5 Signs Of Depression That Should Never Be Ignored

5 Habits Of People With Depression Depression is a silent killer. Many people are ashamed or afraid to ask for
help, so they go on with their lives and live with it in secret. However, there are still small habits that
these individuals will do when they enter a depressive episode. It’s important to remember that depression
is a brain illness that can be fatal if it’s not treated properly. Every year, depression affects more than 16
million Americans. Mental health is starting to get the recognition
that it deserves, but there is still more work to be done. According to statistics, only 35.3% of Americans
who are suffering from depression seek help. This is a major concern because it is extremely
tough to deal with depression on your own. For some, they don’t seek help because they
feel it’s not a serious issue. Others see it as a sense of weakness; they
think that asking for help means they can’t deal with their own problems. This is why it’s essential for friends and
family to be able to spot certain habits or signs of depression. It doesn’t mean the individual will automatically
open up, but it will definitely show them that they have people around them who are
aware of the changes they’re going through and are there to help. Before we begin this video, don’t forget
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so you never miss our new videos! Now, here are the top habits someone with
depression will develop and go through. 1. Wanting to be alone: If you are suffering
from depression, you probably don’t like leaving your house/room. You want to be alone with your thoughts and
in most cases want to feel sorry for yourself without anyone bothering you. Many people who suffer from depression just
want to spend their time alone. They may completely give up on communicating
with others. They will isolate themselves and give up on
a daily routine. They may ignore calls, stop showing up to
work, stop going to school, stop paying bills, the list goes on. Many people suffering from depression will
not seek help because they believe they can deal with it on their own. They become obsessed with trying to figure
out why they’re in agony, but in many cases, this just makes things worse, especially if
they can’t figure out why. Pushing people away is nothing new for people
suffering from depression. But the difference is that they do it in a
harmful way. The reason they do it is to mask the emotion
of anger rather than sadness. It’s one thing to avoid plans and appointments,
but some people want nothing to do with human interaction when they are depressed, so they
may walk around with headphones in their ears not only to avoid talking to people, but to
also portray that they are functioning when they really are not. 2. Issues with sleeping: People who are depressed
tend to have trouble sleeping. Not only does this affect their physical well
being, but it also significantly affects their mental well being. People who are depressed will pretend that
they’re sleeping so no one will bother them, but they end up staying up all night and struggle
to fall asleep because their mind is constantly racing with negative thoughts. On the other hand, some people with depression
may tend to oversleep. They will get home from school/work, lay on
the couch and sleep until someone forces them to wake up. They may spend a lot of their time in bed
sleeping because they don’t have the energy or mental strength to get up and go about
their daily routines. Some people with depression will experience
sudden mood swings. They may go from not sleeping to sleeping
all the time. They may even go from constantly working out
to sitting on the couch all day. Do you recognize any of these habits? Keep on watching for some less obvious signs
that someone may be depressed. 3. Lack of energy: Someone who suffers from depression
will constantly cancel plans and appointments. They don’t have the energy or the desire
to do anything. They just want to be left alone. Those suffering from depression may also sleep
on the couch and binge watch television shows. Seems harmless right? But at the same time, they avoid eating, showering
or even socializing. For some people suffering from depression,
the sound of water relaxes them and eases their mind. So they may end up taking up to three showers
a day depending on how severe the depressive episode is. Depression can cause people to become lazy,
which translates into procrastination. They will avoid chores and stop taking care
of their appearance. Because people with depression lack energy,
they may begin to avoid doing regular daily tasks like cooking. There is nothing tastier than a home cooked
meal, but because depression is extremely draining, people suffering from it will often
buy takeout because they lack the energy and motivation to cook. In addition to this, people who suffer from
depression sometimes do not even enjoy the taste of food, says WebMD. This doesn’t mean that the food tastes bad;
it means that they’re so stressed about so many issues that they can’t enjoy their
food. They may also start eating less or lose their
appetite altogether. 4. Distractions: People who are depressed tend
to look for distractions to help keep their minds occupied. This can range from listening to music, to
cleaning, to even exercising. It’s never a bad thing to be addicted to
cleaning. Some people suffering from depression will
clean anything and everything, says WebMD. It’s a good distraction and helps them focus
on something more positive instead of something negative. Running also helps many people dealing with
depression. It gives them a sense of accomplishment, which
is one of the main symptoms of depression – that they don’t feel that they have accomplished
anything in life. Music can also be a telltale sign of someone’s
mood. Someone suffering from depression may enjoy
old rock and roll, but the second they develop a depressive episode, they may enjoy listening
to something more soft and relatable to their situation. To deal with depression, some people also
use distractions such as writing poetry and other creative stories that are based off
happier times they have experienced. It helps keep the negative thoughts out of
their head. 5. Bad habits: Although some distractions can
be good for a depressed person, there are also certain distractions which can lead to
unhealthy habits. One example is picking skin until marks are
left. Some people get satisfaction when they hurt
themselves, which needs to be dealt with immediately before it becomes life-threatening. Some people will also suffer from other disorders
that contribute to their depression. For example, some people will also suffer
from trichotillomania, which is the disorder where the person will keep pulling their hair. After they pull it out, they will get a sense
of relief. Depression is a serious medical illness which
affects millions of people all across the world. It tricks people into believing that that
they are not loved, that life has no meaning, and that there is no reason to continue trying,
regardless of what the situation is in a person’s life may be. The most challenging thing for those suffering
from depression is trying to hide it. They struggle every day to put on a smile,
when in reality they’re crying inside. People may notice, but they play it off by
saying “I’m just tired.” If you feel that you are suffering from any
of these habits and may be depressed, speak to your doctor today. You should never feel ashamed or embarrassed
about your mental health. You’re not alone. What are some of the most obvious signs that
someone you know may be depressed? Let us know in the comments section below! Enjoyed this video? Hit the like button and subscribe to our channel
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  1. Here are 7 Daily Activities That Can Cause Depression: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyvJCr24PqE&list=PL_fl96m7OLQX_Fj7QGEnDspKIL7-U3QDP&index=12&t=0s

