4 Different Sleep Types | Dr. Michael Breus

Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Breus. Some of you may know
me as The Sleep Doctor. I’ve spent the last 19 years
seeing patients, doing research, and educating everyone on the
benefits of a good night’s sleep. You may have seen me on TV shows like
Dr. Oz,Oprah, and theTodayshow. I’ve also had the good fortune
to write three bestselling books which all address sleep
but in very unique ways. Everybody needs sleep. We all know that. But what a lot of people didn’t
realize is that everybody’s sleep needs are different. The concept of needing 8 hours
of sleep every night is a myth. Just look at the map. We know that the average sleep
cycle is approximately 90 minutes and the average person
has five of these cycles. If you look closely, you’ll see
that this equation leads to only seven and a half hours of sleep. Personally, I sleep from midnight to
about 6:30, and I’ve been this way my entire adult life. Let’s bust that myth today. Everybody’s sleep need is different. Another aspect of your sleep that
is personalized is your chronotype. Everyone has different chronotypes. You may not know this word, but you
probably understand the concept. Think about somebody being called
an early bird or a night owl. Those are chronotypes. Chronotypes are our internal
rhythms that are biologically set, and it’s your unique wiring,
known as your sleep chronotype, that determines what your most
energetic times of the day will be. Using this example, some
people are early birds. They rise early and are very active
during the early morning hours. Other of us are night owls. We sleep late and are much more active
in the evenings and late at night. There’s been some fascinating studies done
on the these different types of people. For example, a study showed that night
owls tend to be more intelligent even when tested in the early morning hours. And night owls also have the tendency to
have more sex, although that’s probably because we’re up late at night. They handle caffeine much
better than early birds. Early birds have a much harder time
sleeping when they’ve consumed caffeine throughout the day. But before you decide I’m just a night owl
fan, you should also know that night owls are much more likely to engage in
substance abuse like alcohol and smoking than early birds. Night owls also tend to be less happy. They’re also the biggest risk takers
which can lead to some severe problems. Early birds are often what many
people claim to be, when in fact, they’re really not. Only 15% of people are true early birds,
and they tend to be very successful. They’re often managers or in management
and they are very healthy and health-conscious and extremely productive. Now, I don’t call them night
owls, I call them wolves. And I don’t call them early
birds, I call them lions. I’ve broken up the chronotypes into four
separate categories and given them animals that mimic the closest
behaviors to those types. The bear. Bears’ internal clocks
rise and fall with the sun. They usually need a full
eight hours of sleep at night. It’s the majority of the population. The wolf, and that’s me, have a
hard time waking up in the morning and are most active at night. The lion. The lion tends to wake
up really early with lots of energy, but they’re exhausted by early evening. And the dolphin. These
are my light sleepers who are often diagnosed with insomnia. Now, each chronotype affects how much
sleep you need, your optimal routine, and what time you’re most productive,
among many other factors. If you want to learn to sleep like a
champion and optimize your sleep for increased energy and productivity,
sign up to my upcoming masterclass with Mindvalley. You’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time. See you at the masterclass. ♪ [music] ♪


  1. Which animal are you?
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  2. I need about 11 hours of sleep. I’m a 20 year old male. I tend to be more tired around 1:00-3:00 PM and 5:00-7:00 PM Central Time. When I get enough sleep, I‘m usually wide awake very quickly in the morning. Early to bed, early to rise. I’m most active between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM Central Time.

  3. I tried to explain this to many of my friends months ago but everyone threw the 8 hrs sleeping card at me now I know my statements had a strong base 😁😁

  4. Sounds like I'm a Wolf. But I've been trying to transform myself into a Bear whenever I want to for unavoidable morning activities like exams :/

  5. What's going on with the teens who are "supposedly" supposed to be allowed later class times, but school officials don't buy that notion for adjusting school to their sleep patterns. Instead, high school students sleep during class.

  6. I get sleepy after sunrise. Sometimes I don't fall asleep till a little after 7am or later. Without an alarm I'll wake up anywhere from a little before noon to around 3pm. I need at least 4 hours, but prefer 6. Not sure what animal that is. I can also run on two hours of sleep once a week and still not feel sleepy until my usual sleep time. (I'll be crabby, but awake and alert).

  7. I appear to be a hybrid of wolf and lion. I’m most energetic between 6AM and 9AM and 7PM-9PM. In between, especially during the afternoon, I’m very weary and dull. Anybody have any idea what my chronotype might truly be?

  8. I saw the advertisement of mind valley,of this sleep regarding content and I m here ro boost your confidence, that the person talking about how you actually need less sleep is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT bcoz I have been trying this for 3 weeks and what I found is my sleep quota goes down from 8 hrs to 7 hrs in few days and 1 edition I changed my diet ,I forgot packed food,no pizza.no burger,no cock ,I eat living and mostly fresh food and then guess what
    my sleep quota comes to 6 hrs

    Wait, I still have a change I followed early to bad , early to rise
    And again my sleep quota decrease by 20 min.
    Nowadays I sleep at 10 pm DOT and wake up before 3:45AM before alarm rang( I still can't believe on me that it's me,but yeah it TRUE)

    The theory of 7 to 9 hrs of sleep is totally BS…

    Still can't believe,here is what you have to do right now to get proof,
    Check the highly famous personalities (e.g Indian PM MR. MODI) Schedule of sleeping, their diet,how much they exercises,how much they work ,how much is their efficiency and you will know that I am absolutely right…

    Guys ,I don't type this huge para for any advertisement purpose,but truth is truth….

    Vinay Kumar
    18 yrs completed now
    You can connect with me on IG ,vinay_k_kumawat, the huge TESLA fan….

  9. I found extremely hard to wake up in the morning, and I'm very very active during night.
    Also I have a tendency of sleeping like 10 or 12 hours and if I don't get that time of sleeping I just can't go through the day.

    (Oh, and I have everything but sex)

  10. There are many "night owls" who just eat too late at night, eat wrong, can't turn off their (blue screens) etc. If they changed to healthier life habits, they would not be night owls.

  11. They should place a translator but auditory to Spanish I am from Colombia and I would like to know more about this since I have heard announcements that say they help us

  12. Then I say belong to the 5th category
    The dragon ( really because its imaginary)….
    And I can really switch into any of the chronologies at my will…..

  13. When one has crystallised their thoughts as YouTube comments

    And is watching videos on how to sleep

    It’s your subconscious at the door

    Informing you to stop being so deep

  14. This is a cool idea which is certainly based in sufficient research and everything, but my problem with these kinds of differentiations is that I never really fall into just one type — I usually relate to all of them in one way or the other. Dophin applies to me the least and I got the Wolf chronotype when I took the quiz, but I also highly identify with some Lion trates (perhaps because I was raised by Lions) and Bears. So how on earth do I optimize my sleep and performance when I have conflicting needs (apparently)?

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