371 The SECRET to Eyesight Improvement and how effective Faster EFT by Robert Gene

when we’re up in Brisbane just the tap fest just recently we worked with Pat and Pat was down here the first night the free talk for any of you that were at the free talk and when we tapped on when we when Robert tapped on sorry when Robert tapped on Pat I think the main issue was her shoulder her neck she had some shoulder and neck pain and she talked about it happening when her grandfather died if I’m correct she rings me last night so it’s own I’ve got to talk to you I’ve got to talk to you and and when I talked to her she had just paid a thousand dollars for designer glasses she’s got to throw them away she can’t see through them her right eye now has perfect vision a left one still needs some working on but the rights perfect vision look at them rights the male the right sides the male side so you know the fact that we work with as I said okay what’s the left side but that’s another story but yes our perfect vision story this client came he was the mother of the bloke at the bank and he was telling me that his mother had some trauma didn’t elaborate you know like fine okay she came and so I said to her what’s the trauma and the sobs and the crying and the Styria and I said to him what are you feeling she said anger and you shouldn’t say anger thank God and I see know how angry are you and she said I’m so angry but he was so close that I’m I hate him with all my soul she said through gritted teeth so I figured that I did I promise you one round of tapping and I say to okay you’re peace go back to it how angry are you she said I’m gonna angry I said not you just told me you were angry I said how much do you hate him with your soul no I don’t hate him with my soul I said oh hang on you told me hang she says I know I told you what I said she said it’s weird but I not angry I understand what he did woman and we just I think we did one or two more rounds and that issue was gone he’s posturing of TV very good there we go awesome yeah it is pretty amazing because it’s an excellent setup definitely the quick tab this is just a little quick story my husband actually had to have a medical on Saturday morning and he’s apart and Paulus normally have a real thing every every year they have medicals and anyway it’s always an issue with blood pressure and stuff like that right and I must admit I wasn’t really quite sure what I was doing I said look I’ll tap on everything and he made his affirmation that he wanted to lower his my pleasure so normally it might be 140 over 80 and he went for the medical and it was 125 over 75 Wow you

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