
go into general and then you go into accessibility and then you click on
god I always forget what you do like as I’m filming the video um
display accommodations okay click on display accommodations there are a
couple different things you can do to change kind of the coloring without
changing that first of all you can invert the colors so there’s smart
invert meaning basically everything turns black except for like the icons
which is kind of cool so like if you’re in text everything’s like black which is
crazy again or you can do the classic invert which inverts everything so this
is like negative mode I don’t think I could hang with this actually being my
background but or like my the way my phone looked but I mean it’s kind of
cool it looks pretty interesting and then all the texts are like orange it’s
funny okay so that’s just the thing you can do alright you can also add a color
filter so if you turn on the color filters and you go to grayscale you can
literally have everything be black and white which is like again not my
favorite but it’s kind of right you can also do the red and green filter which
makes basically all the Reds turn pink which I actually kind of think is cool
and you can change the intensity like down or up so if you notice obviously we
already have these pink icon but look like YouTube for example would normally
be red and it’s pink you can also do this green red which is also pink but a
little bit darker or you can do this blue yellow which I don’t really know
what the point of that is so in case you want to be super like aesthetically
grayscale black-and-white minimal that’s an option so next is to use these
shortcuts to make menu icons so notice how I have like a folder that has food
apps so shortcuts does that same thing but instead of a folder it’s just one
app so if you click on my listen app it asks me Spotify or podcasts if I click
on Spotify it goes to Spotify so here’s how you create those go to your
shortcuts click on add a shortcut type menu click on choose from menu
okay so now under prompt under one you’re gonna write let’s say you’re
trying to watch video so you’re gonna say YouTube Instagram and snapchat okay
what you’re gonna do what did I do oh so then what you’re gonna do is on
the same page you’re gonna go to search and click open out click on that choose
the app so YouTube so there it is and then you’re gonna hold and drag that
underneath YouTube and to the side that means that when you click YouTube it’s
gonna go to YouTube so we’re just gonna do the same thing for the other ones click and drag so now you have those
right so then you’re gonna click on this Settings thing again and label the
shortcut so I’m going to call it watch and you can like put emojis in it to
like video I’m sure and then add to homescreen so let’s say we want to do
like a TV screen and pink just because we’re on the theme of pink okay Add to
Home screen and there we go so if we click on it it’ll prompt us to choose
YouTube Instagram or snapchat Instagram right you guys I’m mind blown and I’m
the one making this video so that is like a sick thing I think you can do is
like the menu lists instead of folders you can have lists which is pretty tight
another strategy that you can do which I’m not gonna show you on my phone I’m
just gonna put a screen shot right here because it’ll take a really long time is
you can do the left-hander or the right-hander which basically means
you’re putting all of your icons on one side which would be the size that your
finger is the closest to so that it’s easy to touch them and then you’re
putting invisible icons on the rest so again if you guys don’t know how to
do the invisible icons thing I’m gonna show you right now just so that you guys
know first you’re gonna click and hold on any app
so it does that scroll over to the very side and screenshot it then you’re gonna
go to Safari and you’re gonna go to makeover dot IO this is ma ke ah nope
ma ke o BR dot IO go to the bottom looks like start makeover click on upload
photo library then click on your screenshot that you just took then it’s
gonna load alright then if you can tell these are like where all the apps would
be so let’s say that I wanted this middle row to be invisible I would click
on the app that I want to be invisible and do that same thing of adding to home
screen I just add it there it is it’s literally so invisible I can see a so
for example that’s where I put it okay so you can I’m not gonna do this
again you can do this any way you want you can put these two icons all the way
at the bottom you can do anything but that’s how you do that so as you can see
the possibilities are like limitless you can literally do anything you want with
these apps which is so cool so like I mentioned you can do the right hand or
which would be like having your apps on the right side you can do the left
hander which would be having your apps on the left side or you can do the
bottom line so having them all on the bottom so that you don’t have to reach
super high up with your thumb or whatever to get to the icon so you would
just do invisible icons for like everything above the bottom line you can
do the top icon which doesn’t require invisible icons at all he would just be
kind of like this and then the last trick I’m going to show you guys is how
to hide an app using shortcuts so let’s say you really want to have Instagram
and your mom doesn’t let you have Instagram but you want it sorry parents
yeah what you do is go to shortcuts you’re gonna click create shortcut again
open app choose Instagram and then you’re gonna go to settings what you
need to do is whatever background you have on your phone you need to
screenshot it again because then you’re gonna go to Home screen instead you’re
gonna say select photo I’m gonna go to this and I’m going to zoom all the way
in click choose and then the only stupid thing is you have to
so we’re just gonna put Instagram where let’s just put like period so it’s small
and then add to homescreen okay wait okay I don’t know for some reason it
made me type that so then you can see here’s the app but it completely blends
into the background but when I click on it it goes to Instagram so the only like
caveat with this is that you need to make sure that your background is
probably dark because you have to type this word so you kind of have to finagle
that but it’s still pretty cool so I’ll let you guys figure out how you want to
do that and then actually I thought that was the last thing the actual last thing
is if you go to shortcuts it’s really cool that you can actually set a
shortcut that has a custom logo so let’s just say I want my podcast to open which
by the way you should guys should also try no I’m on guys okay so I want the
podcast to open and I want to call it self-made see you know cuz that’s the
name my podcast and then if you click on icon go to home screen select photo I’m
gonna go all the way down to or self-made CEO click on my logo click OK
done add to homescreen add to homescreen and then oh my god I have my own little
freaking podcast logo that is so cool oh my god I’m actually dying so you could
do that with like anything you could do that with someone’s YouTube channel I
love it alright you guys so I know that that was only one one thing that I
showed you which is the making your own apps with shortcuts but what’s that one
thing comments endless possibilities so I hope that you guys find that helpful
I’m gonna go play around with it and like figure out the way that I want to
arrange my phone because there are so many options with the invisible icons
with the shortcuts I also will just say like be aware of how many shortcuts
you’re using I’m not sure if it might like make your battery drain faster or
overload your phone definitely just be aware of that because I don’t want you
guys to be like doing that and then realizing that your battery’s freaking
dead after like five seconds cuz I just discover this and I’m just playing with
it now so just be wary of that and I hope you
enjoyed this video subscribe if you haven’t already please check out my
podcast I would absolutely love it it would mean the world to me go subscribe
leave ratings and reviews and comments and everything and I will see you guys
in my next vid I love you so so much bye


  1. For me it’s not showing the bit where you can change it to a photo/logo of your choosing, it’s only showing the standard symbols and the colours 🤔

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    Its because every day you put two pounds of make up on.
    Its literally on you fuçķing fingers

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    Her: You need an app to change the icons
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    Me: Whyy!!!!

  4. Grayscale can actually help you now what movies and videos would have looked like in the past . The filters can help the color blind .

  5. I got the iPhone XR for Christmas and I still haven’t organised my phone! So I’m really exited to watch this video for some ideas ☺️

  6. If this doesn’t work for you (it doesn’t work for me) you can use micon.io. Androids are compatible with this as well!

  7. It sucks man. I was a android user for the longest time and everything was better and easier. Now I use a iPhone XS and I just suffer. lmao

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