  2. I don't have no one to talk to about my depression my family doesn't care, my school's has tried to help but only made it worse, I have no freinds to talk to about it, I have no lover to talk to about it the only places I feel safe is in my writing and poetry but even then it sometimes is not enough to pull me through

  3. Welp I am watching this because I am depressed nearly every day there's maybe once or twice a month when I'm happy and honestly this video is pretty accurate I'm happy on the outside when I'm in public but I'm just acting and getting even more tired

  4. Me: has these problems
    Friend: You don't have depression! Its diagnosed! You can't just say you have it!
    Me: Oh..Ok
    Me: Hides my emotions, and keeps telling myself that I'm so overreactive and that I cant/am too young to have depression

  5. I must be in deep, cause I have all these symptoms, but I feel like since I'm young and have everything I want in life no one will believe me…

  6. I have a depression but my family won’t even bother or concern all they say to me is go find a job and get out of our house

  7. deprretion is not necessarily bad in the long run. when you isolate yourself , you get to know yourself, come to terms with yourself. depression can result in change. you might find yourself learning something, designing something creative.
    depression is the worst time to take decisions. people that take decisions while being depressed, often make the greatest mistakes. it is better to take depression as a waiting time, interlude to change.

  8. I was diagnosed with CHRONIC PTSD at VA hospital in 2011. I let myself go for six months. No shave, no shower, food, the t.v. on 24/7… Avoided people…I was just EXISTING. I'M GOOD NOW BUT I NEEDED THA STAGE IN MY LIFE.

  9. The fact that my parent thought I'm being angry all the time since Ive been locked myself in my room for weeks… I just want them to ask me first if I'm alright or not… I just need that…😔

  10. Ppl can't ask for help even if they want. First thing is their Child/children can be taken from them, FACT !!! How can someone get help when their Children will be taken away, So they Won't get the help they Need for Fear of this. FACT !!!

  11. Life is fatal. The longer you live the sooner you die. Everyone dies eventually. You can either be depressed about it or not.

  12. Depression is not self-pity. Nor is it laziness. I’ve had dysthymia (chronic low level depression) for decades. I’m on meds, and have a therapist. I still go through bouts of deep depression in which I become almost catatonic. Sometimes it’s so bad, I literally cannot get out of bed.
    Depression, like diabetes, is an illness. Nothing to be ashamed of, or apologize for. “Get over it” and phrases like that are useless. Figuring out triggers and either avoiding them or finding ways to lessen their impact helps quite a bit.
    Depression is covered under FMLA, by the way. You would need documentation from your doctor, but if you take days off from work due to depression, FMLA should protect you from being fired.

