6 Signs You May Have Depression and not even know it

Depression isn’t always obvious or easy to spot. Social media and Hollywood often depict it in it’s most serious stage. With raging mood swings and intense hopelessness. But depression can range from mild to severe and it has a habit of sneaking up on us, in our everyday routines This is why many people often struggle with it silently. When the symptoms aren’t always so clear cut. Here are 6 signs you may have depression and not even know it. 1. You keep yourself crazy busy The older we get, the more natural it is for our schedules to fill up with duties to fulfill and chores to complete. But when you have depression you are more likely to drown yourself in work A study published in the journal Plos One shows that there is a coloration between work-holism and symptoms of psychiatric disorders. Such as anxiety and depression. Medical doctor SooMi Lee-Samuel at Tiberlines Nol a residential treatment center in Llano. States that keeping busy might be a way for people to ignore or avoid painful issues, that may be contributing to or triggering their depression. Your boss might be pleased with your work ethics and your kitchen counter might be spic and span. But we encourage you to pay close attention to your heart. If it feels heavier then usual please don’t hesitate to reach out to others for help. 2. You’re hurting everywhere According to the Mayo Clinic, pain and depression are closely linked and related to one another. In many people, depression can explain may explainable physical symptoms. Such as back pain and headaches The reverse also holds true, in which chronic pain can lead to depression along with various other problems. Such as difficulty sleeping, stress, low self esteem due to legal, work, or financial issues. We recommend you talk to a doctor, and seek the right treatment that works for you Whether it means taking medication, using talk therapy, attending pain rehabilitation programs or practicing stress reliving techniques. 3. You’ve either gained or lost a lot of weight. Depression can make you swing in extremes. In one direction or the other. If you notice a difference in your appetite, whether its gone down or went up. It might have to do with the emotional pain you are feeling. Some people don’t feel like eating when they are down and dejected. Where as others who usually eat healthy might have a craving for junk food and take out as they try to fill up the void in their lives. We recommend that you try healthy comfort food recipes to keep yourself nourished with the essential nutrients your body needs during stressful times. 4. You can’t seem to make up your mind Clinical psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo author of “Better then perfect”. States that logically when we are depressed, we lose grey matter that affects the parts in our brain that facilitates our motivation and decision making. Even the smallest decisions we make on the daily basis like choosing coffee or tea can be a struggle, when we lack focus and determination. The next time you have problem making a choice, try to go with your first instinct and know that you still have the power to turn things around. if you feel like you made the wrong decision. 5. You’r glued to your phone or computer Simon Rego, a Associate Professor of clinical Psychiatry and director of Psychology Training at Montefiore Medical Center states that people with depression often go on a quest for short term boost as a common coping mechanism. Whether that means gambling, Facebooking or shopping virtual social interactions are sought more then real ones from those that are depressed. In fact, although internet addiction and depression are separate diagnoses, they often overlap with one another. The next time you are glued to Instagram or splurge on many pairs of designer shoes we encourage you to reflect and ask yourself if you are okay. 6. The slightest things set you off Irritably is a common sign that most people overlook. If you find that you are more impatient when you are waiting in line at the grocery store, or get agitated when the light turns red at stop lights. There may be more going on underneath your size and frustration. Teariness is also an indicator then you may have depression. Small issues can feel enormous when you are depressed, you may notice that you are crying more easily then usual or have trouble controlling you tears. Depression has an odd way of overwhelming us and instead of repressing our feelings we should let them out naturally. And learn not be so hard on ourselves. Hey guys, it’s Yumi here! So, we recently teamed up with Depression to Expression, an amazing mental health channel ran by a guy named Scott. He started this channel back in 2012 opening his story about depression and anxiety. And he recently did a review on our Psych2Go magazines I’m gonna leave a link in the description box down below and his channel information, so please show him some love, Thank you ! Do you think you might be struggling with depression? We want you to know that you are not alone and we are here to help you. Please share you thoughts with us below also don’t forget to subscribe for more content from Psych2Go and check out our Patron, Thanks for watching~


  1. We also recently did a video on 7 signs of depression here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3rGwIOvUZQ&t=4s

  2. outside I'm always smiling, laughing, and happy but on the inside I wanna die. 
    whenever I look in the mirror I see everything that's wrong with me. 
    I never want to get out of bed or do anything.
    I've had suicidal thoughts multiple times.
    two of my best friends are leaving this year.
    and I don't think I'll be able to live without them. 
    one of them is my crush and I've known him for 6 years, he always makes me happy and I won't be the same without him. 
    the other one is my absolute best friend.
    I've only known her for a year but I feel like I've known her my whole life. 
    she understands me better than anyone has or will ever understand me.
    when they leaves I don't think I'll be able to live without them.

