50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #127

– Oh, hey there! Who’s down for some knowledge? Alrighty, then! (smooth music) Here are 50 amazing
facts to blow your mind. (head explodes) The ancient Romans would
use war pigs during battle against the enemy’s war elephants because after the infamous
philosopher Pliny the Elder told them that the
smallest squeal of a hog would startle elephants, they
decided that was a good idea. And it worked! It would actually cause the
elephants in battle to panic and trample the enemy forces. Pop singer Kesha was
accepted into Barnard College at Columbia University after she received an
almost perfect on the SATs. However, she dropped out
before her graduation and chose to pursue a career in music. Obviously, that was a good idea. Because the Earth is in
constant rotation at all times, centrifugal force is created on the planet which makes the equator
thicker and widen out. This means that our planet
is not a perfect sphere like many people believe but actually more of an ellipsoid. If you factor that part in,
that highest point about Earth isn’t the peak of Mount Everest but the peak of Ecuador’s
Mount Chimborazo. This is because it sits
just one degree south of the equator. The difference is quote noticeable too since the summit of Mount Chimborazo is 2,072 meters farther
from the Earth’s center than Mount Everest’s summit. According to Rick Clifford
who is an audio engineer at Death Row Records in the 1990s, legendary rapper Tupac
Shakur once auditioned for the role of Jedi Master Mace Windu in 1999’s Star Wars Episode
1: The Phantom Menace. He was said to have
auditioned sometime close to his death in 1996, but of course was turned down when the role went to Samuel L. Jackson. Following the end of World War II, a young US Naval dentist
named Jack Mallory was stationed at a hospital
in Tokyo that also took care of several imprisoned Japanese officials. Among them was former
prime minister Hideki Tojo who was known as the architect
of the War on the Pacific. Tojo later requested dentures
to be put into his mouth so that he could speak during his trial. Mallory saw this as his own
little opportunity for revenge and inscribed Remember
Pearl Harbor in Morse code on the fake teeth before
installing them into Tojo’s mouth. The word about the inscription spread and a few months later, Mallory made another appointment with Tojo to grind it down. He was never caught and
punished for his vengeance. In 2015, archaeologists excavated the ancient Egyptian pyramids, found pots of honey that were
dated around 3,000 years old that were still perfectly edible! The ancient Egyptians used honey for a variety of different reasons such as a gift to the gods,
sweetener for food and drink, and embalming fluid. Inmates on japan’s
death row are never told when they are going to be executed. Instead, they’re notified on the morning of about an hour before their execution. The US Navy and Marine Corps combined for the second largest
air force in the world with over 3,700 types of aircrafts. The largest on the list belongs to the US with the Air Force having
5,600 types of aircrafts. Because of the different types of roasting processes in dark beans, dark roast contain less caffeine
than light roast per scoop. Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri has a high-functioning form of autism and would collect bugs as a kid and video games as a teenager. Now you can kinda see how
the two came together. Maybe he thought the bugs
were pocket monsters, I’m just saying. When actor Pierce Brosnan
was casted for James Bond in 1995’s GoldenEye, he signed an agreement stating that he was not allowed to wear a tuxedo in any other of his films as long as he was playing Bond. The Olympic medals in basketball during the 1936 Summer Games were awarded and handed
out by Dr. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball. The gold medal went to The United States, the silver went to Canada, and the bronze went to Mexico. In 2007, orange and smelly
snow fell onto Siberia which was caused by a heavy
sandstorm in Kazakhstan. The snow contained sand
and clay dust particles that were blown into
the upper stratosphere. When a plutonium bomb
was detonated in Mexico during the Trinity Project of 1945, the blast created little shards and beads of green, blue, and reddish
glass from the sand. This material is now
officially known as trinitite. World War I battlefields are
still being cleaned up today and workers estimate that it will take between 300 and 700 years to complete! There are even still areas of Europe that are closed off to the public because they are so
toxic to anything living. There are numerous hills and
mountains in North America that are named after women’s breasts such as Grand Teton, SquawTeat
Peak, and Tetilla Peak. This has to do with the
idea of Earth being related to a motherly woman. Marvel creator Stan Lee and
artist Jack Kirby’s inspiration for Professor X was Dr.