  13. I have all these signs ….and also my brain is dead already and my heart become a stone..only my body is left …music is the only thing I feel relief to listen

  14. I do all those things and i know exactly what caused my depression….friends they always ignore me and play without meeverytime i get close to them they run away =im deppressed

    I always stay in bed and watch vids when my friends video call me i dont answer

  15. in my family, depression is just another excuse for laziness and being 'unproductive' or useless, and by the society here, they always assumed depression caused by your lacked of faith and also just an excuse for being unproductive.. so its pretty hard to seek help when no one takes me seriously. its irritating hearing them saying things like "theres no such thing like depression, youre just lazy etc"

  16. I am suffering this right now. It's very hard to handle… It really affects my daily routine cause I feel tired always and I have issue in sleeping. I can't sleep cause there are lot of issues in my mind.

  17. I really just think my negative thoughts, and me feeling like a disappointment is just…. Low-self esteem and writing fiction is a..hobby for me(?).

  18. I don't want to be alone but everyone shuts me out. no one cares about me or understands they all have better things to do. I'm lonely, but I want friends. I have "friends" (people that I basically follow around) that just make fun of me and tell me they hate me but when it comes down to it its all a "joke" yet they don't do this to each other all just to me. I'm never invited anywhere so i never get out of the house. I've been taking it for 6 years now and I'm only in 9th grade. getting worse and worse but i don't know what to do. famil doesn't suspect it and i don't want to talk to anyone about it. don't know if im depressed or just messed up and think i am
    . help

  19. 1)i want to be alone.not all the time.but mostly
    2)i dont have issues with sleeping.but sometimes i get stressed and cant.only few times maybe 4 days a month.
    3)lack of energy.yes i think i dont have enegry like lazy bum.i avoid eating.but whener i sart working or join a party i become a freak.i have lotta energy.i always want to eat outside.
    4)my distraction was bikes and bike tours.uts my addition.
    5)i dont have any bad habits i keep myself even if im in a dipression.

  20. Im hiding it mrom my mom because i don't want her to get mad at me
    she knows i have depresion but idk if she evn cares
    I cant sleep properly soi cry to sleep now i have red eyes and they think i stay up on my tablet
    I have some of these habits

  21. Whenever something bad happens i try to not think about it and. . . . Something worse happens right after i just hate 😣

  22. I m tired stressed …n depressed…but can't show it…I just feel like being alone all the tym….switching off lights…n sitting in a corner of room ..gives me relief . I feel like I don't have frnds. N parents… quarrel all the tym….not only this PPL call me loser….Coz can't study properly…I like hurting my self…so much…..I m fed up of the fake world and fake smiles I give to each and every person ..outside..n sending smiling emoji s coz they shouldn't know I m depressed….but …I guess…I m actually waste…..n I also oversleep….over dizzy and all

  23. I just really want to die but it is illegal here. I don't think I am worth it for this world maybe the universe told me not to worry about it but I definitely am sure I do not belong here.

  24. This video totally connect to me.
    Thankfully im no longer feel depressed.
    Hopefully whoever that is depressed out there finds their way out of that zone.
    I believe in you guys. You definitely can do it.

  25. This guy on the video has no clue what depression is really like. Clues like they feel sorry themselves shows he does not have depression. He's just doing it for the numbers in my opinion. As I right this I feel true clinical depression. It feels like a guy has a gun in my face and I beg him to pull the trigger and he won't. In addition I fantasize about suicide by cop. I just want out of life.
    I can't take this life anymore.

  26. I have severe depression but I never told to my parents because I know that they not going to believe me like my friends that I told to and we don't have many money to to psychological but I know because I have a test to know if I have depression

    And almost all of this is true and I'm going through

  27. School makes me so stressed like dammnnnn stop giving me homework chase I wont do itttt

    Im A procrastinatorrr, and im too dumbbbb

    I don't have energy for anythinggg

  28. I used to love drawling for a very long time I don’t like it. I used to like gaming I’m loosing interest in a lot of things. I would love to go shopping I don’t wanna do that anymore. I’m loosing my mind

    Edit: I’m just sad and mad all the time. I just stay in my room and listen to sad music

  29. Well thank you for clearing this concept .. I am suffering from trichotillomania since I lost my father at that time I was 8 years old even today m suffering from trichotillomania when ever I m stressed I pull off hairs until I feel sense of happiness..
    I thought trichotillomania is a different concept but it is related with depression..
    Now that I know..I will fight with trichotillomania and I will win….!!!!

  30. the reason i dont seek help is because i know doctors will just give me anti depressants rather than listen to me to find out why im depressed , which primarily is my gender dysphoria , but good luck getting on hormones in the 4th world country that is austria , i really should just move to germany or canada , lol

  31. Im a couch potato, lack of energy, and what helps me clear my mind?

    Or to get up, all it took was my girlfriend texting me good "morning Honey❤😘" and i was awake and already showering.