  3. i have watched almost every depression symptom video on youtube, and ive had all the symptoms, i dont know if i do have depression or not i havent been tested, but i dont wanna ask them because there just gunna say im fine.

  4. Friend: Why are you cying?
    Me: I just yawned.
    My mind: If humans breathe air and drink water but fish breathe water, does that mean that fish drink air?

  5. When someone makes it known to the world that they are depressed, they don’t have depression

    Meanwhile us that actually have it hate talking about it in front of others

  6. for me i haveeee
    1. i don’t really keep myself busy most of the time i don’t feel like doing any work lol (i love procrastinating)
    2. yeah pain EVERYWHERE so that’s fun
    3. i don’t think i’ve lost a lot of weight but my appetite is either “no food for a day” or “eat 24/7” but i think it’s puberty ah
    4. i’m a generally indecisive person and i always have been so i don’t think it’s depression
    5. totally glued to my phone and laptop but then again who isn’t lol
    6. yeah i’m either really calm and patient or extremely impatient and i am nearly always ready but i can’t cry properly lol

    2/6 looks like i’m fine aha

  7. I got diagnosed with it but i just can’t face the fact I have it. I always tell myself that the diagnose is a lie but when I watch these kind of videos I see that I seriously deal with it. Makes me feel very sad

  8. I’m curious as to how depression feels to other people. For me, it’s intense pressure on my upper neck, and I feel as if I’m constantly trying to hold back tears, even if I’m not actually about to cry. If anybody is willing, please reply. I’m just curious. I am in no way trying to pressure anybody to share personal information. Thank you 🙂

  9. I can’t concentrate, make decisions, I have lost interest in things that I used to love. I rarely eat. I get angry quickly. I don’t sleep properly. I cry at random times. I feel so worthless. I think about how I should kill my self and how people would feel if I do. But I don’t have depression:(

    Well I don’t think I do. 🙁 could someone help??


  11. So Im pretty sure I have some type of depression, but is it normal for someone to ignore it/not acknowledge it because they know they can't get help? Or deny having it (even if it's very clear they have it) because they aren't/cant be actually diagnosed?

  12. I don't know if this belongs here, but in the 3rd to 4th grade I was suffering with depression. Everytime I came to school, I felt like a loser. Everytime I came home, I felt I wasn't good enough.
    But now I feel that same way but a little different, everytime I annoy someone I feel like I am not good enough but I know I'm doing? Idk.

  13. These quotes about depression aren't all exactly true. For someone who has it herself it's horrible. It makes you feel down all the time, lack self confidence in yourself and makes you socialise less with those around you.

  14. 4:18 …..I think… I cry everyday…? (Like when is night/evening, for my parents, because they’re saying “why are you cry?” “You are stupid, you cry for anything”…[My parents don’t know I’m depressed…but they call me “Depressed” how it is a game, because I smile just with my best friend, and my online friends…no so much] so, I cry in a bad time, and when I cry I’m so nervous). I’m so angry for simple things, and the fake friends… oh no… when I with my mom at a place just I and my mom, my mom says “Go and make friends”. I say “no”, and she thinks I won’t friends, but I don’t make friends because I think all of people can break my heart..
    Umh….. I cry like…… 1 hour ago? And in my head, I have so much the questions of the life..
    I think.. just a people, or…. mh.. I don’t think… I think I’m just a poor people without answers.
    I want to see my best friends online…. and I see they’re face.. they think are ugly, but if they are ugly and so? 1) I think they are beautiful like all good people. 2) They are my best friends, I have a true friends, so just because they “are ugly” I don’t have their? I’m so much kind with the right people. Now you think I’m a fake depressed just for scene.. but no, I think, I have really depression. And if you are “a fake depressed” it’s not good. If you are real depressed, just fight. My fight is over.. and no answers. I think I’m depressed forever. Just my best friends make me smile, and I live just for they. I love them so much, + of myself, but more and more, because I don’t think I’m am a good person, because you think that I’m depressed, but I’m so arrogant. (Sorry for write this text……was better if I don’t write this? And sorry for bad English, I’m italian and I write without translator.)