Martin Luther King Junior and their inspiration for
Magneto was Malcolm X. Researchers at Berkeley College found out that the fox
squirrel of North America buries and hides up to
10,000 nuts over a season and remembers the exact
location of 9,000 of them which is a 90% success rate! Accessing another person’s
wireless network in Singapore without their consent
is considered illegal and punishable either
by a fine of $10,000, three years in prison, or both! So I should get off my
neighbor’s wifi now? Is that what they’re saying
in case the law comes here? Okay. In 2009, fullback Owen Schmitt
of the Seattle Seahawks took off his helmet and intentionally bashed
his forehead with it after scoring a touchdown. Blood began to pour down his face and he had to get stitches! I did a good job! There’s a basketball court
located on the fifth floor of the US Supreme Court building and it’s named The
Highest Court in the Land. Without anyone’s knowledge,
serial killer John Cooper competed on a game show, Bullseye, a month before he murdered two people with a shotgun in 1989. He even told the host his favorite hobby was scuba diving in the area
where the victims were found. The tape of the episode was
used as evidence in a case and he also lost the competition. Flamethrowers were used to
melt the snow in the roads for the inauguration of President
John F. Kennedy in 1961. We make up to 35,000 decisions a day according to researchers
at Cornell University. Around 226 of those decisions
are based on food alone and we can make up to 63,875,000 decision in a five-year span of our life! Simplify, people! Simplify. According to the National Weather Service, 82% of people who are
killed by lightning are men. These deaths are mostly from
various leisure activities such as golfing, camping,
and especially fishing. A team of Dutch designers
have created a machine called the Crowbar that rewards wild crows with a treat if they deposit
a cigarette butt into it. They believe that allying
with these intelligent birds will greatly help the litter problem. However, they believe that
some problems may arise because the crows might just
learn to take cigarettes from people’s mouths and our hands! They also think that holding that many cigarette butts in their mouth might make them sick from the chemicals. 13-year-old child prodigy Alma Deutscher composed her first piano
sonata when she was just six, completed her first major opera titled The Sweeper of Dreams at seven, and completed her first full-length opera called Cinderella when she was just 10! As of October 2017, the
IRS now accepts cash for tax payments at any local
7-Eleven convenience store. The director of the 2005 film Lord of War purchased 3,000 Kalashnikov
rifles for the movie because they were cheaper
than buying the props. In 1945, General Mills renamed their popular cereal
Cheerioats to Cheerios because Quaker issued a trademark infringement
complaint against them. The Motion Picture and
Television Country House is a retirement community on
Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles that has housed members
of the motion picture and television industry since 1948. The Concorde supersonic
airliner burns up to 94 tons of fuel on a flight
from London to New York and burns two tons of fuel just by taxing onto the runway. Saturday Night Live cast
member Keenan Thompson refuse to dress in drag for sketches until the producers casted
a black woman on the show. The origins of a housewarming party came from the medieval times when each guest would bring
firewood to a new house for the fireplaces and
literally warm up the rooms. Korean pop singer Psy didn’t want to upload his famous
music video Gangnam Style to YouTube at first because he thought that he would be
humiliated internationally and wasn’t aware that he would attack fans from around the world. The video is currently sitting
over three billion views! The saw that’s used to remove casts does not cut human skin
because the small tooth blade vibrates instead of rotates which makes the skin move with the blade. The inventor of the lithium ion battery named James Goodenough had never received any
money for his invention and never won the Nobel Prize. Many believe that his
invention is a crucial step in eliminating the
burning of fossil fuels. The Sioux have refused
1.3 billion in restitution from The United States Government for the taking of the Black Hills in 1877 one year after the
Battle of Little Bighorn. They believe that there’s no price for their ancestral homeland and that it should’ve never
been taken in the first place without their consent. When pianist Fats Waller was 21 years old, he was more or less forced to play at Al Capone’s birthday party. The party lasted three days
and by the time it was over, the exhausted and drunk Waller ended up making thousands of dollars, along with an acquired
taste for fine champagne. In 1633, a german village
named Oberammergau in Bavaria vowed to put on a passion
play every 10 years if God spared them from
the bubonic plague. Since 1634, the village still
puts on the play every decade with the next schedule
of performances for 2020. There were only 22 California
condors left on Earth in 1982 but by 2014, the
population had risen by 439 with 225 living in the wild. The deepest man-made hole in the world is the Kola Superdeep Borehole in Russia. The intention of the Soviet Union project was to drill a 23-centimeter
hole as deep as possible into the Earth’s crust, starting in 1970. But in 1989, the bore hole reached the deepest artificial part
of Earth at 12,262 meters. According to the Entertainment
Software Association, adult women represent 33%
of the video game population while boys under the age of 18 years old represent only 17% of
the overall population. A small building in
Wilmington, Delaware is home to the mailing addresses of more than 300,000
companies in the world. Some of these well-known companies are Walmart, Verizon,
American Airlines, and eBay. The USS Niagara was intentionally sunk for preservation in 1820 and was raised back up again
in 1913 for restoration to celebrate the centennial
of the Battle of Lake Erie. However, the ship began to deteriorate and the restoration did not
start again until the 1930s. But the Great Depression caused
the funding to be halted. The restoration process to the ship wasn’t completed until 1963! The Wheel of Fortune’s
long-time hostess, Vann White, earns $8 million a year from the show and her net worth is
currently $140 million! Earth has another
continent named Zealandia that is completely submerged
under the Pacific Ocean. The 4,920,000 square kilometer landmass broke off from Australia somewhere between 60 and
85 million years ago. Actor George Clooney
spends most of his money that he makes from his
Nespresso commercials on a satellite that roams over the border of North and South Sudan to
watch president Omar al-Bashir. The satellite tracks the
movement of Sudan’s army so that it can attempt
to let citizens know when an attack will occur. Crocodiles are able to jump
vertically out of the water by using their tail to thrust them up and their legs to act as pistons. They are capable of doing this from a stationary position to
attack and catch their prey. (smooth music)


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