    For number 4: Thats why im here😞

  32. I asked for help and it doesn't look like I'm getting no place. I want to take my doctor's to court . I told one that I'm stressed she say " don't say that people who are stressed don't look like that" ( even if she joke, it was bad)
    In one year one month about 15 natural death not counting 5 years to now.
    I have to pull myself and look help. People just don't understand.

  33. I was watching this emotionless and i’ve been suffering with depression about 2 years i never tell anyone i hide it i always have a fake laugh and smile they thought i’m so happy but in inside i’m hurt and crying when i’m hurt i feel tightness in my chest I scratch my arm until the tightness of my chest stopped

  34. I guess I’m mostly depressed then since I have most of what u said ;-;
    Me demon sis and many others are depressed so is blue

  35. Ppl annoying me all the time
    They chew, snort, sneeze, breath loud, talk in an annoying way, give annoyinglooks, bite on their nails, talk with me when I dont want to, drink loud, talk loud, wisper in anannoying way, sing, coughs, humming, screams, has a bad breath and stuff like that! ;-;

    My hobbies used to be baking, cooking, drawing, play drums, videogames etc
    But everything seems boring to me now, just waste of time ecept videogames,I only play videogames to just be gobe from the world a little while :/
    Im only allowed to play 1h/day so when Im done with playing my videogames I just lay in my bed snd stare at the wall for hours

    I sleep like 7-9hrs/day monday-friday
    and 9-16hrs/day saturday-sunday and Im still tired asfuck, I only go to sleep bc sleeping is the only thing Im good at, and everything else juste seems boring and waste of time :/

    My appetite doesent even exist sometimes but all I do is eat, sleep and play videogames…

    Somedays I can feel pretty but just some seconds later the voices in my head has changed my mind
    They scream bad things to me until I agree with them… :/

    I feel lonely all the time even when Im with my friends and laugh :/

    When Im in school I often just sot there and stare at nothing while everyone else is working, its not like I cant focus its just that everytime I try to do anything I end up crying and I dont wanna cry in school :/
    I get about 5 panicsattacks in schhol everyday but I get them inside of me bc I dont want anyone to know how I really feel so I put on a fake smile on like every other day 🙂
    I try to do my homework but when I do I end up crying or screaming :/

    I hate my family so fucking much like all my family do is screaming at eachother
    I can have goid day but the second I step into the house my mood changes from 100 to 0 :/
    My little brother has autism and he is so fucking annoying (Ik its not his fault that he has that tho)
    He always throw stuff at me, messes up my room, kick or hit me, spray things into my eyes, mouth or nose and he is just annoying :/
    My other brother doesent care about anything but his games :/
    My dad isnt even here and I hate him more then anyond else in the world, I wish he was dead :/
    All my mom talks about is dad and that just makes me feel sad, she talks about how hard her life is, she does annoyibg things like chew loud, humming, breath annoying etc I just cant stand her…

    I started cutting for the third time in my life again, Im way back into the deepest part of my depression just like I did the autumn/winter last year and the year before that… :/
    And I cant stand this again, all I do is just waiting to die, I pretend tgat Im fibe when Im clearly not :/

    I almost everyday exept those day where i just lay in my bed staring at the wall, feeling numb

    I just wished everything could end soon, the only reason why Im still trying is bc of my boyfriend, he is the only reason why Im still alive❤ :/
    I love him alot and Im thankful for him, he is the only one who ever proved that he loved me to 100%, he is the only one who saw me at my worst and still loved me❤❤😭

    And for those ppl who just say that I fake my depresson, why the hell would I eat medicine for depression if I wasnt depressed??

    And Im sorry for my bad english, Im from Sweden so yeah

  36. I have all of these symptoms, during summer vacation I would always stay in my room for days, only coming down for dinner, then being called lazy because I didn't do anything. I also have really bad social anxiety, which means I am usually alone, or with a small group of friends. And I have thought about hurting myself several times. I thought I was just crazy.

  37. Many people dont understand depression… especially those who you need they just ignore and leave you because youre weird or they’ll say that youre so dramatic. They cant understand… im crying i cant get out of this condition because all of my friends just ignores me and also my mother. What should i do?

  38. Ive tried to ask for help from one of my EX friends, they told me to stop being annoying and that i was being selfish, ever since ive been afraid of expressing emotions.

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