  15. That is true about work, so I have two jobs and there is one one job where I only go one day but this days I’ve been feeling lonely and I prefer to go to work then staying at home sad

  16. Don’t forget of:
    1) Being stuck on the past mistakes and present negative effects of the same while not being able on deciding methods to improve your future.
    2) The inability to empathize with others due to the fact of excessive focus on own problems and inability to consider others’.
    3) The lack of genuine amusement and feeling of joy even in situations that call for these feelings to be felt.

  17. I still remember the day when I failed 1 major subject and it's my Filipino subject. Man I came home weak and tired I couldn't focus at all and I totally coudn't sleep. I was so down that I pressured myself and right now I feel sadness☹. Glad those days where over but SHS would be depressing🙁

  18. Money is the only cure for depression. Take all the pills you want and go to all the talk therapy sessions you want and you remain depressed up until you get the only real cure which is endless supply of money and loyal care givers who care for your emotinal well being no matter what.

  19. I’m not here to self diagnose or anything I’ve been questioning my sleeping and have been more emotional lately (mostly in the middle of the night) I eat perfectly fine I mean I love food. I don’t think I have depression probably just a phase. Can anyone give me feedback on what they think?

  20. I think i have depression. My friends have drifted away and i feel very lonely and frustrated, if not numb all the time. Motivation and concentration are difficult. I habitually dissociate. I'm stuck at home alot because i have no car and cannot leave for walks or whatever because of my 5 yr old who can be difficult to regularly take outside. We used to hit the park alot but my work and her school took that available time and energy up. I excercise daily and have goals but still feel very depressed, feeling this way for years now. I'd love for someone to talk to me.

  21. My dad passed away September 18 and I've been glued to my IPad ever since. If you guys are wondering how he passed away, here is a really quick explanation, he was at at an excavation and two walls collapsed on top of him, I now feel lost, hopeless, empty, sad, shocked, and I can't even get up in the morning because I'm to tired or didn't get enough sleep. My dog helps me a lot though, she cuddles me and she comforts me. If any of you have depression than a dog or cat might help because they know how you're feeling. My dog can tell dad is gone because it has been a few weeks.

    Don't worry I am slowly recovering from it! I'll be okay!

  22. Idk what to do anymore I have anxiety for my hole life and Nothing works so I was thinking to end it all but I didn't want to leave my sister all lonel that why I am still alive when she die I could die in place.

  23. Its been 6 months with my depression but I've come back happy as ever and to see how i was before was just so heartbreaking i can't believe i was so depressed 😮

  24. Frankly, I watched this video to see if I had depression.
    Video: Okay, breathe, and let me tell you, you have depression.
    It's just hard that sometimes you feel that the world is on your shoulders and that in may crumble into pieces in any second. Sometimes it feels as if I were empty, and I have few "friends", so I can't really open up to anyone. My parents treated me as if I were sick when I broke. They treated me like a freak, as if I were toy to be repaired again, but therapy didn't help, it made me more closed with talking about my feelings.

  25. I am not sure but I do feel no value to this world
    I tried to cut but than just stopped
    My brother might be depressed tho
    Because he leaves himself with lots of chores
    I do nothing for my family or my self
    Because I feel lonely in this corner of the sofa
    And my Only Friend Is My Phone

  26. I always joke about being dead inside.

    Jokes on the kids who laugh, I really am and they’re falling for the disguise!

