5 Amazing Benefits Of Castor Oil For Your Eyes | How To Take Care Of Your Eyes – Remedies One

does the mention of castor oil conjure
up old memories of your granny pushing down a large tablespoon of the gooey
liquid down your throat today’s video will discuss five amazing benefits of
castor oil for your eyes before you watch this video please take a moment to
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the bell icon so you will be the first to know when we post new videos daily castor oil is a vegetable oil that is
obtained in its purest form from the castor bean seed it is tasteless
odorless and colorless benefits of castor oil for eyes one treats dry eyes
you may not have known this but castor oil is one of the best natural
treatments for dry eyes for a safe and natural remedy for this condition you
should use castor oil eyedrops it provides the lubrication that your eyes
need to make sure they always stay moist dry eyes can cause other serious like
problems such as keratoconjunctivitis sicca so it is important to treat it as
quickly as possible you will quickly gain relief from the discomfort that
comes with this problem to relieves inflammation inflammation around the
eyelids can be treated with castor oil it also helps in reducing the burning
sensation swelling and redness that occur when your eyes are inflamed all
you need to do is apply pure castor oil on your ring finger and spread it around
your eyelids making sure to apply it well to areas that look inflamed and red
3 boosts hair growth applying castor oil locally around the eyelashes and
eyebrows can stimulate hair growth this will give you thick and dark eyelashes
and eyebrows you can also use the oil to effectively manage ingred or inverted
eyelashes and gain relief from irritation in and around your eyes for
thanks dark circles and wrinkles gently massaging the skin around your eyes
regularly with castor oil can help keep the skin soft and smooth it also helps
in preventing dark circles and wrinkles blood circulation is boosted with the
application of this wonderful oil giving you flawless skin you can prevent crow’s
feet and other signs of aging from showing around your eyes with the help
of this awesome oil 5 prevents eye infections castor oil can be used
against bacteria you can use castor oil eyedrops as a natural treatment for
bacterial eye infections like conjunctivitis
instead of using medicated eye drops you should definitely use this oil as it is
safer and provides other benefits to your eyes at the same time have you ever
used castor oil for eyes let me know in our comment section below if you like
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  1. My eyes looks like the girl picture on the second part she has inflammation and I can see I have that as well, will try it but I have a question does the inflammation cause swollen of the eyelid as well?

  2. No I haven't used castor oil for eyes till date, but now I shall surely try. I want to know can castrol removes black spots in vision

  3. Hello there
    I use castor oil for many things and one of them is my eye vision it improves my eye vision for sure I put it in my eyes and it marks my eye feel great and see better as it says on the bottle PALMA CHRISTI. the hands of Christ

  4. i am suffer with keratoconus dieases may i use castor oil? where i could get this oil…please replay……thank you

  5. You neglect to say it needs to be organic and HEXANE free. I have to say,when I use it ,my eyes feel very irritated for a day or two,but I know others it has helped.

  6. I put some on my eyelashes about a week ago, using a mascara brush. Just enough of it must have gotten into my eyes, because my eyes have stopped burning since the day I started it. I have really suffered with burning eyes, so I wish I had known about this remedy sooner.

  7. Please remedies one can u please help me tell me or do a video on how to reverse bugling eyes with home remedies please I need ur help my eyes has bulge out its so red and painful please home remedies to help? If u know can u tell me please or make a video god bless

  8. I have been using castor oil for a few weeks now, just a drop in the eyes every night. In the morning I can feel the eyes are sticky this means that the dirt etc from the eyes is being removed . In the beginning it feels a bit itchy but when you wash the eyes thoroughly it feels nice and I can see better since I have been using castor oil. The castor oil you use should be pure, organic, cold press, free of all preservatives etc.

  9. Hello.. I have spectaculs and i have a lot of sight its like in -ve.. So can i reduce it by using pure castor oil on my eyes?? Atleast can i reduce my eye sight half of it?? Plzzz i really need solution for my eye sight.. I dnt have any source so plzz reply me 🙏

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