5 TIPS to IMPROVE Your Handstand FT. Steven Spence


  1. Guys I'm in a hotel with no power but I managed to upload the video thru my phone because YouTube is life 🙏🏽💯 love you guys, hope you're all safe!

  2. Have you ever dealt with a student who has had shoulder surgery? Do you have any pointers for after surgery athletes progression?

  3. Well that's just great I've been straitening my arms after going up and my focus was on my legs not my hips .-.

  4. This video literally helped my hand stands so much. I’ve been working on improving my handstands for a while now and I was having trouble holding them but when I aliened my shoulders with my fingers and kept my arms straight it helped so much. Chris is my lord and savior 🙏🏻

  5. Hey Chris, wish you can do an exercise video for people that have a hernia, being my case.
    Have a good day…

  6. You crazy? ignored the first time… you crazy? ignored the second time… I wonder what would have happened at the third

  7. Now i have been working on it
    Wow its so much harder but what a difference it makes ,so much better balance,i love it thanks Chris ❤

  8. To be honest, I always skip this video because I thought i didn't need it, but it has opened my eyes to know how much it really goes into doing a handstand and I'm glad I watched it for it is a complete work out just as it is! Thanks. Btw it was like watching an athletic episode of pinky and the brain 😂

  9. Steven Spence: "you look pretty focus to me, I'm not going to lie"
    Chris Heria: (looks away from the floor) "do I"

  10. Hey Chris, what type of exercises can I work on if I've never done one in my life? I'm a big guy but have decent strength for my size, I can climb up the wall and have my body leaning on the wall at an angle and hold it for maybe 30 secs but thats it lol

  11. I'm one with admiration for your skill, expertise, and delivery, who considered your program and products. That said, I'm astounded you'd risk an offense to women and decrease of fan base by your short fake-doctor intro.

  12. dude i used these tips and i already start to hold a handstand(just started doing it)for 3 seconds max.
    Imma practice hard so i can get that handstand push up !! Thanks Chris!!

  13. He’s just hilarious, I love him Steve lol

    He’s taking the ChrisHeria vid to the next level.
    Not to mention the quality, It’s great as it was.
    Thank you for the inspiration and motivation Chris

  14. Why am I watching this? I am way furtherbin my handstand practice than this 😂 Oh right cause of how damn nice it is to look at lol

    Jokes aside that bail from handstand against the wall I don’t think is the best tutorial. Sure walking off the way you came up would be a good exit but not possible if he falls out like he did. He should have practiced cartwheeling out of it sideways. Anyone struggling with fear should practice that anyway – facing wall and cartwheel out over and over till it feels like second nature to bail like that.

    Next I think the wall shluld be used facing it but also touching feet against it, pushing belly in / lwer back out, pushing chhest in and pushing shoulders as hard as possible to get them to touch your ears as endgoal. It is a killer excercice but the actual form you wanna aim for.

    Last but not least his arms were bend. I would suggest some good shoulder warm up & stretching before even starting. Like kitty cat stretch on the floor or against the wall to become more straight upsidedown

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