  27. I just found out my friend had depression. she always wears hoodies cause she bites herself really hard since her depression ;-;

  28. Wait, I thought that this was normal? I did a test and it said I had severe depression, but I didn’t think it was accurate

  29. Let's see: lost baby, lost several hamsters, lost my cousin, broke up with boyfriend, mom hates me, house and garden is an unholy mess, and I'm broke. Yep, I have every right to be clinically depressed.

  30. Me: I need new shoes, let me see where i can buy so-
    ME: I'll just go barefoot then….

  31. What should I do? I’ve never been more active with work, school, or home than I do right now. I’ve been busy with it all, and think it would make me happy. I honestly just feel like crying. I don’t enjoy things like I used too, I fake being happy for my friends and try to be nice and do something good things too. But I end up getting backfired making me even sadder. The other day I went to a game because my friend was a lone on the bleachers. Today, I finally get a full day to myself and I decided to have it as my lazy day. We were talking about a movie and I didn’t care to look it up since it’s my lazy day. I even said it and it was my free day to do what I want. She told that it’s sad that I don’t even want to look up something so simple…… I’m now balling my eyes out because that hurt. What should I do? I can’t even go to my closest friend…. one time I tried to tell her she gave me a look that said you can’t have it, I’m the depressed one. You need to be the happy one. I’m usually the happy-go-lucky person in our friend group, lately, I don’t even feel the effort to even talk to them because every time I try to talk. They either ignore me, or say something that hurts me without thinking about what they say. I muted my group chat for the weekend to get away and think.

  32. I feel like a lot of people in these comments literally are sad one day and think "I have all the symptoms I must be depressed!" if you really think you have depression and it's constantly weighing you down please speak to someone you know or trust or even a school counselor. Depression is not a good thing at all and the focus of people with depression shouldn't be swayed by people saying that they're depressed and want to harm themselves in a you tube comment section.

  33. I remember as a 10 year old I would always think that I would instantly know if I had depression and I could tell right away. Few years later I want to just end things because I don’t see a point.

  34. 4,5,6(?) Welp, i gess i do? I put a question mark on number 6 because i may just be watching a normal vid but then some tears start poping up, its probably just normal to shed a few tears from only one eye so I wasn't sure.

  35. Addiction causes depression. If using the phone too much considered an addiction then we’re hypothetically more likely to be depressed from excessively using our phone? Makes sense to me checks screen time: 14 hours well rip

  36. I was on a live chat and this person sent images of them cutting there self and ever since that I haven't felt happy…

  37. The last one..my tears…once in math class I bursted out crying because I forgot to do my math homework because I had homework in other classes..my math teacher said it was fine but I couldn't stop crying and was sent into the hallway and still hadn't stopped until my next class…

  38. My sister has a sensory disorder. She's the best little thing I've ever met. But sometimes, I can't help but think this…

    Sister: * turns up headphones so loud she can't hear anybody * mom: "Oh, she's just drowning out the sounds of the outside world,"

    Me: * turns up music so loud I can't hear nobody *
    Mom: "Stop being so selfish! Go talk to somebody!"

    Sister: * can't figure out school work *Mom: "Aww, poor girl,"

    Me: * can't figure out school work * mom: "Listen in class more! Use your head!"

    Sister: * is sad * mom: "Something's wrong! We gotta help her!"

    Me: * is sad, and negative whole week * mom: "Oh my gosh, stop trying to get attention!"

    I'm sorry for talking about myself. I should be talkin 'bout my sister… but I can't… I'm sorry I'm so selfish… so dumb… so introverted… I can't be better, mom and dad. Just because she's got a disorder don't mean I gotta be discriminated. Sorry sweet sister, for not being good.

  39. 14 year olds: gets only one of these signs

  40. 1. That is me, I studied for one hour without a break even though it's 5 days before the test
    2 Me not getting enough sleep and think of negative thoughts all the time. 🙁
    3 Not me
    4 Yes, I can never make up my mind on whether I want to do that or this.
    6 Not me. But I cry a lot more easily

  41. i hv all signs except number 1.
    wht do I do? i feel depressed but i cant tell anyone because no one will believe me.I usually act cheerful but i feel like im breaking…please…tell me what i can do.

  42. I do take as many work hours as I can. Work keeps my mind off of stuff .. managed to check off all 6 on this list LOL.

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